ASUS Slams iPad in Best Buy Product Page Ad [Duct-Tape Humor]


What could be better than a tablet that can be connected to a keyboard? Why an ad about that very tablet, of course. Best Buy has published a special promotion page for ASUS’ Eee Pad Transformer and it’s by far one of the most creative, most hilarious, and most blunt ads I’ve ever seen. It’s such a beautiful sight. I don’t have any more to say as an overabundance of words would destroy this remarkable work of art. [Best Buy, Thanks, Zack!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I really like the idea of the eee pad, but I’m not a fan of the name. If I had the extra cash to spend on a tablet this would be on my list.

  2. Perhaps I’ll get flamed for this, but this ad is kind of dumb considering you can buy a keyboard dock for the iPad (roughly $70). Plus, if this is your major selling point against the iPad, then you’ve got some things to worry about.

    1. Sorry for the double post, but I just saw the pricing on this device. It’s $550 for the Eee Pad (16GB) and Dock combined, which is only $30 cheaper than the 16GB iPad 2 and keyboard dock combined. Again, not a great selling point in my opinion.

      1. Remember to also add and external battery for the ipad2 when doing your comparison. And the extra cables.

      2. Wrong again. . . two in a row. We don’t have confirmed prices as of yet. Rumor is US $399 however the only rumors on the dock have been highly speculative. Even when we use conversion we never get a dock at $150–always been $100 or less and if we follow the UK release prices and make it all relative to the $399 we get a $47 dock. I doubt it will be $47 or $150 for the dock.

        And once again. . . if it were $100 more than the iPad I still wouldn’t mind because it will replace a laptop and tablet. The iPad is nothing more than a consumption device and a touch game console. In typical Apple fashion they only want you to buy more devices not less, and then they gimp the device every year to get you to upgrade the next year. Therefore, the Eee Pad Transformer is at least 1/2 the price of the iPad ;)

        1. Nope. Though I prefer Android for game emulators and Flash media, many IT departments are looking at the iPad 2. Like it or not (not).

          1. And many IT departments are looking at Android devices. . . your point?

            Many analysts say that iOS devices won’t cut it for business and Android will. . . and?!?!?

          2. I don’t think anyone will want to switch from Word and Excel to iWork. Apple is still just for kiddies who are hooked to their ipods.

    2. Sorry, it isn’t the same. The only thing you can get for the iPad is a dock that is held onto the iPad via a case. . . = duct tape.

      Secondly, the iPad CANNOT use a mouse unless you jailbreak it and void the warranty. For anyone that wants their tablet to be fully functional and productive they NEED a mouse at time. Another FAIL on Apple’s part.

      1. I’m more productive only iPad with no physical keyboard and no mouse than I am on my laptop with both those things. I don’t need a mouse any more than I need a physical keyboard.

        And your void the warranty line was classic. It’s voiding the warranty the same as rooting an Android phones voids the warranty, meaning that unrooting/unjailbreaking = restored warranty.

        1. Nothing classic about that statement as you DO NOT have to root Android to use a mouse with it–see the difference there. The problem is, root or jailbreak and the device breaks you are SOL because you didn’t get it unrooted before it needs to go back for service. Make sense? I don’t have to void my warranty to use a mouse with my Android device while you do for your iOS device. Want to try again?

          Good for you if you don’t need a keyboard and/or mouse. . . certainly not the case for anyone I know ;)

        2. I’d definitely agree that it’s more convenient to use the iPad without a keyboard, trackpad or mouse. I type ~55wpm on the iPad’s onscreen keyboard, and stopped using an external keyboard a week after I bought one. But I would never agree that I’m more productive than I would be with a physical keyboard. As I’ve said in another comment, this is a collapsible dock that doubles as a case when you need to carry the tablet along with other items in your bag. If you’re just carrying the tablet by itself, you don’t need a case for protection (you might still prefer one, but the bag scenario is where it’s really needed).

