Samsung Galaxy S II Tops iPhone 4 This Month in UK


The Samsung Galaxy S II was released earlier this month and it has already  passed up the iPhone 4 in the UK. Yay! That much is according to uSwitch.com, anyway, who monitors sales and mobile searches. Is this really a victory for Samsung, though? The iPhone 4 was released last summer to all regions and still sits in the top three list next to Samsung and HTC. To keep such a spot for so long is a victory in and of itself. I’m obviously playing devil’s advocate for Apple here (I know, how blasphemous) but facts are facts. Here’s hoping Samsung (or any other Android manufacturer) can stay on top for the long haul. [IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. well, keep in mind that is just one single android device. there is a multitude of android devices on that list.

    1. Exactly what I was going to say. Makes Apple look like a one trick pony.

      1. Apple is actually a two trick pony really. I don’t think they will disappear either way of course. I do think they will go back to a low impact provider on the cell phone side of things. They are doing great on the Tablet side though, not to mention iTunes and as an app provider. Many will leave them but there market is huge in those areas. Apple is a visionary a lot of times and always has been. They are a closed platform though in most cases. So people who don’t want choice go there. Anyone who does want choice have a hundred on Android. The problem with a Visionary is many times they are the one who sees the vision many others don’t get it at least on a long term basis.

        1. oops hit LIKEd by mistake.

          Do you even know what closed system means? Are you a developer who somehow gets more interaction w/ Droid API vs Apple API? What choices do you get on droid that is valuable that you can’t get on ios? What so that screen moves faster?
          What does avg Joe care about whether platform is closed or not? In fact, even if you are a developer, what does it matter??

          Choice? My fav 2 app, P vs Z and Air video is not something I was given as choice on droid X(may 30th however is when P vs Z will be available on droid for first time since they launch this game back in 2009)..

          Just because in the news they say closed platform and what not, it doesn’t give clueless joe like you to throw around that terms without consequence.

      2. Yes, a one trick pony that happens to be the most valuable tech company in the entire world.

        LOL. Good thing my only interaction with people on the same brain frequency as you is only on the internet.

    2. Tati. I knew I’d find you here. 

  2. Surprised to see the original Desire doing so well.

    1. Going well-cheap thanks to the desire S coming out and the HD having shit battery i guess.

  3. iPhone4 is almost one  year old…

    1. And STILL in the top 3. Let’s see if this fake iPhone will be in the top 3 next month, let alone next year….

      These fandroids are REALLY getting beside themselves…lol

      1. And it’s going to be a high seller for a while, but that’s not got to last forever, I’m not sure if there are many demographic numbers for whose actually buying what phone but at least what I saw when I was selling cell phones was a lot of of old people who were told by their grandkids that they needed a smartphone and getting an iPhone because anyone with an IQ over 65 can use one. Android however was mostly making gains with people who were around 20-40 who actually wanted some power and a better browsing experience. So from what I saw, once Apple is done selling iPhones to little old ladies their sales could drop off significantly

      2. u mad?

      3. ” Let’s see if this fake iPhone will be in the top 3 next month, let alone next year….”
        You mean to see if this fake iphone will be in the top 3 next year let alone next month? What an idiot.

  4. The HTC Desire knocks the argument for the iPhone 4 on its head. The Desire was released last spring,
    well over a year ago, and is still climbing in the charts currently
    nestled in on a podium place. Could well soon overtake the iPhone with some
    of the cheap deals becoming available. Facts are facts.

    1. it’s going to take cheap deals for the desire to sell more than the iPhone. the iPhone is probably still selling at the same price it was last year.

      1. No, the iPhone price has reduced, but is still inflated. The positive thing for HTC customers is that they won’t be ripped off for an equally capable device.

      2. rofl; the iPhone 4 in white or black sells for dirt cheap in the US, the iPhone 3 is only 49 US dollars which would be about 34 Euro. The iPhone 4 is US 99.00 ( I could also get a dual core Android) at most which would basically be 4 70 Euros. Not to mention the hype seems to have died on them to a big degree. If they do not release the iPhone 5 until October when the quad core Tegra3/DDR3 etc processor phones come out they may just be a blip on the screen.

        1. You obviously don’t live in the US. Before you talk out of your arse you could just hop on att.com and check the price. Takes two seconds.

    2. Exactly. Apple is really going to have to change things up and I hope they do – competition is great for users. Android will continue to dominate sales and WP7 will very likely be coming up from behind. If Apple stagnates then WP7 will become the main competition for Android. 

  5. I’m actually glad to see Blackberry there. Wouldn’t want to see them fade into obscurity

    1. Yeah but they are moving closer to the bottom  and will soon vanish.

  6. not surprising since no carphonewarehouse even in central London have got any in stock even in their warehouses at the moment. very popular over here in England. And not surprising, its the fastest phone ive ever used.

  7. Credit has to be given to Samsung no matter what I applaud them for what they have brought to the android table. HTC still rules the android world regardless

    1. shut up fool

      1. No search button = no sale.

        1. Longpress the menu button.  Search pops up.  TaDa!

    2. No one cares what you have to say Richard.

    3. A year ago I would have said HTC rules. There are a ton of excellent phones coming out. I plan on waiting till January and see how this all plays out, unless of course I can get a duel core, 4g, stock phone on Verizon before then. Otherwise my incredible will tide me over.

  8. Big Deal.

    SGS2 is Android superphone of the month, normal iPhone number 1 spot will be resumed next month.

    1. I don’t know, the next iPhone will be kinda weak.  It sounds like they plan to not have LTE, which is just embarrassing in 2011.  It might be 2012 before there’s a decent new iPhone.

  9. Gotta hand it to htc though, 5 out of the top ten. the good thing is, lots of competition.

  10. Where’s the iKing? 

    1. Crying?

      Comforting the iOS believers over in some iOS forum?

  11. Still looking for a good Android phone to go along with my iPhone 4, is Galaxy S2 the best of the crop?

    1. Currently and for the next few months yes. We’ll probably see quad core phones by winter holidays though.

      1. And wait for the software to catch up when? The software can’t even handle dual core phones effectively. Android users should be bugging Google to bring the software up to par with the hardware before getting excited about stupid pointless shit like quad core. That’s what  I’d like to see.

    2. That or the Sensation. It’s really down to TouchWiz or Sense and Super AMOLED + or qHD.

    3. Depends how you take to the interface.

      Don’t judge a phone by it’s sales – play with them at a shop first to see if it fits in with your preferences.

      1. True that.. I played with some early Android devices and found the interface less than smooth. Seems like this has been fixed in recent iterations of the OS

        1. Yeah i was researching phones when the desire hit the market and went to the shop to try it.  Was incredible.

    4. Most reviews are saying that it’s the best Android phone to date. 

  12. I’d buy a Galaxy SII right now if there was a way to remove touchwiz.

    1. There are several ways to remove Touchwiz so go buy one.

    2. Wow, go get one now and download LauncherPro.

  13. Why do people continually compare all other smartphones to iphones, the direct competition to any android device is the other android device most similar on spec.  People look at android devices and compare and choose, most people who buy iphones are more interested in the logo and the false feeling of superiority it gives them, they would buy a turd if it had the logo.

    1. Totally Right!
      People who know about phones choose between the variety of android devices (I chose the Galaxy S2, AWESOME!)
      People who don’t know/don’t want to get that deep inside choose the logo-company… That doesn’t mean that apple is bad, of course it is NOT! But it’s not best and if you pay more for less, then you pay for the logo.

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