Rumor: Sony Introducing a ClamShell Dual-Screen Android Tablet Called the “S2”


More crazy rumors coming out of the Sony camp today. This time, a clamshell form-factor device named the Sony S2 seems to be in the works, according to reports received by Engadget. This is what the Kyocera Echo should have been, if their specs are accurate.

This thing sports two 5.5-inch displays, a Tegra 2 processor, front and rear-facing cameras, and all of the other usual bits you’d expect in a phone. And not unlike the Echo, the idea here is to utilize the two displays for the same applications. In Maps, for instance, you’d have detailed turn-by-turn navigation on one side, while a bigger atlas type of map remains on the other.

It’s expected to hit the US, Europe, and Japan sometime before the end of the year starting at $700. Engadget’s source says the company doesn’t feel too excited about this internally, and I can already see why. The clamshell form factor would have been fine if the outer surfaces were flat, but an ovaled shape doesn’t do well for pocketability, and it just doesn’t look great if this rough sketch is anything to go by.

I can’t form an accurate opinion, though, considering I don’t know if this thing even really exists, but this sounds like it’ll be near the bottom of our list of devices we think will change the tablet game up. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. TWO 5.5″ DISPLAYS?!

  2. Where did this sketch come from? It’s complete crap and looks like a woman’s clutch.

  3. This thing already sounds like a trainwreck.

  4. That is some unbelievable artwork! I really mean that!
    @jmax – lmao! Well said, sir!

  5. Wow. I hope they change the outside of the device to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

  6. Apparently Sprint wasnt crazy when then pondered with Dual Screen phones afterall.

  7. If it works well, and provides a lot of screen space while being able to be folded into a very compact size, who the heck cares about the aesthetics of the external design.

    Call me nuts, but to me a smartphone or tablet is a functional device, not a fashion statement!

  8. The drunken clam

  9. The inebriated quahog!

  10. Rhode Island that is

  11. I am not carrying around a phone that looks like my mom’s lipstick case.

  12. Dear Kyocera,

    We just wanted you to see what a dual-screen phone should REALLY look like.


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