Sprint’s EB13 Froyo Update Ready for Epic 4G?


Folks have spotted a change on Sprint’s support site that shows folks exactly how to install the new EB13 Froyo build for the Samsung Epic 4G. Sprint was one of the carriers who were apologetic regarding the delays and wanted to get the firmware out as soon as possible. That’s about as far as this story goes, though, as that support page has since been stripped of all that made it interesting. If this is the real deal, Sprint could be ready to launch as early as next week. Let us know if that happens, will ya? [via Android Forums]

[Update]: Click over to this post on Android Forums if you want to see what the page said. (Without all the pretty graphics, of course.)

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  1. This Froyo situation is a huge debacle. Like so bad, it has become funny…If you own an Evo…

  2. Hope not another Epic blunder, but if you read the full text of instruction, mentions that version of Kies Mini specific for Captivate. It’s incredible how all the carriers and Samsung have dropped the ball and alienated its customers.

  3. And thanks to sprint changing their premier program, I’m stuck with this phone for 2 more years. Thanks!

  4. Within that update link towards the end in “general questions” it mentions the captivate. Now maybe they meant to put epic and screwed up on the text replace…. but hmmm…

  5. I’m sick of sprint and I’ve lost a lot of respect for this company. The epic 4g is a $500 smart phone with limitations. The evo shift came with 2.2. Com on man!!!

  6. Isn’t it all Galaxy S devices? Or at least MOST of them? If so, this isn’t a carrier issue. It’s Samsung’s usual “We’re not going to update our devices, because we don’t feel like it” attitude. I think the only phones from the Galaxy S line, is the Vibrant, Intercept, and Acclaim. Galaxy S users in Europe, have seen the update for two months now. Which raises two questions imo. WHY did the Intercept and Acclaim get the update, before a majority of their flagship line. And WHY did Europe get the build, and not us. Also, I own an EVO.

  7. Edit: I know the Intercept and Acclaim aren’t Galaxy S phones.

  8. such lameness…

  9. @SixStringSam: I can speak for the Intercept since my wife has one… couple reasons: 1) the phone runs a more or less “vanilla” version of android so no TW implementation to worry about 2) the intercept is such a terrible phone. No really… its that bad. My wife’s phone was barely functional before the froyo update… literally could not even make and receive phone calls reliably. Samsung needed to get this phone some froyo just to make it functional.

  10. I’ve been using DK28 since it was leaked, but I’d eventually like an “official” release that might iron out some of the minor annoyances I see. I’m convinced we’ll never actually see the update at this point. With both Samsung and Sprint looking ahead at all the newer hardware coming out I’m pretty sure they’ll drop it.

  11. I have an Epic on the way today…hopefully the update comes out within the next 30 days or I will have to find a custom mod for my brand new device.

  12. I think we will see it because Sprint has yet to announce a new phone besides that stupid Echo, WTF Sprint. I think they need the Epic to have a killer phone because At&t the Verizon are trying to pu the nail in the coffin for Sprint with thei new phone line ups. Personally I think Sprint couldn’t get anybody to make another wimax phone and thats why they are about to switc to LTE.

  13. Keep in mind that the overseas phones are GSM and Sprint and Verizon’s Galaxy S are CDMA. I think that has a lot to do with it taking so long. Regardless, I find it unacceptable. Especially since even with all the waiting and running EB01 leaked for Fascinate, this phone STILL has problems.

  14. Been running TrulyEpic Rebirth v1.5 (DK28) for a couple of days now, love it, wouldn’t change it to the official release. Getting 14 MFLOPS on linpack and 1700 on Quadrant, longer battery life and flash. Couldn’t be happier. I’ve sworn off Samsung before, but if there is widespread developer support, I would get another phone from them.

  15. @ SixStream – it’s not a Samsung issue which is why I can’t understand all the hating going on! Samsung released the froyo source code to the individual carriers months ago. It’s the carriers trying to push this out bug free due to all their bloatware, not Samsung. I can’t understand all the whining over froyo anyways. My Galaxy S runs perfectly on eclair and I couldn’t be happier with my phone. It will be nice when froyo does arrive, but it’s not something I’m stressed over. I’m just happy to have a phone that works great and does pretty much everything I want it to do. Froyo will be out for all Samsung phones soon enough, people are way to impatient imo.

  16. Do you think the gps issues will finally be fixed with this froyo update? I’m not able to use alot of the apps i want to use because the gps doesn’t function correctly (ie.Runtastic, location based apps etc).

