HTC Reportedly Bringing a Slightly Better Version of Sensation with NFC


HTC may be looking to jump into the NFC game just as Google and Samsung have if this rumor is to be believed. Bright Side of News is reporting that an anonymous HTC representative mentioned to them a new phone that would follow the HTC Sensation and “should be positioned slightly above” it.

This version is said to have an NFC chip inside, but will feature the same 4.3 inch qHD display that the Sensation does. We’re not exactly sure what “slightly above” means outside of NFC, though – perhaps it’s the HTC Rider or Kingdom that’s said to have 3D features similar to the EVO 3D. Who knows? [via PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Manually Download and Install Android 2.3.4 for the Nexus S (on GRI40)

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  1. Would love for this to be the new Nexus. Kind of hoping 2.3.4 doesn’t skip the N1 but I still don’t want a Nexus S or S 4G so waiting to see what the next one is.

    1. I am really hoping the next Nexus device will be made my LG with the Kal-el processor. It would blow everything else out of the water.

      1. I’d go that too. Anything but Samsung. I just can’t give them any of my money with any consciousness.

        1. It would be even harder to give them your money if you were unconscious.

          1. Give yes take no

      2. I’d totally go for that. I don’t care if I have to sell my arm for it, I’ll still get it. Assuming it has a hardware keyboard, anyway.

      3. Made by LG?
        If it would turn out anything like Optimus 2x, then no.
        I hope Samsung or Motorola make the next Nexus phone.
        But if LG gets rid of the ugly design on all their Android phones then why not?

    2. Google have already said the N1 will get 2.3.4 for the bug fixes.

  2. Htc makes great phones, but I would like to see them change up their form factor. Also, it would be great if they would concentrate on the small things such as battery life, better support for multi touch. I know I’ll get flames for what I said, but the fact is that anyone who has ever owned a moto or samsung knows that htc isn’t up to par with moto or samsung in terms of quality hardware. Again they make great phones and I loved both my Dinc and bolt, but the sensation will be their best phone to date and the bottom line is it won’t touch the galaxy S2. Where the galaxy will really pull away is graphics. The hummingbird is still one of the best CPU/GPU combos out, the hummingbird is a single core and can keep up with the tegra in graphics and beat the new snapdragons. If u guys remember the benchmarks that surfaced a few months back, ilu would remember that ylthe only thing that bested the hummingbird was tegra, and it did that on the atrix which has twice the RAM. And judging by apple loving engadgets review, they say it’s the best smartphone made ATM, which is a feat considering they work for apple

    1. Your point on the battery is good but HTC also takes into consideration how much space that “upgraded” battery might use into the design consideration of the product. While there hardware is usually top notch aside from plastic versions of high end devices, yes I’m looking at your selection Verizon, we could have had a unibody ThunderBolt, but nooo, it was too much for your greedy little hands. but in any case, thats one of the things, the reason the Tbolt is so thick is because of the LTE antenna and a bigger battery would have made it even thicker, what they should do is consider how to implement a design that can be taken advantage of if someone were to use an extended battery without adding too much bulk, similiar to the Droid X curve underneath except make the entire back removable so the battery of the extended battery would be part of the new back to keep it streamlined. for example take a look at the wireless battery back for the LG Revolution, it looks like its part of the design and adds no weird shape or excessive bulk, its all streamlined into one piece for a smooth and professional and well thought out design. If HTC were to take these kinds of designs into consideration, they would have more room to play around with when designing a chassis for a device.

    2. Agree that moto has good hardware but samsung? I think HTC makes much better hardware. Most samsung phones feel too plasticy. I have a MT4G and its a very solid device. Almost no plastic anywhere.

      1. Yeah, their build quality is questionable but Samsung has great internal hardware. Processor, screen, camera. Even the speaker on the Galaxy S is impressive. Do agree that the build quality is subpar, as I type this from my Vibrant. :)

  3. I really would love to see another htc nexus phone. Though I completely agree with the battery life comments.

  4. I find it stupid that they develop a new device then improve it by making slight changes. Why don’t they just make a good device with all features and test it before sending it to the market?

    1. It’s called “selling” Make a device…people buy it….improve it a few months later and more people buy it.

  5. Htc already making something better than the Htc Sensation WOW and the sensation isn’t even out yet. NFC seems to be great technology to have I wish google just includes NFC in some kind of update in 2.4 or Ice Cream. Let’s see if this Htc Rider/Kingdom is better than the Htc Evo 3d

    1. NFC is pretty much fully implemented in 2.3.x (whatever the latest version number is). The Nexus S had it from the get-go (albeit with read only capabilities initially).

  6. I’m not too familiar with NFC although I’ve heard of it before so can someone please briefly list the MAIN advantage of having NFC???

  7. Next Nexus needs to be made by HTC again. They actually design great and good-looking phones.
    Or if Motorola can create a good-looking phone, they should make it, because they aren’t bad either.
    And my last LG phone was crap…..so unless they make decent phones now, they should definitly not make it!

  8. I just hope it goes to VZW but that’s probably asking too much

  9. Hoping for an HTC Nexus w/ NFC or a pure Google experience device similar to the Sensation…there should be one out there somewhere being texted…hopefully that is the surprise Google has instore for us tomorrow…excited

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