HTC EVO 3D Available Now as Pre-Order for Sprint Premier Customers


Sprint is inviting their Premier subscribers to buy the HTC EVO 3D three days ahead of its June 24th launch, a proposition that sees the new handset on pre-order for folks counting themselves among those illustrious ranks. The pre-order went live overnight, and Sprint’s site  quickly felt the effects of those attempting to buy their EVO 3D in advance for $199.99 on a new or renewed two-year contract. It has been pretty hard to reach until this morning. The carrier has been sending around an email notifying Premier subscribers and offering to waive the upgrade fee and provide free shipping for online orders. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but we suppose thems the perks of Premier status.

[via Sprint | Thanks, Robert!]

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  1. Bought mine this morning. No Shipping confirmation. Tempted to buy it from RadioShack, but this was easy. Accessories are REALLY expensive if you bundle them from Sprint with the EVO order

    1. send the link where you bought it from

  2. i dont see the evo 3d fror pre order

  3. I don’t see it either?…any luck for anyone else? did they sell out and pull the offer?

    1. i bought mine this morning as well

      1. i got the email but will wait for the 3d to be rooted before buying.

  4. to buy one, you need a special link that was sent to your email inbox. if you didn’t get one, you can chat with a rep and they’ll issue you a link. 

  5. chat not up on the website..wonder if i should call…

  6. I’m a premier customer and I wasn’t sent any email. Kinda BS.

    1. You should have reserved it with Radioshack or Best Buy… :)

  7. I like the phone my main concern are the mixed reviews.  The reception and call quality are holding me back, and waiting until I hear more about the Photon 4G.  Thoughts anyone on the EVO 3D’s reception and call quality?

    1. Wouldn’t know until I get mine…be postin’ 3 days from now! :)

    1. Unless you care about things like battery life, call quality, camera quality, screen quality, storage capacity, aesthetics…

      1. We’ll see how it goes…I’m getting mine this Friday morning. I will post whether it’s pass / fail / super-duper-magnificent…LOL! :)

        1. All I want to know, is if you think it is “the best”. I am not saying it wont be a good device, simply that it is not “the best”.

          1. Sure…I think I have enough knowledge and experience to compare these devices, but it will be based on the phones I’ve ever had, of course. It’s funny how my phone evolved from the clam-shell Samsung…LOL!

            Anyway, about being the “best”, it sometimes is more subjective than anything. People always tout the iPhone as being the “best” and it may be true for people who just want that type of phone, so you can’t really argue…it’s their “world”. Same thing with this never-ending battle over who’s better…Sprint, VZW, AT&T, T-Mo. If you’d ask me, it’s a losing battle for all of us. Each of these carriers and phones have their quirks that fit specific clients that you can’t argue with.

            So…3(ish) more days…will definitely let you guys know.

  8. Just go to sprint.com, sign in, click on community on menu bar of site, go to the Premier Community Forum, the link is in the thread
    “Premier Customers: Order your HTC Evo 3D Now!”. 

     That or just go to http://www.sprint.com/ftbredbud29

  9. As an EVO owner I was jazzed until I saw the 3D screen/camera.  That’s just too much money into something too gimmicky for me and I’d rather that have gone into other things myself.  Combine that with Icecream sandwich rumors (it bounces from a HTC Sprint release to an AT&T release to a Verizon release … so who knows who will actually get it) and I think it would be best for me to just wait for the next Nexus (or whatever Google decides to call it) before making any decisions.

    1. Dunno…an “upgrade” for only $49.99 doesn’t sound so bad…

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