Another New Thunderbolt Commercial, Still No Date [VIDEO]


I just wanted to take a quick break in the day to watch this Thunderbolt commercial. It’s quite cool, actually. Fits that “epic-y” tone Verizon is going for throughout their 4G campaign. But one user on YouTube described it perfectly:

I think the guy was attempting to blow up the prototype. It’s a hint that it isn’t actually coming out anymore.

Funny, but yea – where’s this device, Verizon? We know we’ll most likely see it before March rolls around, but you would make a lot of people sleep better at night if you just announced a date. You could tweet it, for all we care, just give it to us! Video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I saw that commercial last night on NBC… Wisconsin…

  2. I don’t listen to rumors no more. When Verizon come with a release date, I still won’t believe it unless I see the actual phone at the store!

  3. Just called Bestbuy in Fredericksburg, VA, and spoke to the cell phone lady, she told me that they still have no news on the phone. Checked the Verizon website and the website has the same old news, “4G LTE Phone” coming soon..No dates posted…

  4. Who cares anymore lol

  5. “The first phone strong enough to run on…”

    Guess the iPhone 4 wasn’t… :)

  6. Its a cute commercial the only phone strong enough to run Verizon’s LTE network, because the Iphone would just melt. Lol

  7. This was gonna be the replacement for my Droid X until Motorola announced the Droid Bionic. The Thunder D’oh! is dead to me now.

  8. the tbolt will be out on the 24th 4 info call 7136443742 ask 4 will this is if u in houston tx

  9. What is special about the Thunderbolt again?

  10. Hey Jimbob (8) how do I know that’s not a bogus number and “will” is just something you made up?

  11. Alex… I called the Best Buy in Fredericksburg earlier, I’m here on business, and they confirmed the 24th for me.

  12. I just talked to a Verizon retail store employee that went to a launch party last night. He said they will be available for purchase on Jan 28th.

  13. @ John….Not trying to be rude, but Best Buy confirmed the 14th to me weeks ago. The Manager told me that if I preordered it, I would be able to pick it up sunday Feb. 13th. They don’t know anymore than we do.

  14. Hmmm, does this ad admit the thunderbolt will suck battery power down so fast it’ll need lightning to power it? ;-)

    Actually, I’m looking forward to getting one (WHENEVER that might finally be…), though I do hope it’s a little better on battery life than my Incredible.

  15. @C MAC yeah… they told me the same when I pre-ordered and when I saw the ad, went in to my local ATL store and it was not in store, I called customer service (Reward Zone Premier Silver) and complained. They sent me $50 worth of Reward Zone points and filed a formal complaint with Best Buy corporate. I’m with ya though on the ignorance of the issue as well as the absolutely awful handling of this phone’s release.

  16. Thanks for telling me John, I’m going to stop by BB this afternoon and find out what’s the update on the phone. I do would like to know what’s the data plan will look like. It is my understanding that it’ll stay as it is “for now” so let see what will happend.

  17. @ John….I agree, this has been the worst handling of a phone release I can ever remember. Verizon should have come out and said that the phone would not be released until Q2. That way if they were able to get it out sooner, everyone would be happy & surprised. But all this BS with Skype issues & iPhone competition just makes me sick. We were told that the phone was ready to ship weeks ago. I hope the Thunderbolt is worth all this hastle. If I wasn’t under contract with Verizon, I’d probably go with the Moto Atrix 4g at this point.

  18. This clearly relates to the 14 day return policy window, why else would they push it some much, the freakin thing is advertised everywhere, but no release date? Yeah right, it will be the 28th of February, or a day or two after, so the Iphone remorse does set in, and there aren’t a bunch of returns.