  17. @ToastnJam I totally agree. The only major change that Froyo will bring is moving apps to the SD card. While that would be nice, not having it isn’t a deal breaker. It’s still easily the best phone that Sprint has right now. I’ve had two Epics so far (broke one, my fault, lol) and I never experienced any problems. GPS even worked well on both. I know some people have problems with it, though, so a fix for that would be nice. As it is, though, it’s crazy fast, has the best graphics performance short of a Tegra 2 device, and a keyboard with which to use a GameGripper. Personally, I’d be happy with it if it never got Froyo. Not saying it wouldn’t be nice, just that it’s already great without it.

  18. Will it be ota?

  19. @Toast – Thanks for the correction, I’m not an authority on Samsung, or their proceedings. I was just spouting useless dribble, because it was 7 in the morning, and I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

  20. I switched from US Cellular to Sprint because I liked the unlimited everything data plan, and also because I liked the Epic. No other phone had the hardware it did at the time and I wanted to. Upgrade to a smartphone. I was told that the Epic would be upgraded to 2.2 soon and was lead to believe soon ment a couple of weeks. I’m not a techy person, so I don’t know too much about the differences in OS, but what does annoy me is that Sprint and Wamsung have led customers on for so long, while Epic users have seen other low level phones from Samsung get upgraded to 2.2, and the higher end phones are poised to get the 2.3 update. And has anyone seen ny good Android phones being released soon for Sprint? Verizon has the killer Android phones, and the Iphone now. Sprint better come up with a game plan or they are going down hard soon.

  21. FUCK Samsung!

  22. FUCK @Toast Actually it was 6 in the morning and I hd just snorted cocaine.

  23. @Toast — sorry, it was 6 in the morning and I had just snorted cocaine but Samsung still sucks major dick.

  24. @ALL. Ok, so I lied. It is Samsungs fault. They suck. If you think its the carriers fault, then why didn’t Samsung push them to complete the update? If it were my product, I would’ve done so. Samsung has had upgrade problems regardless of the carrier.

  25. @Toast good point. Samsung devices are all on delayed OS’s regardless of the carrier. Grrr…..

  26. Juan, do you have any issues with the gps with that truly epic Rebirth? I am thinking about doing that to my epic. Samsung and Sprint got me on this Epic crap. Other then that, I am DONE with Samsung far as phones is concern. I should had went with the Evo. My next phone will defently be a HTC. No more samsung, no matter how good the next samsung phone is. The Epic is a ok phone but the 2.2 crap that we all been spoon fed to, is what makes me unhappy. Sprint should give us an option to trade in the EPIC for any other phone they carry. That would make me feel better.

  27. I just bought my Epic last week and finally replaced my PRE and i cant lie i do love it except for the battery life….WHICH 2.2 IS SUPPOSED TO CORRECT….but I been hearing rumors for the past 7-8 months that 2.2 is coming out for the Galaxy S line of phones and honestly I take this article like the others and thats with half a grain of salt. it doesnt even excite me any more. this phones needs 2.2 and 2.3 but by time 2.2 comes out we will have space ships for cars. Sammy needs to get it together because this is not a good look at all for them.

  28. If you look at the new phone for 4g samsung phone for tmobile, it’s the same as the epic and it comes with froyo. My next phone will not be a samsung.

  29. IMHO, the carriers have to submit to the big brother in the sky about the ability to accommodate the Patriot Act illegal wire tapping provisions. Can it be this that’s keeping the US version delayed?

  30. The froyo debacle had forced me to get rid of my epic. This phone still goes for a good amount of money on ebay. Between froyo never coming out, and thr changes in the sprint premier program I am done with sprint. And I can promise you that I will never own another samsung phone for as long as I live. Hello Atrix 4g.

  31. Hey George. You going to ATT’s network? Have fun lmao.
    This is awesome! The sooner the Epic gets Froyo, the sooner my Transform does! :)

  32. F Samsung & Sprint…

  33. Thanks for the link to the forum post with that support web page’s content. It got pulled before I could see it. Strange that there’s content in there that talks about AT&T’s Captivate even though it’s supposed to be for Sprint’s Epic. I hope this is a sign that the Epic will be getting Froyo very soon, but I have to remain doubtful. We’ve seen a number of rumored and expected release dates come and go without any update. I do hope that Froyo is coming very soon, because we’ve waited far too long for it, but I’m not holding my breath.

