Samsung Mobile Profits, But Thinks They Could Have Done Better in Q1’11


Samsung’s made public their financial results from quarter 1 of 2011 (something we’ve been seeing a lot of this week from other OEMs and carriers.) Long story short: their mobile business profited to contribute to the company’s overall profit. To be specific, they sold 70 million handsets.

18% of those handsets were smartphones. Samsung does make Windows Phone 7 phones, but we’re sure the success of the Galaxy S and other affordable Android handsets contributed a lot. Overall, they raked in 1.43 trillion won which comes out to about $1.3 billion. Overal revenue for the telecoms division was 10.64 trillion won, or $9.9 billion. (Most of this extra cash likely came from their deals with network operators both in wireless and wireline communications.)

Even then, Samsung says they could have made more if not for things beyond their control. Namely, the Japanese earthquake, higher cost of raw materials, and more contributed to Samsung’s need to spend more money than they would have liked. Samsung did well in other areas, too, such as their semiconductor business. Partners like Apple rely on Samsung-made chipsets (and other components) for their devices. As for panels, they actually saw a loss. (But it wasn’t huge enough to be concerned about.) [via Yonhap News]

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  1. 18 percent of 70 is 12.6, that is more than HTC and samsung were nowhere just 2 years back in smartphones.

    1. But you gotta remember, Samsung is a bigger, aLOT bigger than just a phone company. So it is normal for them to catch up this fast. They have other technologies to contribute too for example their screen tech is above all others.

      I just wish that with the SGS I & SGS II’s success(?) Samsung will get more sincere with Android and totally go all-in for the smartphone race. It will do us Android community good :)

  2. i think they’ll attract even more customers with the new Galaxy II phone. that thing is a beast. i just hope their battery life is good or even better than before

    1. “As to the Galaxy S II’s actual endurance, we found it highly competitive with the latest batch of Android phones. After 20 hours, half of which were filled with the above tinkering and exploration, we managed to drag the Galaxy S II down to 15 percent of its original charge. This was with our usual push notification suppliers, Gmail and Twitter, running in the background and while constantly connected to our WiFi network.”

      Sounds good.

  3. They had a loss in panels? Like displays?

    The only screens I will buy are Samsung’s for their amazing quality in TV’s, monitors, and pone screens too.

  4. Could have done better. I had a euro galaxy and vibrant. Not sure how they could have done WORSE with these devices and the myriad of issues with them. I have a Nexus S now solely because it was a google experience phone. Better, but Samsung has been removed as much as is possible to make it so. Samsung mobile software has been, is and I can’t imagine why it won’t be a joke.

  5. Anyone think that their 1st quarter 2011, was due to their slow updates to the pre existing phones?

  6. Galaxy S II and Tab 10.1 is going to be huge, probably be in the top sales for both categories. Complain all you want about updates, Samsung makes some incredible devices.

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