Huawei IDEOS X3 and S7 Slim Official Video From MWC


You might not be in Barcelona, but with all the Mobile World Congress coverage around the web you probably feel like you’re right around the corner. Even without attending the event, you’re able to view Official presentations given to members of the press – like this one where Huawei announces the IDEOS X3 and S7:

You’re product has to hold up if you want it to be viewed as a success, but putting on a good presentation goes a long way. Huawei leads off with, “So this is device is really, really exciting. It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful, and… it’s really going to be driving us forward.” Not sure why, but I found it a pretty funny introduction.

We didn’t attend the Huawei event because their press team sent out an announcement on the new devices a full day before, somewhat defeating the purpose of the event in the first place. This seemed to be a regular occurence at MWC and totally different than my CES experience where everything is so secretive leading up to the big announcement.

Have you seen many of the official event videos from MWC 2011? Which was your favorite presentation? I’d have gone with Samsung if it. wasn’t. so. darn. long.

[Thanks djunio]

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