Dec 15th, 2010


Remember that rumor yesterday regarding Samsung wanting to switch their early 2011 “Galaxy” devices over to Tegra 2? Well, NVIDIA claims Samsung just ordered up a large chunk of their dual-core chipset: $250-$350 million worth. I can’t think of anything better to do with mobile processors than to put them inside of mobile phones and tablets.

Of course, we all know Samsung’s more than just Android: they’ve committed to Windows Phone 7, too, and a couple of Windows 7-based tablets wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

But we expect them to at least refresh the Galaxy Tab with these chips. The extra horsepower that Tegra 2 provides will also enable them to push more to the 10-inch display that we expect to see right around the time we’re expected to see these (March or April is a safe guess, for now.) [Barron’s via A&M]

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