        3. And I would be less productive on an iPad 2 without a keyboard.

          What’s your point? That you have specific needs and that these specific needs trump other user’s needs?

    3. The iPad keyboard dock isn’t collapsible and doesn’t have a trackpad. I do a lot more writing and editing on the iPad than most iPad owners (who seem to use it mainly for consumption), but I’ve trained myself to type directly on the virtual keyboard rather than using my BT keyboard.

      The Transformer’s dock accessory interests me because I can put the whole assembly in my bag, when I opt to carry a bag, without having to worry about the screen rubbing or scratching against anything else in it. The BT and dock keyboards for the iPad are themselves a danger to the iPad screen if you were to put them in the same bag–unless you put the iPad in a case. That was the main reason I stopped using the BT keyboard. Of course, there’s no disadvantage if you’re only using the keyboard at home, but when I’m writing at home, I’d rather use a full desktop computer.

      So with the Transformer, I could carry the tablet in my hand without a case (which I don’t need when I’m reading ebooks or just web browsing), or attach the keyboard when I need screen protection (e.g. when I’m carrying a bag containing other items.

  3. I find this ad very tacky. I love competitive and fun quips between vendors, but that kind of cross the line to me. It’s one to point out your strengths over another vendor but this was right up there with political mudslinging sort of. I for one will not purchase this due to the tackiness in the ad.

    1. You will not buy it from best buy or not buy it at all? Everything I need to do for you not buy something is make a bad ad for it? … or does only best buy qualifies?

      1. I am shocked Best Buy did this as it is a complete act of disparagment, and I know a lot of retailers are said to forbid that sort of thing. ( When I worked retail I saw employees get into serious messes with their fanboy natures with that) thus why most of the time I am neutral about a device until I have been burnt countless times. But due to Best buy’s allowing attacks with out showing us the consumers pound by pound specs on both and not tacky photos I will not be going there for a while. So yes I am upset at bby for this.

        1. You will live… It’s not that serious and is meant to be tongue and cheek. But it is also true, whether you like it or not. To get the same or similar functionality today from competitive products, this is one option a consumer has. And believe me, I have seen stranger things don’t in an attempt to improve a products usability, in a given situation…in fact, I believe that is the primary reason that Duct Tape was invented!

    2. I guess then you must have felt the same way about the PC Vs Mac commercials?

      Especially since there wasn’t any real truth in them–no you don’t have to restart a Mac. . . because the bloody thing just restarts itself. . . frequently.

      1. What on earth are you talking about the frequent restarts on a Mac? Now before you start the Fanboy/girl crap here is a little history of os’s and me. I have used Windows, Linux, Mac they are all good at one hallmark item or another over its competitor. As for Phones, I have dealt with Blackberry, Android(Droid 1, which was my fave. The intercept, and The evo) and iPhone. I find all this technical mudslinging pointless as there is an old adage stating the right tool for the right job, which is what I stick to on purchasing in stores. It doesn’t really matter as long as the bloody machine does what you want it to.

        1. WTF?

          That’s way off point. You make a comment about the ad being tacky. You said it crossed the line. Well, then I assume you feel the same way about the PC Vs Mac ads. . . don’t you?

          I’m just point out how tacky Apple’s ads have been in the past and how baseless they’ve been.

          What the hell does that have to do with “the right tool for the right job”?????

          You were talking about an ad being tacky. . . then I assume that you hold true to your ideals. . . if an ad is tacky then it is tacky. . . regardless of who put it out.

          I don’t really care what you use. . . nor do I care about the right tool for the right job as we are talking about ads.

          So you must agree then that Apple has put out some VERY “tacky” ads over the years.

          For me then, it’s fine to send them a tacky ad back at them.

      2. My Macbook or iMac have never rebooted by itself. I can’t say the same for Windows.

        1. That’s a “Feature” of windows! It knows your favorite color is Blue! ;P

    3. You want to see crossing the line? You should see Oracle’s cash for clunkers ad picturing an HP server propped against a leaking bucket of industrial waste!

