Rogers’ Xperia Play Contest Reveals $400 Price Tag?


Rogers in Canada is giving 10 lucky winners a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and that’s cool, but what’s more interesting is that it revealed some preliminary pricing information. The contest rules state that the approximate retail value of the prize is $400, but it’s tough to put too much stock into that at this point. Rarely – if ever – do you see a smartphone with this type of power priced below $500.

If anything, it could be an 0n-c0ntract price. I’m a bit skeptical about that too, but Canadians do tend to get the shaft on device pricing, often times having to sign longer contracts and pay more money than usual. We’ll see soon enough if this price ends up sticking. [Mobile Syrup]

[Update]: A link to the contest on Facebook, for your convenience.

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  1. Woah… just Woah

  2. Where’s the love for us canadians? ie the contest link?

  3. Sweet, thanks for the link. Found it on my own personally, but this will save others some time! :)

  4. I just keep looking at that device drooling as I think about how much on screen controls suck.

  5. I noticed this for the US contest as well. It looks like it may be the same contest for both the US and Canada and the value is listed as $400 USD/$397.36 CDN. It would be awesome if this wasn’t the subsidized price.

  6. Here’s the link from the Sony Ericsson USA Facebook page:


  7. Since when do canadians get the shaft on device pricing?
    If anything, the devices are cheaper here. We just get shafted on our contracts. There is no way they could sell this for 400 on contract. $100 is the standard for high end phones here. Taking one look at rogers.com would show the galaxy s, samsung focus, dell streak and palm pre 2 all for $99. The x10 is $50 and the liquid e is $20. Sure, these phones are getting a little older now but I’m pretty sure these prices have been roughly the same since launch day.

  8. No dualcore = -$100?

  9. ugh, rogers -.-” why cant it be more universal

  10. @ParanoidAndroid: so, if it doesn’t have a dual core, they will pay us $100? Sounds like a sweet deal, that’s the minus sign you put in front, right?

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