TeamSpeak to Release an Android Application


Droid Gamers is reporting that TeamSpeak will soon be bringing an Android application. It’s currently in the early stages, but is said to be on track with the developers’ iOS version. TeamSpeak for Android is a sensible project considering the rise of online mobile gaming. As the Android gaming scene is expected to explode this year, TeamSpeak couldn’t have more perfect timing. It’s said that developers will need to incorporate TeamSpeak into their games – it won’t just be a running background service as it is on desktops.

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  1. I haven’t used TS since my WoW days, but this is giggity-gangster.

  2. Here’s hoping they build a stand-alone client, too.

    I use TS a lot to keep in contact with my friends; I’m not always actively on-line when I’m using it, either; sometimes, I’ll turn on the laptop and read or watch TV while TS is running.

    Having it on my phone would be wonderful; I could start the client when I get home and have connectivity all around the house. If I need to take a break from the computer, like to go make dinner or whatever, I’ll still have my friends with me.

  3. TS was horrid on the desktop compared to alternatives (Ventrilo), but the low quality (and presumably low bandwidth) would probably work nicely on mobile devices.

    1. You can adjust codec bandwidth for better quality …

    2. It has a big advantage with do-it-yourself hosting, though. You don’t have to pay for a TS server if you prefer to host yourself. Also, while TS2 voice quality was pretty terrible compared to Ventrilo, TS3 is much more configurable and really quite good.

  4. Use mumble its better and it has had an android client for a while.

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