Pioneer to Announce Game-Changing Car Electronics Development [In-Dash]


Pioneer has been looking to bust their way into the Android game and this may be the first of many ways – an in-dash computing system based on the operating system. We’ve received an invitation from them asking us to join them for “an exclusive, game-changing car electronics announcement” in San Francisco on May 25th. Above that are the words “The Dash Just Got Smarter”. In-dash systems are nothing new (they have been around for years) but you know we get excited when we hear Android will be at the helm of anything.

It’ll be interesting to see what exactly they’ll end up doing. Pioneer has long been rumored to release an Android tablet. The first thing that comes to mind is an Android-based in-dash unit that can be detached whenever you’re not in the car. How awesome would that be? We can’t play the guessing game too heavily, though, so we’ll just have to head back over to San Francisco later this month to find out.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is pretty cool news. and shows just how much of a functional OS Android has become. Don’t see Apple doing anything like this.

      1. Meh, what Pioneer is doing with the iPhone and what they are doing with Android are 2 TOTALLY different things. iPhone is just a mirror of what is on the screen for the phone itself. Android would be a totally self sustained unit. While I own an iPhone, I think an Android based head unit would be far superior.

      2. that’s not Apple doing it . . . it’s Pioneer doing something IOS-LIKE. for all we know, they could be talking about the same thing as this article . . .

  2. *sigh* If only they still made TVs. I want a 10G Kuro!

  3. I would buy one in. A heart beat

  4. Ive been waiting for this since i got my og droid this will be awsome it better be a “7 anything smaller just wont look right in my truck an its gotta have wifi

  5. I hate teasers! :(

    1. Parrot already has an android head unit. I am tired of announcements for things that are not for sale.

      1.  Still, more the better.

  6. A while back Honda Motor Company had invested a lot of money in to Pioneer so I woudnt be surprised if Honda comes out with some of these In Dash smartness exclusively at first but more the merrier

  7. I foresee a lot more Android/car stereo integration with the announcement of Android@Home. I think it will be an easy way to connect Android directly to our cars in the near future.

  8. I was wondering when the in car electronics would catch up.

  9. I will buy an android head unit the second one becomes available and replace the touchscreen pioneer DVD player I installed in my GTI 2 years ago

  10. Awesome…i knew when I bought my first Droid that Android would be embedded in everything.

  11. If it doesn’t have a direct neural interface control system, I’m not buying! LOL

  12. A real pioneer brand!!..

  13. Please let this allow me to have virtually no use for an iPod any more. Give me an android based head unit, or even one that can control my android phone instead, and I will be ecstatic. Do this right, Pioneer, and I think you’ll really be onto something that people really want.

  14. I’ll buy one right fucking now. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Its about time there is a legit contender vs the iPod in the mobile audio arena. So incredibly sick of their dominance.

  15. just mount a tablet over your existing radio… save your self 1500 that pioneer will probably be charging for this “indash”unit.

  16. I wrote a paper for a class last year that suggested this idea. Probably should have patented it lol…

  17. I’m all about Pioneer for car audio, this will definitely be something cool

  18. I’m calling that it will be an on-dash unit as Pioneer has already released their in-dash units for 2011. They won’t release 2012 units until March 2012. On-dash units are getting ready to be announced.

  19. couldnt have been more wrong about this having to do with Android

  20. so where is this big announcement?

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