Don’t Trust the Time on Your HTC Android Phone Today


What a great way to start off memorial day weekend. Ahead of the “unofficial official” kickoff to the summer, folks are seeing some strange goings-on with their clocks. Namely, those with HTC phones seem to be experiencing time offsets anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Some fix them with manually setting the clock and rebooting, others claim the clock just fixes itself on its own after some time. And we’re not exactly sure how widespread this minor anomaly is. But whatever you do, don’t leave work ready to barbecue all weekend without confirming that the time on your phone is actually accurate. We wouldn’t want you folks getting fired for leaving early or anything. [AndroidForums.com, Thanks Matt!]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I have a MT4G. Time on it is perfect. I’ll keep an eye on it throughout the day though.

  2. This happen’s on the EVO my girl is using.  Doesn’t happy on mine and I bought them both at the same time, they’re both on Sprint.  Hers jumps forward 15 minutes randomly and resets itself a few minutes later.  I’ve done some debugging and there is an HTC service that is doing it (setting the time.)

  3. This happened on my Evo yesterday morning. It was off by like 3 mins but seemed to fix itself after some time…. weird stuff.

  4. Mine started yesterday, and the random reboots as well, i figured it was my bluetooth since i am curretnly driving the wife’s car and she has a GMC.  Guess there might be a real problem…4 random reboots so far,

  5. No problems here HTC EVO

  6. Ditto here at midday UK time. HTC Desire on 2.2 :(

  7. I guess my Desire being 10 minutes ahead this morning was not just a random occurrence after all.

  8. I thought i was losing my mind this morning.  My EVO was 12 min fast and I couldn’t figure out how come

  9. And I thought the time machine app I had wished for came true. Oh well

  10. Desire 2.2 in CH the same. 10minutes ahead. =(

  11. Droid Incredible here in Sac, Calif all jacked up yesterday and today. Reboots seem to do it

  12. No problems on my Thunderbolt.

  13. The alarm woke me up 5 mins early today which turned out to be a blessing in disguise cause I ended up hitting the ol’ snooze but didn’t get burned by that.

  14. No problem on my Evo but it is rooted running CM7.

  15. All is well on my evo4g exact time is the last thing I ever have to worry about..

  16. happened to me too, my alarm woke me up ten minutes early this morning………thunderbolt

  17. happened to mine late yesterday CST. Had an appointment at 5:30pm and phone said it was 5:37 when it was really 5:25

    What’s the fix? Power down and back up?

  18. Exactly same thing happened to me in today’s morning (GMT+2). I have left my home 6 minutes earlier then I should – it’s not bad but, still, I hate to be at work before time.

  19. 10 mins ahead on desire in UK.. spooky!

  20. My Hero was 10 min ahead …fixed on reboot.

  21. Man I thought I was going crazy!!! Actually this has been going on for a couple days with me… but we’ve had a lot of storms and I guess I’ve figured most of the clocks around me were wrong due to power outages.  It’s my PHONE that’s wrong.  I feel like a dumbass. 

  22. Happened to me this morning, was reporting 5:55AM (CST) instead of 5:45AM.  HTC Incredible (OG).

    EDIT: OS version 2.3.3 – Rooted

  23. HTC Droid 1 2.2 was 10 min ahead… rebooted and it’s ok now

    1. HTC Droid 1?! I think you should either check the model or manufacturer. Are you talking about an Eris? That was HTC’s first Droid phone. The D1 is Motorola.

  24. EVO 4G 11 Mins ahead..

    1. rebooted and now it is right

  25. my DINC is about ten minutes off, AZ time

  26. This happened to me yesterday! I reset our kitchen clocks according to what my ThunderBolt said yesterday. But this morning, I noticed a discrepancy again and reset. The second time, I compared to a clock from a different room.

  27. My Thunderbolt is working fine, but my coworker’s EVO is 10 mins ahead.

  28. mine is fine, NYC Evo 4G

    1. Same here @ LAX…Evo 4G

  29. No problems on my Nexus.

    1. ’cause you got Stock android, don’t you?

      1. Yup, was kind of wondering if it wasn’t an issue with some other piece of software put on the HTC phones.

  30. Did this to my Legend. 9 minutes fast off GMT

  31. No problems with my iPhone 4!! Ha!

    1. eat this http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technology/2011/01/apple-iphone-4-alarm-problems-worldwide-clock-app-alarm-broken-3-days-in-a-row.html

      I know, I know old news.

    2. People like you have no business here. Take your iphone and it’s comments and leave. Lets keep this an Android party!

      1. tell that to Phandroid then, tell them to stop mentioning iPhone 4

      2. I’m pretty sure he is making a joke.  Consider the countless alarm clock problems the iPhone has had.

    3. Oh no? iPhone 4 had plenty of problems with alarms and such though in the past.

      So take your holier than thou self out of here. Kthxbai.

    4. The fact that the iPhone is lacking one problem doesn’t make up for the rest that it doesn’t lack.
      Nice try though.

    5. I seem to remember the iPhone 4 didn’t know how to do Day Light Saving’s Time this year.

    6. No until you have to use the alarm clock and daylight saving, everything is good, hahaha.

    7. get a life this an android site o i forgot your and iphone user well in that case stay an learn something

    8. There’s actually people that STILL buy iphones?!

      I guess there are people out there who prefer “traditional” and “antiques”, but I prefer to upgrade to stuff that’s new and innovative. But that’s just me though…

    9. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/03/technology/03iphone.html

      better a little offset than a not working alarm! :D

    10. How bout those problems you reocuuringly had with your alarm not going off and daylight savings time never working? I’ve never had those problems on my phone, but thats because I picked a little green robot and not a half eaten fruit….