    4. What kind of gorilla marketing do you expect to see from CEMs who are a year behind the perceived competition (don’t ask me why they think that they need to compete with apple products, but I digress), who is on their second gen product before they have their first out the door? The point of marketing is to get eyeballs and minds on the product..(good or bad)…and to eventually pry that wallet open. Nothing more really, so don’t take it so personally.

  4. And the link for this so we can see ourselves?

    1. Mirrors work better for that…

      PS: how come you never respond to my pm’s on Facebook… some “friend” you are!!! :|

  5. is it just my understanding or does attaching a keyboard make it a laptop, not a tablet?

    1. No, you have a tablet with a keyboard. Nothing more.

      1. Keyboard dock. Not just a keyboard. There is a big difference here. Portability, Security, Track Pad, additional Battery life, adjustable screen positions and additional interface ports, to name just a few…

    2. When docked you get a “netbook” type of device. When removed you have a tablet. = two devices in one = win = tablet for fun and “consumption” and a netbook for productivity.

      @Sevenstarts. . . FAIL. You obvious don’t get the idea here.

    3. Not necessarily. You can get a keyboard dock for an iPad, or even use the wireless bluetooth keyboard with it. I don’t see too many people doing that, but it’s an option. That’s probably my only real gripe about the ad is it makes people think that the only way to use a keyboard with an iPad is through some clumsy hodge-podge setup.

      1. Look at that above ad again and release that tablet can completely lay flat along that keyboard, and that iPad can’t with Apple’s keyboard.So yeah, it’s clumsy for those who may want to carry their keyboards with them.

  6. @ Jesse – you hit the nail on the head.

    This ad is idiotic. It shows a complete misunderstanding of the space they are competing in.

    1. Your comment shows you are an idiot and don’t understand anything, especially what consumers want.

      Your point again?

      1. I *think* his point is that your average consumer that’s shopping tablets will most likely pass this over since it *appears* less like a tablet and more like a netbook/laptop but I could be wrong.

        Either way keep up the classy name-calling.

        1. lol. . . the classy name calling only was toward someone using the same name toward something/someone. . .

          I don’t see how a customer would be confused about this being a tablet when they hold it in their hand without the dock but who know. . . people can be clueless.

    2. You seem to be confusing ‘those who buy iPads’ with ‘all possible tablet consumers’. Oh, and considering it has a keyboard, and there are many people out there who want a real portable keyboard, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they’re not misunderstand me at all.

      Not everything has to keep with the iPad. The iPad was never a viable choice for people who need a keyboard when they need it.

  7. I agree the ad is off the mark. Folks that buy a tablet….want a TABLET. The one key area of differentiation would have been USB ports, but Asus forces folks to buy the keyboard if you want USB connectivity.

    Not an Apples to oranges comparison and folks that are forced to buy a keyboard would be smarter buying a 12″ thin laptop instead. More function and more powerful device.

    Asus prices at $550 for the wifi tablet and keyboard, they will sell well. If they get greedy and price higher, their keyboard strategy will backfire. People will just buy a 12″ laptop, or a $500 iPad.

    1. Meant not an apples to apples…. This ad is REALLY off the mark, the more i thing about it.

      1. Then don’t do it! It just gets you into trouble anyways. Just let apple do all of the thinking for you! It will be all right, just have a major credit card ready.

    2. You obviously don’t get it. . .

      Some of us would like a device that does more, not less. The iPad does less while the Transformer does more. I can use the Transformer as a tablet when I want and a netbook when I need, and I don’t need a bloody case for the thing–dock it and close it and it’s good to go.

      It’s a rather simple concept to grasp.

      I do agree that they should have included a usb on the tablet however, most mobile USB ports don’t have host control anyway. . . so, what would be the point without host control? MHL would have been much better.