  19. @Alex Let me know! I’ll be here all week, bored out of my mind. Was hoping to have a new TBolt to keep me entertained. A good bar suggestion would be helpful too… hahah… @ C MAC Complete agreement… looked into the Atrix myself. If my Storm 2 wasn’t falling apart, I’d wait on the Bionic after all this BS. I know it’s not completely VZs fault as they haven’t released a date themselves, but by not being clear nor addressing all the rampant “rumors and leaks”, VZ is doing themselves a huge disservice.

  20. I just wish there was an official statement so i’m not constantly checking Google News for updates on the ThunderBolt

  21. iPetitions? Anything with i before its name is kinda fail Mitchell, sorry bro.

  22. Went to the BB in Fredericksburg, VA. The lady who I spoke to advised me that they were suppose to release the phone on Feb 20. But Verizon put a hold on it. She also told me that she had the accessories for the TB ready and are waiting for Verizon to give them the green light. She said they were having some issues with the 4G LTE and the phone which they were working on. She said that Verizon told them to hold the phone until further. When I asked her about the data issues, she replied by saying, “we were told the data will remain the same just for now”..That’s all the information I have so far.

  23. Just called best buy in King Of Prussia, PA and the guys told me that they would get the phones this week and release them to pre orderers first in lists of 25…. I hope i’m in the first 25.

  24. bestbuy in huntsville al told me feb 24 i wish they would let the people who preordered the phone get it before the others

  25. and in 2nd on the preorder list

  26. I’m sorry but for anyone saying that this phone being delayed because of the iphone release is just repeated what they hear from other idiots on the internet.

    Think about it. If they waited until February 24th so that the 14-day return period expired to release the TBOLT what do you think happens to people who bought their iphone on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, etc.?

    It makes no sense. Rule that out. Most likely they are having some technical issues and do not want to give that as a reason why. No of us know…

  27. Why would Verizon launch it before the 25th, then everyone who bought the iPhone would use the 14 day return and get a better phone….who agree’s??

  28. verizon invests all this money in LTE, you’d think they’d do more to help the first phone that will actually use it.

  29. Hey ari-free (25) when best buy took your money they didn’t tell you that they would release them to the first 25 in list? I suggest that if you pay your $50.00 US dollars, you should get your phone no matter what!!

  30. 100% saw and surfed the web today at my local verizon store with it. rep had it and said come back thursday it goes on sale. #8 it must be a houston thing bro…i live in houston too so we will be getting it thursday. Believe or not don’t care but houston tx will have the thunderbolt on thursday peeps. Just keeping it real.

  31. could that be a subliminal message to best buy to stop the rumors.

  32. Alex: I think you meant scadole (24)

  33. Sorry (33). Thanks for the correction. I appreciate it.

  34. By the time it’s actually released there will already be 15 “better” phones planned for release within a couple months. Instead of jumping the gun, I’m going to wait until summer and have a few choices to compare. Although HTC makes nice phones, I’m seeing some shortcomings on the Thunderbolt.

    The battery is whimpy (a 1400mAh, even the Evo has a 1500mAh and it’s biggest problem is/was battery life!!)

    Android 2.2 (STILL?!!!)

    single core processor

    WVGA display (but can record in HD? why not play in HD too?)

    no HDMI port (how are you going to output those 720p videos you can record?)

    This doesn’t seem much better than the EVO. I know the EVO is a GREAT phone, I love them… but it costs $50-$100 more than the EVO and it’s not much different. And since it’s so similar to the EVO, why is it taking so long to release? Even the Evo 4g is available aready. It’s not actually much better than the Incredible, aside from the larger screen.

    I had been excited, because I love the Evo so much… but I’ve been excited for 2 months now and it’s waning… quickly.

  35. And another thing? What is with Dolby SRS on a phone? What are you supposed to do with it?

  36. htc website down, best buy system wont show thunderbolt and verizon website very slow . today has a very big chance we will see the tbolt finally. fingers crossed.

  37. Nope. Just dropped by Verizon corp store down the street. Not only no TB, they took down all the signs they had up advertising it. Now it is a bunch of iP4 signs.

    Maybe next week.

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