Samsung GT-I9103 a Tegra 2 Powerhouse


Remember that rather large shipment of NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips Samsung ordered up at the tail end of last year? Looks like they weren’t intended solely for the new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 after the reveal that the Galaxy S II would use Samsung’s own dual-core chip. Another report hinted we might see the device, but now some benchmarking data has surfaced showing the Samsung GT-I9103 with an NVIDIA chip inside.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has the model number GT-I9100, so chances are this will be some variant of that device. Maybe one headed to the US? Why the switch in CPU is a question that will have to be asked at a later date. While their at it, how about they get cracking at some quad-core action.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. I think I prefer the Samsung Chip solely based on having a Samsung Chip for a Samsung phone…but I don’t know which is the better chip?

  2. Maybe a chip is a chip at this point in the game. Nobody’s even coming close to Samsungs screens yet though.

  3. On paper, Samsung’s Exynos should be faster graphics-wise and pretty similar on the application side. The benchmarks we’ve seen right now seems to agree with the latter but the graphics performance is not on par with what it should theoratically be. Right now the Tegra2 has a slight edge but I’m hoping the tide will turn with further optimisation to Samsung’s GPU drivers.

  4. If you had paid attention on the Galaxy S2 specs site, you would have noticed there was a * on the application processor, which at the bottom of the page said: where available. So that’s it, you won’t get the Samsung AP everywhere

  5. I’m still hedging my bets with a 3D device. Nvidia has a Tegra 2 chip specifically for 3D and LG, Samsung’s biggest rival (could also be argued to be Apple), has a 3D phone coming out.

  6. Tegra with Super AMOLED is the way to go.

  7. The exymos chip will be bound to American whiles the tegra 2 chip will go to Europe and the rest of the world..

  8. I’ll take Tegra with SAMOLED. Standard chip for more dev support, and a beastly chip that should at least be comparable to samsungs, if slightly weaker.

  9. @eric & belmont; Super AMOLED Plus, lets not forget that. Brighter, more vibrant, thinner and more power conserving than Super AMOLED

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