      1. Marketing focus on the keyboard for a tablet is odd, so I guess I do not get it. Sense is in the mind of the beholder- either way.

        1. What makes it odd? I still remember when everyone was griping about the first iPad not having a camera. There’s nothing about a tablet that makes it conducive for camera usage, but the demand for it is there anyway. What makes the marketing focus on the keyboard any more odd than Apple’s marketing focus on the camera?

  8. Really? It’s one product versus another, and all of you are acting like it’s a personal attack against you. Ever heard of competition? If their ad said “eee pad please pick us over ipad, but we like the ipad too” Just pick the one you like and relax. You got to admit the duct tape is funny.

    1. agreed. . . the ad is spot on.

  9. Personally I think the ad is in the right direction. Had they made it convert to something like a full Linux distro when docked it would be THE tablet in my opinion. Tablets just aren’t useful once you need to sit down and do something. Yea on the run to a meeting or in the bed just wanting to read that may be good. But I’d rather dock it and use it as a computer to do anything major. I don’t know if I want a bunch of wireless peripherals and a stand. I’d rather just snap it onto the keyboard and then fold the whole thing up and take it if need be.

    1. EXACTLY!

      Apple fans just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that a device can do multiple things. They are stuck with some idea that it has to be ONLY a tablet or ONLY a laptop. Why? I personally would like both. Why can’t I have both in one form factor? Just because apple can’t figure it out? Thanks Asus!

      It’s called creativity, innovation, and giving your customers choice and what they want. Not giving your customer a device and then telling them to use it only one way–pass on that noise.

      1. It’s not that Apple can’t figure it out, it’s because Steve tells them that’s the way it is.

        Once Steve changes his mind, and comes out with the same thing, iFans will claim Apple is revolutionizing the industry with this original feature of being able to slide an iPad in and out of a dock like this. You’ll see :)

        1. True. . . oh so true!

  10. All other things aside; If I was interested in tablets at all – I’m not, but I don’t knock them or anyone who enjoys them – what would the point of a keyboard be? I already have a screen attached to a keyboard – it’s called a laptop and I can do work on it that no commercially available tablet can. I’m still a little lost on why tablets/pads/slabs/etc. are so popular. I have a smartphone, I have a laptop. Tablets don’t have nearly the power and functionality of a laptop (at least the ones I use) and they aren’t phones. They are basically big smartphones (okay, honeycomb has some features that wouldn’t translate well to a phone due to screen size) that have no phone. I just don’t “get it”, and I LOVE techno gadgetry. To reiterate what I said earlier; I’m not insulting pads/tabs/slabs or the people who enjoy them, for ME personally, they are utterly useless, so there is no need to flame me or try to sell me on the “good points” – this is just my own personal opinion.

    1. Well there brainiac. . that’s the point of the keyboard attached. Maybe some of the people buying this will use it to replace their laptop. Maybe some buying it don’t have another computer. .. etc. . . get it?

      “Tablets don’t have nearly the power and functionality of a laptop ”

      Now that all depends on the software and what you as a user need it to do.

      Amazing how myopic people are. Do you really think everyone is JUST LIKE YOU?

    2. My iPad 2 doesn’t have the power of my laptop, but it’s more portable with better battery life, and everything I use with the exception of eclipse is available on it, and either does the job just as well, or better. My laptop is now my home computer and my iPad is always leaving the house with me. I can’t hold a laptop or read on a laptop like I do with magazine, or sketch and color on the picture itself without the need for a separate tablet and required amounts of ample desk space, which is not happening in public at all.

  11. i returned my xoom to get one of these. I found it tough to type on the xoom since it was so wide, and the buttons in the middle are hard to reach, even for my big hands. Cant wait to grab one of these with a keyboard. I like the ad, nicely done.

    1. I’be been waiting for this device also. You should get thumb type of swiftkey for your tablet soft keyboard. The standard keyboards aren’t good in landscape.

