T-Mobile Hosting Launch Event for Three New HTC Phones on June 8th


Rumor has it HTC is launching a bevy of phones on June 8th including the highly anticipated Sensation 4G. A job listing searching for “tech savvy” individuals to work a T-Mobile event on June 8th has those rumors looking more and more likely. The description says the event taking place in Houston, TX is being held to “showcase 3 new HTC phones.” It could always be a coincidence, with no phones actually launching on the 8th, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

And if HTC is showing off the Sensation 4G, what could the other two devices be? The HTC Doubleshot (AKA myTouch Slide 4G)? We’ll have to think on that one. You can see the full job post below. Who wants to apply?

GC Marketing Services has the following job listing in your area. Please read the job posting carefully and apply only if you are able to complete the engagement and if you fit the criteria specified by our client.

Event / Name of Promotion:
T-Mobile Showtime Events Featuring HTC
Dates / Times:
Wed 06/08/11 1:00pm-8:00pm
(You must be able to work all dates and times)

Houston, TX
$XX.00 per hour
Engagement Description:
Looking for Tech Savy BA’s!!
T-Mobile, together with HTC (their phone manufacture) is sponsoring an upcoming Showtime Event. The objectives of the training event are to: Launch event to showcase 3 new HTC phones, Hands-on demonstration of HTC devices, Increase awareness and mindshare of HTC products & Generate excitement around the new HTC portfolio.

Booked reps will be onsite assisiting with the following:

-Must be able to write legibly.
-Will be assisting with light event setup/breakdown.
-Are to greet and direct attendees to registration tables and refreshments and/or hand out any welcome materials.
-Assist with needed event wrap up such as: clean up/pack up registration materials.
-Will Pass out/pick up materials as needed from attendees and/or stage presenters.
-Assist trainer during lecture as needed for demonstrations, prize drawings, etc.
-Be present in lecture room throughout event – sitting on sidelines & visible to majority of attendees; upbeat and energetic – cheerleader for team.
-Maintain schedule for assigned group – ensuring they stay on task
-Possibly participate in on stage activities with participants in front of crowd during Game Show.
-Be present at exit areas as training ends to thank attendees for coming & wish them well/safe travels, etc.

** Please note you will be on your FEET for the entire length of event **

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  1. I like what it says at the end ** Please note you will be on your FEET for the entire length of event ** they know we as Americans rather sit on our asses all day then have to stand

  2. loool

  3. I really hope the Sensation does launch on the 8th. My vibrant keeps getting worse and worse with every passing day, and I’d really prefer to replace it soon.

    1. root it and throw a custom rom and kernel on there and that phone will be super fast. The Vibrant is an amazingly good phone still, even up against dual-cores.

      1. I hate rooting. I’ve done it for both of my devices and for it always turns out to be more of a pain and hassle than it’s worth.

        1. it can be yeah. I mean I wish these phones came out running good enough that it wouldn’t feel necessary to do it just to get a usable phone. The custom UI’s and bloatware can really cripple a phone with outstanding hardware.

          1. The ONLY custom UI I like is Sense, since I feel like HTC does the best job integrating their software with the hardware. 

  4. oh boy i live in houston, if this is open to the public i may actually go

    1. hopefully they have a giveaway, bring your mustache glasses

  5. HTC Sensation…. here i come!!!!

  6. Energetic? on my feet the whole time? sure! will you give me an HTC sensation after the event is over? 

  7. Hey I live in Houston! I so hope it’s open to the public. I’m on Sprint but this will be interesting to attend. If anything, I’d honestly work the event for free, just to be around all the new phones. 

  8. I like how credit isn’t given where credit is due here. The author of this post knows exactly what I am talking about. 

  9. OH YAY…..im in houston, I may check this out!

  10. No!! I would go, but I have class Wednesday!! Dugh!! I should miss this one day…. wait I can’t I have a group speech presentation. DUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not fair!! *angry face* I am so willing to walk around all day.

    I’m hatin on errbody that gets to go.

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