Further Details About Panasonic’s In-Flight Android-Based Entertainment Package


Over half a year ago, Panasonic let the world know about their intentions to change how customers stay entertained while flying by introducing an Android-based in-flight entertainment center. Today, we know a bit more about what they’ll be bringing.

The system is called eX3 and will essentially put a full-blown tablet into the back of whoever’s seat you’re sitting behind. News, live television, games, web-browsing, Facebook, and more are said to keep you entertained while flying to your destination.

The hardware is said to be pretty decent, too, with high-resolution capacitive displays and – something that surprised us – 3D-enabled displays. I’m sure I wouldn’t mind having one of these in front of me whenever I next fly, but don’t expect to see this in every airplane you board right away – Panasonic has yet to announce any Airline partners and it’s possible they haven’t even begun shopping it around yet. [via Engadget]

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  1. It’ll be forever before this ever filters down to airlines most people fly on I suspect.

  2. First class only for years! No way already struggling airlines are going to pay to retrofit all those coach seats at discount ticket pricing.

  3. i bet this is their next 5 years plan.

  4. I could see Frontier doing this eventually. They already have LCD’s in all their seatbacks for DirecTV. Just pull those out and pop these in, add in your DTV feed, and charge people $9.95 a flight.

  5. Jetblue please pick these up. I already enjoy having a Blue Moon and watching DirecTV on my flight

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