      1. iOS’ keyboard is great in landscape. In fact, I’m typing on it right now. Honeycomb’s keyboard in landscape? Not so much. I feel like there’s too much stuff surrounding the letter keys on the sides, so they’re squished in, giving you less space. I tried typing on a Xoom and it was like typing on a small netbook keyboard for me.

        1. Well, that’s the great thing about Android. If you don’t like something change it ;)

  12. Still seems that if folks wanted a keyboard so bad, they would buy a more powerful laptop instead. The tablet does note even have a USB post, so Asus thinks people will all buy the keyboard. It may work better than they think, since they may get 100% of folks buying both, but a lot less total buyer of the device.

    One more time: If people wante a keybaord, they will buy a laptop. Centering the function and adda around the keyboard seems bassakwards. Silly.

    1. My typing is almost crack influenced. many typos, too little time. None the less, the Asus ad is so far off the mark, it show waaaay too much focus on a keyboard…for a TABLET!!!! Nuts.

      1. Listen, Troll. How is it nuts that it focuses on what makes this tablet special? The keyboard is what makes it different.

    2. Since when is a laptop a touchscreen with android applications? Silly is right. eyeroll. Why not have both for around $500 if the pricing leak is correct?

      1. Should do well if $550 for both. Not so well if higher, since most consumers would get a laptop,or a Nook level & priced device. Not long to find out..

    3. For many. . . a great many, this type of device will be all they need. It will be fun to play with yet productive enough to fire off email, write an occasional letter or paper, etc. . .

      For some odd reason people reading tech sites think everyone is just like them. . . are you all really that full of yourselves?

      1. Agreed. I don’t think it’s going to compete with the iPad (yet) since it doesn’t have as many apps.

        All I need is a tablet that plays my own music, videos, and lets me browse the web, along with a physical keyboard that can stick with my tablet and be out of my way when I don’t need them so I can write thousands of words at a time.

        A laptop is better for typing, but not for consumption.
        A tablet is better for consumption, but not for typing.
        A tablet with a keyboard integrated is better for both.

        I wouldn’t recommend this to most people, but it definitely fits my needs better than anything else out there. Well, this and the Slider.

    4. I do most of my work logged into remote machines via SSH, so I don’t need local horsepower. I could get rid of both if I had something like this.

      1. That’s how I am. I don’t need a juiced up monster in my lap. The computing power I need is in a safe, cooled, data center.

  13. These comments are ridiculous. How many of you are tablet owners? Every time I see something about the Eee Pad Transformer or an iPad keyboard dock, commenters repeat the “Why didn’t you just buy a laptop?” line like they’re super clever. I own an iPad 1. Do I have a keyboard for it? Yes. Why don’t I just use my laptop? Well, for one, my laptop battery lasts about 3 hours. My iPad goes for 10 hours non-stop. Number 2, I don’t need a keyboard all the time. 80% of the time I am leisurely browsing the web or watching videos on youtube. Number 3, sheer portability. My NETBOOK is twice as heavy and about 3 times as thick as my iPad. Number 4, you get all kinds of unique application and game experiences with a tablet. Sword & Sworcery for the iPad is an amazing game that is tablet unique.

    Enough ranting. Yes I own an iPad, but that is because when I bought it there were no other viable tablet options. I bought a Galaxy Tab but returned it. Bought a Dell Streak but returned it. Wanted a Xoom but refuse to pay that much. I love Android way more than I like iOS. It looks like Asus are the only companies bringing a honeycomb device to market at a reasonable price. This is the android tablet I will be getting.

    1. You sum it up nicely. . . and why people. . . apparently “tech know-it-alls” reading tech sites can’t grasp this little concept of a tablet/netbook is beyond me. People really have become way too full of themselves and seem incapable of stepping outside of themselves to see how others use things. It’s as if they are all Steve Jobs and want everyone to use a single device for a single thing in a very singular way and can’t possibly imagine that other people have other needs or different user requirements.

