Samsung Placed Sizable Order for Tegra 2 Chips



Remember that rumor yesterday regarding Samsung wanting to switch their early 2011 “Galaxy” devices over to Tegra 2? Well, NVIDIA claims Samsung just ordered up a large chunk of their dual-core chipset: $250-$350 million worth. I can’t think of anything better to do with mobile processors than to put them inside of mobile phones and tablets.

Of course, we all know Samsung’s more than just Android: they’ve committed to Windows Phone 7, too, and a couple of Windows 7-based tablets wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

But we expect them to at least refresh the Galaxy Tab with these chips. The extra horsepower that Tegra 2 provides will also enable them to push more to the 10-inch display that we expect to see right around the time we’re expected to see these (March or April is a safe guess, for now.) [Barron’s via A&M]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. wha… wha… what happened to Orion???

  2. what if… Orion was a rebadged Tegra 2 all along?

  3. Nothing. I’m willing to bet big money that Honeycomb is being developed on the Tegra 2, and Samsung doesn’t want to be playing catch-up again like they did with Hummingbird and Froyo.

    That said, they’ll still be cooking the Orion, and you’ll see that in real phones, not tablets.

  4. Sick

  5. wasnt the orion suppose to outperform tegra 2 chipsets?

  6. Orion isn’t supposed to hit devices until late 2011. People expecting the Nexus S to have one were completely deluded.

  7. I just wanna see more Cortex A9 devices out there regardless of the SoC manufacturer. The Viewsonic GTab is a beast of a tablet when rooted and running a custom ROM. I can only imagine what they will perform like once Gingerbread and Honeycomb get released.

  8. my guess is the Tegra 2 is for their tablets and it may sneak into a few of their handsets. but Orion is what they’re working towards as being their next big chip.

  9. If Orion is coming late 2011, we’ll have Tegra 3 then anyway, so Orion will actually compete with Tegra 3 not Tegra 2.

  10. I would guess these are for their tablets. Then again I’m sure Samsung wouldn’t want anyone knowing they are upgrading the Galaxy line with dual cores. That would slow sales on the current Galaxy phones, which obviously wouldn’t be a good thing during the busiest time of the year. I’m still betting there’s really nothing to see here and that these are just for Samsung tablets.

  11. No Orion was supposed to be in Samsung Devices earlry Q1 at least before march

  12. Orion is for phones, Tegra 2 is for their galaxy Tab successors.

  13. It could be that the semiconductor division wasnt price competitive with Qualcomm’s offer for the mobile division.

    You see this all the time inside Samsung. They like to pit one of their subsidiaries against other companies so they can get a better deals. These divisions are run by division “chiefs”.

  14. ^ Continuing from above…

    Think of these divisions are micro companies within Samsung because that is how they really operate; they compete even amongst themselves.

  15. will the new samsung pad 2 have the honeycomb software ?

  16. I wanted to see Orion sooner too…damn….

  17. Ok…I saw on Engadget today the Tegra 2 so far is gonna be for the Galaxy Tab 2.
    I STILL wanted to see the Orion in there as well as their future phones.

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