Did Motorola drop Tegra 2 in favor of TI OMAP in the Droid Bionic?


When Motorola unveiled the Droid Bionic at CES in January, one of the central focuses of the device was its NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. We know the story since then. Rumors began swirling that the phone was to be cancelled in favor of a different device, to which Moto responded that the Bionic would still ship, albeit after some modifications. Which brings us to a recent benchmark test submitted to NenaMark purportedly from the dual-core handset. Curiously, the benchmark indicated an Imaginations Technologies PowerVR SGX 540, a graphics processor not found in the Tegra architecture. It is however part of TI’s OMAP 4430 platform. Could this be an indicator of one of the changes Moto has made to the Bionic?

Other than the benchmark, we have nothing to support the notion the Motorola has switched to a TI chipset, but it would not be unprecedented. TI’s OMAP series has featured heavily in Motorola’s high-end handsets beginning with the original Droid. The upcoming Droid 3 features the dual-core 4430. Could the Bionic eventually feature the same chip? It’s definitely possible, definitely food for thought. Take it as a rumor for now.

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  1. Dang Phandroid!  Kinda late on this one, aren’t you?

    1. That’s Kevin for you.

      1. The breaking news is the possible switch in processors not that the phone was delayed. Try READING the article next time.

        1. The ‘breaking news’ is indeed the switch in processor that was reported widely elsewhere two days ago.

          1. Maybe they have a life outside of Android, just sayin.

        2. Yeah ace, try understanding humor… next time.

    2. BREAKING NEWS:  Droid Bionic delayed.

  2. I don’t mind this switch. Although I love NVIDIA, TI’s OMAP 540 series is more powerful than the Tegra 2 series. No worries there!

  3. It doesn’t matter what configuration they release it in it’s still going to be a locked down pile of shit. PEople will ignore it just like every other Motorola handset since the original droid.

    1. Good Call! It seems like the demand for the Bionic is really low.

      1. I don’t know the demand for the bionic seems to be pretty high to me….rooting is overrated

    2. motorola shift around 16million phones a year…. it might not be the largest phone company but i dont think that can be considered “ignored” by any stretch of the imagination lol.  

    3. You do realize the DroidX, with its locked bootloader, was one of the most popular Android phones to date?

  4. Im still looking forward to this phone regardless.

  5. This is somewhat disappointing. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I like that a majority of the current gen phones shipping or about to ship are using the Tegra2. I know it’s not supporting diversity, but it allows for better games to be focused on using one processor.

  6. Hopefully they will give us 1 Gig of RAM too

  7. This makes no sense??? The Matrix has a dual core tegra processor so why is this such an issue with this phone?

    1.  The current word on the street is that Tegra 2 and LTE did not play nicely together (whether that is 100% true or not is another matter…but I’m just reiterating prior news).

      Tegra 2 is overhyped anyways unless you game.

  8. i forgot,who makes the ti chip?i really forgot.

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