      I say, thank you Asus for making a good form factor for a tablet/netbook! People have a choice with it–get just the tablet or get both and have two devices in one. Now stop bitching about why you would want a keyboard with a tablet instead of just buying a laptop. If you think that then you just don’t get it. . . move on.

  14. I love how only the haters on this ad are iPad users. A tablet with a DETATCHABLE keyboard has great benefits. If you don’t like it don’t buy it and use the tablet. Which stand alone is better than you so called glorious iPad. Great ad Asus, keep up the good work.

    1. The same ad could be said against xoom, Tab or any of the other android tablets.

  15. Haters need to step back. A tablet is still MUCH better than a netbook or laptop since it will have TONS more battery life. My Galaxy tablet can go for 10 to 12 hours on one charge with continous use, I only have to charge it maybe once or twice a week most weeks (I only use it for a few hours a night most of the time) and it charges really fast, too.

    Having a keyboard would be awesome because then you can do email, blogging, etc much easier with the tablet. I don’t see a negative here except for having to lug around a keyboard. But it looks like with this dock you don’t even have to do that, they are attached together. Hence the duct tape on the iPad, they aren’t attached, and you have to carry them separately.

    Think about it: You can take videos with your tablet, and then upload them to YouTube while using the keyboard to put in the video information, MUCH easier to type it in then using the onscreen keyboard. Personally I think this looks like a great device and am swayed to buy this over a XOOM.

    Oh, and 16 CONTINOUS HOURS OF USE with the dock! Awesome.

  16. I can’t wait for this BADBOY!!! I wish that there was date already. I read on one website/blog that it may be released on the 6th of this month. Can’t really see that being the case, but it would be DAMN sweet if it were true.

    1. I think that’s for the UK.

  17. Apparently, ASUS is unaware of the abundance of bluetooth keyboards that work with the Xoom and iPad.

    1. The clamshell form factor offers screen protection that BT keyboards don’t. You won’t need a case to feel safe putting the tablet in your bag.

    2. Apparently you’re unaware that those bluetooth keyboards don’t turn your iPad into a netbook.

    3. Does the bluetooth keyboard give an additional 5 hours of battery life?

    4. rofl pwned

      think outside the box next time

  18. Apparently, ASUS is unaware of the abundance of bluetooth keyboards that work perfectly well with the Xoom and iPad.

    1. Do those bluetooth keyboards provide usb ports, a card reader, AND 8 hours of additional battery life?

      No. No they do not.

  19. It seems to me that other manufacturer’s are obviously just jealous of the iPad. Yes, Apple is expensive, but the bottom line you get what you pay for. They have the best hardware and software on the market- Bottom Line. Asus is tasteless with this ad!

    1. Sure… Tasteless… Kinda like the “I’m a Mac” commercials? Where they “tasteless”, because Apple was jealous of Windows?

    2. Do you? Do you REALLY get what you paid for? That must have been one really good bending over session that apple gave you! I REALLY hope that you got what you paid for….

  20. This ad obviously worked if it managed to drive hordes of Apple fans crazy.

  21. (Yawn) When you’re the king of the hill, all of the little me-too wannabes try to make a name for themselves by trying to pick a fight with you….nothing to get upset about here

    1. Is Apple still king of the hill? Sales figures say they are tumbling down the smartphone hill with RIM close behind.

      1. Are we talking about smartphones or tablets dummy??? Pay attention….

        1. You tell me dummy. How is the iPad1 different from an iPhone except that it has a big screen and doesnt make calls? Where does the one end and the other begin dummy?

          1. Uh, since you’re too dumb to figure out where you want to go with your shifting arguments, let me help you. The iPad is the king of the tablet hill. Care to retort that??? I do believe that was where the conversation started…..