    11. Seriously? Awesome, no Epic comment.. Epic Fail that is, I just traded in my iphail in for a thunderbolt and im satisfied. Yed I noticed the time glitch but it fixed itself and wow I have real multitasking now and live turn by turn navigation for freeeeeeeeee.

  32. Mine was ahead by ten minutes this morning. I rebooted and that fixed it for a few minutes, then it went back to being ten minutes ahead. I updated my profile and that seems to have fixed it. EVO 4G

  33. I haven’t seen this.   Does it matter if you’re rooted or not?  I’m running CM7.

  34. Lol my Inc is set 3 hours ahead.  It wont fix it self.  It started off as 5 minutes and got worse over time haha.

  35. All is well on my evo as always. Time is something I never have to worry about. It’s always on point.

  36. @20bd7e19eaa102ffb8aec39e7304f32e:disqus  It’s probably just HTC Sense, not MT4G’s My Sense or whatever its called.

    1. Yea it must be Sense.  My Nexus One with CM7 has no problems.

  37. Started on my Droid Incredible last night. Rebooted this morning and seems ok so far.

  38. Had that issue on my Droid Incredible this morning. Got to work 10 minutes early!

    1. i also possess the wonderful incredible, and on my GoLauncher clock widget,

      i arrived at school not just in the nick of time, but ten minutes surplus! Imagine my astonishment … and the secretary’s. no detention to me! I’m pretty sure Android just did for me the OPPOSITE of what apple’s ingenious alarm misfunction did for unfortunate iphone users.

  39. Isnt the default for all these phones to use NETWORK time?  if so isnt it the networks broadcast time and not the OS or HTC breakingor being delayed here?
    No trouble with mine.

    1. My Nexus One wasn’t using NETWORK time….. off by about 4 minutes.  Fixed itself when I rebooted.

  40. Yup, my HTC Wildfire has this problem. Strange…

  41. Clock may be off, but we can still make phone calls

  42. wife txtd me and asked me why her htc incredible clock was off…lol…just as I got her to be a blackberry convert to android.

  43. Same here on ported Desire HD ROM for the OG Incredible, it was 10 min fast had to revert in the date and time settings, nice 2.3.3 gingersense ROM but it seems it’s happening to all HTC phones rooted or not.

  44. Happened on my Nexus One stock 2.3.4   but only about 4 minutes….never got worse.

  45. Mine had the same problem yesterday.  In both cases it was around noon with an offset up to 10 minutes.  Just today while looking at it, it was off, but it corrected itself while looking at it.  I thought it was just the carrier network, but that now doesn’t seem to be the case.  Rooted and custom Sense ROM on EVO.

  46. Yeah, I had this problem with my Droid Inc yesterday as well. I got to work 10 mins earlier than usual and thought it was strange when I couldn’t clock in yet. And then I was curious if it was still off this morning….yep. I’ll try some of the above though and maybe it’ll go right. I wonder if HTC knows though, they should get a fix for that.

  47. I have been noticing it a bit over the last week, today I did see it was off this morning by over 10 mins and was confused because I thought it updated over the network

  48. Worked out great for me this morning…thought I was getting up 10 minutes late to find out that I was right on time. Fixed it by toggling the “Automatic…Use network provided valaues” setting.  That was at 7:26 a.m. Pacific Time.

  49. unrooted Motorola Atrix, The system time was correct but the clock widget was off by ten minutes, just refreshed the widget and has been correct since.

  50. Thanks Phandroid!!! My Wife called and said she needed a new phone because the clock was broke….Reading Phandroid just saved me $300-500… she’s on the HTC Incredible (I)

  51. Yeah, but the iPhone 4’s have had their clocks fail at least two times now when we had to change our clocks.  

  52. I had that going on my Evo 4g with CM7. I was using Fancy Widget CLocks and this was going on. I had the clock behind nearly an hour at points a couple hours. Figured out it was the damn Task killer i was using. it was keeping the phone from updating. Once i excluded Fancy Widget from being killed on “Process Monitor” then everything worked well… so keep an eye out for your task killers…it may be the problem

  53. Happened to me last night, but it had fixed itself when I woke up this morning. Rooted EVO 4G running Sense 3.0 Kingdom ROM.

  54. Damnit phandroid! I was going to leave work 10 minutes early until i read this…

  55. HTC Driod Incredible, Verizon.
    Ahead 7 minutes yesterday morning.. ahead 10 minutes this morning.
    If I reboot in the afternoon.. it’s back to normal.
    My wife’s Thunderbolt is unaffected

  56. I had over 12 hours out! turned network timing off, set the time then rebooted, it’s been fine for a few days

  57. WTF HTC!! Why the F are you copying Apple with the time. Copying too much apparently!!!!!

    1. oh no one little time gltiche and the idiots come out to rant apple based its company off stealing ideas and copying others sh*t they dont even build their own phones they need samsung to provide the parts so stfu

  58. No problems at all on my G2 today. I’m running stock 2.2, the official version that came with the phone.

  59. I left work early yesterday =.=
    Hope no one noticed—

  60. Haha, this happened to my wife’s Eris (I know, I know, an Eris??!). I’m currently trying to convince her to upgrade to a new, good phone, and this problem was helping me with that. Maybe I won’t tell her it’s an HTC-wide glitch that will be corrected….

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