Study: Android Most Popular Smartphone OS in United Kingdom With Over 4 Million Adult Users


A new report from banking firm Intelligent Firms tells of Android’s new-found dominance in the United Kingdom. The study showed that over 4 million folks over the age of 18 use Android, making up of 28% of the market there. The iPad came in second with 26% while RIM’s Blackberry enjoyed just 14%. We’re not sure how they conducted the study, but there you have it. Pretty much mirrors what’s going on in other parts of the world so we won’t make too much noise about it. Read the press release here for other interesting numbers. [EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is really to be expect all major carriers in the UK are pushing Android way harder than iPhone.

    I mean t-mobile, Vodaphone, O2 are all in a race to out android each other.

  2. i would love see android carriers in the states here do some more awesome ad-promo in the states. all i see are the verizon and att iphone bickering back and forth how their iphone version is better

    1. Having more options is very confusing for the poor iPhone users, two carriers to pick from is just mind bottling. Why can’t can’t they just have the phone the saw constantly on TV and not have to think so much? :(

  3. I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of air time Android gets these days.
    Carphone Warehouse has a dedicated Android advert running regularly and all the carriers are pushing it too.

    Also HTC/Sony(X10 series and Play)/Samsung have TV ads and posters everywhere.

    These statistics don’t surprise me, though as with all statistics I take them with copious pinches of salt.

  4. What’s remarkable about that is that iPhones are available on all carriers in the UK, and it’s still trailing.

    1. Technically speaking, Android powered smartphones are also available on all networks (but they might be different models). In fact each network will probably have multiple Android powered smartphones. The article compares ALL Android powered smartphones to iPhone.

      1. Remarkable might have been too strong of a word. I just know that that had been given as an excuse from iFanboys when the iPhone started trailing Android in the states–because until recently the iPhone was only available on one carrier.

      2. The article mentions iPad so that would put it as OS vs OS. Unless it’s a pisstatement.

  5. bravo

  6. Gonna sound like a total troll, but your headline is worded poorly. Android isn’t a phone.

    1. Totally agree. You can’t compare an Android operating system to an iPhone mobile phone.

      1. Yeah. Either compare Android to iOS on the iPhone or compare a specific Android handset to the iPhone handset. So many websites mix and match.

        1. They “mix and match”, because there is ONE iPhone in production. There are many Android devices.

          No need to compare one phone to another here, as the point of the stats is that Android OS is the more popular platform right now.

    2. Comparing the iPhone to Android OS as a whole is a valid comparison, since it’s already a known that the iPhone is running one OS: iOS.

      So, even worded poorly, the point is clear: Android devices are in more hands than iOS devices (Which, as far as phones go, are iPhones).

      1. “Android Most Popular Smartphone in United Kingdom…” made no sense since Android wasn’t a phone. Add to that the fact that both Android and iOS run on more than just smartphones and the article’s meaning gets even mirkier.

        The title has since been corrected, though, which is good.

  7. “The iPad came in second with 26%” Don’t you mean the iOS? Might want to clarify that. It sounded as if you wanted to compare tablets, but the title clearly states phones.

    1. I meant smartphone OSs. Only smartphones are considered in this study.

  8. If you read this alongside Statcounter (who still list Blackberry as the dominant smartphone platform in the UK), it looks like most Blackberries in use in the UK are still 2g. Does anyone know the 2g/3g split for Blackberry?

  9. First off, its Vodafone and not Vodaphone
    And unlike the US, the UK doesn’t get different versions of phones, one network might get the phone exclusively or in an exclusive colour (eg Vodafone & Nexus S White) but they all they the same phones and they just stick their software number on it

    but yay for Android <3

  10. Not a direct comparison really as iOS is available on only one single phone were as Android is on lots of different phones ! Like saying BMW dont sell as many cars as all the other cars put together !

  11. Love reading all the Apple fan excuses when these studies come out. . .

    but. . .but. . .but
    it’s just one phone
    -wrong, it’s a line of smartphones (the dumb smartphone at that) by Apple. . . and it’s apple’s choice to only make one version at a time. . . get over it.. . . on no wait, they sell the older version. . .

    but. . .but. . .but
    iOS has other devices. . . it’s not fair to compare Android to just the iPhone OS as it’s just an OS. . ..
    –wrong, it’s comparing smartphone operating systems. . . duh!

    but. . .but. . .but
    the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone. . .
    -doubtful. . . since again it is a “line of smartphones” I’m sure Nokia has a line of smartphones that outsells the iPhone. . . and so does Blackberry.
    Oh, but you don’t like it when we compare one company’s line of smartphones Vs one company’s line of smartphones? Poor baby.

    1. You forgot my favorite excuse: But Apple make more profit on their phones!

      I don’t know how people say that with a straight face. Apple is a company that wants to make profits. They aren’t your friend. Have fun paying those margins :)

      Disclaimer: I love all my Apple stuff.

      1. Yeah, that one is good only if you own Apple stock . .. otherwise why would I want to buy a product that has the highest markup?

        You had better love your Apple stuff. . . I’m sure you paid enough for it ;)

  12. It is odd that people are saying the comparison is bad because android isn’t a phone. True, but this is no different from comparing marketshare between PC and Mac.

    Also no surprise that Android is ahead and growing, while the iPhone stagnates even with Verizon. I have had both and definately prefer android. Android phones also seem to work better on AT&T than iphones.

    1. Can’t speak for other, but I was referring to the way the title was worded, not the article’s logic.

  13. So much for the iPhone’s ‘magical’ powers.

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