          2. The iPhone used to be king of the smartphone hill too.

            Since you’re apparently not getting it, let me spell it out for you: things change. iOS used to own the smartphone market, and that evaporated…What exactly is going to be different with tablets?

    2. Lol, ASUS is little according to you? Did you know they make over 20 billion each year in revenue? That they, aside from intel, are the single largest supplier of motherboards?
      This is like saying “Oh Hyundai copying American cars, little companies are so silly” when Hyundai is not only the fourth largest automaker in the world but also part of one of the world’s largest mega-congolomerates.
      Apple is really just a little child trying to play big in the real world, kinda makes me think of:

      1. Who the hell is talking about motherboards???? In the segment in which they are trying to compete, TABLETS, the are little….minuscule in fact.

        @JeffDenver – the iPhone remains the King of smartphones:

        Get your facts straight, dumbass

  22. I love how these big ZERO companies take jabs at Apple.

    1. Apple reinvents the tablet market
    2. Everyone copies but pretends like it always existed
    3. 1000’s of shitty products go to misinformed consumers
    4. Stupid companies make money, apple loses money n stops innovating.
    5. Shitty companies will make tablets in fancy new colours and call it innovation!

    1. Because making a king-sized iPhone that doesnt make calls and calling it a tablet is innovation, right?

    2. ZERO companies? ASUS? Are you kidding me?
      ASUS built MacBooks for Apple, (this is just an example of how dumb you are)

    3. lol, Ok, umm, ASUS is as far from “zero” as you can get. The ONLY thing apple has done is repackage good ideas. Which is smart business but not inventive. ASUS designs and manufactures all their own products or outsources when needed. Apple did not reinvent the tablet, they simply “repackaged it in fancy new colours and call it innovation”. Apple loses money and DOES stop and pull out leaving customers to fend for themselves due to the lack of real intelligent support. And millions (number of apple products sold) of crappy ass products go to misinformed customers.

      1. Oh, and they brought in 19.5 billion dollars in 2009, most of which was turned right around and reinvested resulting in a year for year asset increase of 400 million USD. Yeah, pocket change in comparison to Apple, but think of it this way, ASUS motherboards are in over 23% of the world’s PCs. So if you honestly still think they are a zero then please, get an education. For your own good.

        1. Count my 2 PCs in that 23%

  23. The real issue here is that many people ignore is that when I buy this badboy, I will sometimes feel like I am using a tablet, but other times I will feel like I am using a netbook. And when I am using the “netbook” I will realize that I am using Android and then I will ask myself, “why do I need Microsoft again?” When 50 million people ask that question, we will have moved beyond the days of Windows. But Apple should shudder too since they still play by that hardware/software game. If we don’t need Windows, we don’t really need iOS either. Apple will probably push that cloud faster and harder, but can they compete? Are we all doomed to one day bend over for Google, should they want us to?

  24. If people wanted a keyboard on their tablet, they would have bought a netbook instead, or a real laptop. For the occasional long typing sessions, there are iPad cases with keyboards for that. If you can’t compete fairly, I won’t be buying your products. The Asus Eee line is a jumbled mess of identical products with slight variations and confusing names. This thing won’t sell any better than their million and one Eee netbooks but it sure knows how to bark.

  25. Asus crushed the netbook market. Looks like they plan on the same take over with tablets. I wasn’t a fan of Asus at all until recently when my laptop died and I needed a replacement quickly and on a budget. I got a little Asus netbook and was instantly won over. Too bad it was stolen in a burglary. Just replaced it with a full Asus laptop… wish I’d known the Eee Pad lineup was coming out this soon at what seems to be a good price point.

  26. Ohhh Apple fans! You were claiming that all manufacturers were copycats! Now, you see unique tablet is coming, you can’t take it! It is easy to say “why do we need keyboard?” Why can’t you take it? Because it is cheaper than both iPad and iPad 2! I am not against the Apple products, I like them, but Apple has to change the strategy, they have so many competitors!

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