Full Video of Eric Schmidt’s MWC Keynote Speech


There were a bunch of interesting tidbits revealed last night at Eric Schmidt’s Keynote including Gingerbread & Honeycomb will converge into Ice Cream Sandwich (educing fragmentation), Eric Schmidt’s claim that HTML 5will kill apps, the fact that Google tried to get Nokia to run Android, an Android App for Tablets called Movie Studio, and some Android stats.

If my thoughts and notes weren’t good enough… feel free to watch the full video below:

[WHOOPS… in my haste I posted last year’s keynote! 2011 isn’t yet available but I’ve found a 2-minute intro to hold you over until this year’s is available. I’ll update this post when it is.]

[Thanks EarlyMon!]

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  1. Why is the video the 2010 version? Just kinda curious.. I don’t know if they have posted this years just yet..

  2. Sorry too early not full video… but closer than the video listed..

  3. this is old video lame

  4. This is last year’s talk! u should check it before posting!

  5. FAIL!
    i had to take a shit with no video thanks!

  6. The cameraman is so crappy.

  7. Where is the 2011 version?

  8. whooops

  9. FAIL

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