Manually Download and Install Android 2.3.4 for the Nexus S (on GRI40)


Still waiting for that upgrade to Android 2.3.4 that’ll bring video calling to GTalk, are you? You should know by now that most OTAs are eventually put up on the interwebz for all to download and flash. This isn’t a leak, really. Someone just intercepted the URL from Google’s servers and publicized the link. We imagine this will eventually be mirrored, but we don’t expect Google to ever take the current link down.

That said, please note that this is only for Nexus S devices with build GRI40. If you’re not on said build, Google has separate files for you to apply so be patient as they’re uncovered. (Or just upgrade to GRI40 first.) [Download Link (Right Click, Save Target As)] [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Come on Nexus One update! So, how long will it take? 2-3 months?

    1. If this is the only change in GB, which I’m hoping it isn’t, then I’m not so confident we’ll see this one. :-/

  2. I am patiently awaiting for CM7 to update to 2.3.4 for the Nexus S. I would rather stick with CM7 and wait for the update than go back to stock.

    1. I’m going back to stock for this. The phone app FC loop requiring a fresh wipe and re-install has happened too many times.

  3. B2L: Well I’m impatiently waiting but will stick it out, gotta have my cm and don’t think it will be long. As for you Lauren, you’ve still got a Nexus, I don’t think you’ll be waiting too long, though it may be CM not stock.

    1. CM7 is a must have for me as well. I love Theme Chooser and a lot of the other features of CM7. It’s by far my favorite rom.

  4. And for you non Nexus S folks, though they haven’t nailed it yet, the XDA posse’s hard at work extracting and polishing Google Talk from 2.3.4 presumably to work on other phones without 2.3.4 so keep an eye on this thread, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1055973

  5. I havent even received 2.3.3 for my nexus s yet. Anyone what to do? I don’t want to root or manual install and I just did the “checkin” trick yesterday. Any advice?? This is ridiculous.

    1. dude.. you never have to root to do Manual install..lol its easy as just going to recovery and hit install…

    2. Nor have a lot of folks. Not to worry, so long as Google doesn’t stop this update like they did with 2.3.3, you’ll get it. I’m sure the first “wave’ will be to update 2.3.3 first, then the next wave will hit all others.

      Or, you can download and apply 2.3.3 to your phone then download 2.3.4. It’s pretty simple and safe.

      I usually wait for the OTA unless I have a need to update; like the random reboots, etc. So far, my phone has been solid on 2.3.2.

    3. My advice is to stop worrying. Enjoy what you have now.

    4. Oh, and all “Checkin” does is, well, check in. The phone says “hi” to the server, and if there’s a pending update scheduled, the server will inform your phone. It doesn’t force an update.

      (Google releases updates in batches. And so far, no one is exactly sure how they do it. Probably based on the IMEI number, and in some random order)

  6. How many phones have gingerbread? How many people have a Nexus S? How many people are going to using GTalk video chatt? Not many people.

    1. Well, think about this in the future. At some point phones are going to launch exclusively with 2.3+, so they will have the feature going forward.

      I know plenty of people that would love to video chat with relatives across the country/globe using their phones….

  7. the update is nice and all but need some more features… No options to switch camera front or back.. and when video available Voice (mic) icon goes away.. There should be both icon visible.. i dont prefer to do video on all my friends.. some i just like to do a voice chat.. only way to do it is.. Hit menu, more.. then voice chat.. kinda like Youtuve HQ.. back in the days.. come on google.. why make things annoying when adding just 2 icons will make this app perfect…. and last thing.. no connection to Google Voice number.. I can have my google voice number ring on my gmail on my browser but it does not ring on my phone.. :-(

  8. Im tired of google worry about that damn nexus s all the time lik everyone has one they need to update the phone they promised lik the mytouch 4g nd the slide desire z/g2 cuz they startn to piss me off

    1. Those phones are all updated and handled by the carriers… Google is not the one you need to be pointing the finger at here, its T-Mobile and the handset manufacturer… Google provides the source for the latest release and its up to carriers to update their phones, not Google.

    2. Thats what you get for buying from HTC.
      The HTC Hero got 2.1 after 1 whole year.
      And the point of the Nexus S phones are the updates and developer stuff anyways.

  9. Anyone else get it to work when not connected to wifi? I tried to start and receive both voice and video chats on 3G and got an error message saying I had to be connected to wifi.

  10. I just did the update on my Nexus S-video chat is WIFI ONLY!!

  11. If you’re getting the Assert failure then you are not installing on a clean stock version of 2.3.3. I had a lot of trouble with this and finally sorted it out. My tale and links here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=13323825&postcount=70

  12. What’s the diff between GRI40 and GRI54?

  13. Hmmm. I’m running GRI54 on my Canadian Nexus S. I’m guessing there will be another update file for that.

  14. Too bad that it doesn’t work on 3g…

  15. i wonder if this update will make my screen look even shittier

  16. My nexus one Just updated to 2.3.4 about 10 min ago, didn’t even hear anything about us getting it, kinda funny km probably getting this before some nexus s owners, wonder what has changed sincerity don’t have a front facing camera

  17. I have just received the OTA update for my Nexus S and I hate the new colors but ill get used to them. I do like how the menu is more transparent and I can now video chat through gTalk. Can’t wait to try it out.

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