First Honeycomb Google TV Device is Codenamed Fishtank


As we traversed the huge line leading to the room where Honeycomb Apps on Google TV was the main session topic, event staff handed out large flyers with blocky Android figures on the back and a wall of text on the front. As soon as we were able to break the colorful image’s hold over us, we quickly read the text.

There’s a device – codenamed Fishtank (which also happens to be the name of this program) – that developers with the most interesting ideas for Google TV apps will get for free in order to facilitate them in development. It’ll be a Google TV set-top box with Android 3.1 and is essentially the “Nexus” of Google TV as it’ll get all updates as soon as they’re available.

Of the hundreds of people standing in line waiting for the session, only a fraction of them will get their hands on this thing. That’s OK – we’ve had enough freebies for the two days we’ve attended. And we’re really excited to see Android market on the next generation of Google TV take off. Unfortunately you had to attend Google I/O to get a chance to submit your idea.

If you did attend Google I/O, you should have been able to find one of these flyers fairly easily. You have until May 20th to submit your ideas. What types of apps would you guys make for Google TV?


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why do you want to know? Is this some evil plan to steal our ideas and win a Google TV? :D

    1. Not so evil since we don’t have a chance. I hope they do.

  2. I can’t wait for emulators! Especially now that they’ve announced support for the 360 controller with 3.1, I’m going to be kicking it old school with emulators on my Google TV.

    1. I would have rather have PS3 controllers. The 360 controllers are too big and bulky.

      1. Those are supported, too. Aren’t they?

        1. Sorry but, where did you guys here this?

          1. Android 3.1 includes full usb host support I believe. So I assume it’ll be much easier to use keyboards, mice, game controllers, etc.

          2. users can connect Sony Playstation™ 3 and XBox 360™ game
            controllers over USB (but not Bluetooth), Logitech Dual Action™ gamepads and
            flight sticks, or a car racing controller. Game controllers that use proprietary
            networking or pairing are not supported by default, but in general, the platform
            supports most PC-connectible joysticks and gamepads.


        2. I would hope so. It does use a usb cable to charge and whatnot. I know on PC, the PS3 controller is not officially supported by Sony. I really hope Dualshock controllers works with 3.1 and beyond though.

      2. Thank god for choice, since i find the dualshocks to be too small and light.

  3. I hope us Revue owners don’t get left behind on this. I don’t like the way “next generation” sounds.

    1. It was stated in yesterday’s keynote that Honeycomb will be pushed to the existing devices. Watch the video from yesterday’s keynote. EDIT: It’s around the 13 minute mark.

  4. Sadly didn’t make it into the session, as I was towards the back of the line and they shut the doors with about 25 people still in front of me. I did get one of the flyers though. I plan to make an app for role playing games to display maps and character positions. Ideally it would work together with apps on players phones.

  5. A

  6. I feel like I just took it up the ass for spending 300 bucks on the revue.

  7. An unorthodox name again!!..

  8. Google is on a role…they are all over the place.

    1. Maybe in the US. No music/tv/films here.

    2. which “role” is google going for ? the knight in shining armor ? or the black knight ?? when you find out let me know, i didnt know google decide to take up acting. exciting !!!

      1. They’re going to the “enabler”. Putting a standardised OS out into everything enables progress.

        Here’s hoping skynet can’t hack out lightswitches off when it attacks though.

  9. Make an app that tells you when the commercial is over when your flipping channels during the commercials.

    Or an app that allows PIPIPIPIPPIPIPIPIP (picture in picture in picture in picture…etc)

    Or the famous: Guess the show!!! (will require android devices to participate)
    The TV randomly flips channels or shows fragments of shows, and the ppl on the couch use their android device to enter what show they think it is…the fastest gets the point etc etc etc…..or if it allows voice recognition to a high level ppl scream it at their tv instead of requiring smart phones. But then it would require it to screen who yelled what and be very precise in listing what they say.

    Or an app that mutes the sound of the current show and syncs the spoken text of another show to the current channel. (we’ve all been there when you mute the sound and do your own voice-overs)

    Heck you could make singstar, with your android device serving as the mic and the tv shows how good/bad your doing

    Or just a game like Zelda-4swords, having mini-dungeons you and your friends must work togther in to reach the end. Played on the android device ofc, but displayed on the TV.

    Make pong, using your android phones gyroscope to move the paddles.

    p.s. If you use any of these ideas and win, let me know…if you use any of these ideas and don’t win. Let me know ;)

  10. fresh water or salt water?

  11. Where can i get such a flyer? Would like to apply for the programm!

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