Telus Announces Carrier Billing for Skype Credit, Special Edition LG Optimus Black


Telus and Skype have inked a deal that will allow subscribers to the carrier to bill credit for VoIP calls directly to their monthly bill. It’s a move that is sure to make any fan of low-cost calls over an internet connection jump for joy (or, in the case of those outside of Canada, quite jealous). Skype Credit can be billed to an existing Telus account, removing any need for a credit card.

To promote the new venture, Telus is also announcing the “Skype edition” LG Optimus Black. The phone is your standard issue Optimus Black with the addition of a Skype icon on your homescreen. That icon sends you to the Android Market to download the latest edition of Skype. Yep, the “Skype edition” phone doesn’t come with Skye pre-installed, but it does ship with a Skype quick-start guide and $2 worth of calling credit. Sounds like a bit of a tease to us.

[via Telus]

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  1. If we can’t get a canadian call back number, doesnt add as much as Id like

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