  34. It’s not Samsungs fault. Its the carriers. Note all Samsung Galaxy S phones in Europe and even Canada have Froyo.

    Sprint sucks. They charge $10 extra for 4G even if you don’t get it. Now they charge $10 for all data including 3G. Say good bye to early upgrades also. Just when Sprint stops the bleeding of customers they make this switch. Classic BAIT AND SWITCH scam run by Sprint.

  35. If the update is not released by the 21st, I will be executing the class-action lawsuit. I will leave contact information for those interested on the 22nd. It would be one thing if it was just “flash” or other fluff, but the fact that the GPS does not work, the network drops out half the time, the 4g drops if wifi is enabled then disabled,(restart required), and worst of all, the fact that you cannot add more than one email account. Oh, and the hard keys not taking half the time (but that is more just a PITA) We did not pay top dollar to have a phone that kind of works & we are all full price betas. My business has suffered; I lost a 100K job because I did not get an email on time. If the phone had worked properly, (and I could have multiple email accounts ((that are not gmail)) I would have received that email, and gotten the job. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I am working with a law firm in Seattle, and we are ready to go. Also, if the update does not fix the issues, we are still going to move forward. It should be illegal for companies to release phones and make claims and promises that they do not keep. If 400 superbowl fans can sue, 500k epic owners should be able to. Oh, and for all of you saying “just root it”- There is a reason I pay for the most expensive phone & it is not to spend time doing the job I paid good money to have properly done for me. It really comes down to principal.

  36. I come down from Mount Sinai with two Tablets one and they are the LAW one says February the other says 21st!!!!!!!!

  37. Will never buy another Samsung phone.they should stick to making tvs or something else.the epic reminds me so much of the Samsung moment I turned my head at the Sprint store.lol ps….everybody needs an evo.

  38. Class_Act: You hit the nail right on the head, even if your Freudian slip was showing. Its about the principle and the principal. I feel doubly stung… I stuck my poor wife with a Moment about 13 months ago. You thing Samsung + Sprint is bad with the Epic? Try being one of the unwashed masses with a Moment. To everyone who says just root the phone: you’re missing the point. I’ve been root since day 1. Simple fact is, I need a stable, usable OS, not a one-off ROM where everything doesn’t work right. I actually need my GPS and Camera on a daily basis. And, does anyone realize that the CDMA radios exclusive to Sprint and Verizon are a major part of the difference between our phones and the Euro, GSM-only phones?
    Pshht. If I don’t have Froyo by the 22nd I’ll join in on the suit and throw my hat in the ring at XDA helping come up with a Gingerbread rom. Can’t be that bad, the Nexus S is a nearly identical platform.

  39. Clarification: Nexus S is nearly identical to my Epic, not the wife’s obsolete Moment.

  40. Fuck Samsung! Fuck their mamas too! I got the Epic, but I got shafted like a motherfucker!

  41. I routed my phone and now running Android 2.2 batman rom on my Epic 4g. Blazzing fast and many options. Forget samsung and sprint. This is better then the update they will come out with anyway. lol, if they ever do. Like I said earlier, no more samsung phone for me. They stuck it to all of us. I agree with class act and many other of you, we should file a complant and a lawsuit. But for now, I will enjoy my 2.2.1 with flash on my new Epic update. Don’t get me wrong, not rubbing it in on you all, I am just aiming the negative part of this email to Samsung and Sprint.

  42. Count me in for the class act. this is ridiculous!! I have been wanting this freaking update forever. No video chat on yahoo, no gps working, no email address ( multiple), no app2sd, no flash and I want my damn froyo!! Iwas thinking of the main reason i was staying with samsung was because of their screens, but after the gwvga screeens from moto they have nothing else to intise me. hahaha samsung prepare to slowly fall of the map, like your partner sprint.

  43. All in all, I’ve read all the opinions. I’m not a Super tech, nor do I think anything in particular about this situation. Sucks to have had to wait this long for the 2.2, but hey! What’s new. So far, I can’t complain, since my EPIC (that I purchased as a back up to the EVO and it’s neverending shortages) is running the way I need it to. I’m just wondering… to all the folks that have the GPS problem, were you guys buyers of the first batch of devices, because if my memory serves me correctly, they had a major flaw accompanied with the 1st generation developped for the phone (eratic directions… overseas locations populating instead of the direction sent to the navigation system)… so far so good, mine runs impecably on a 2.1, and I’ve had it since last october. None of the issues listed here have come up. If the upgrade hits me, I’ll download it and see what it’s about, but I know fr a fact Sprint released it 2 days ago from the time this is being posted. Look for EB13 FROYO 2.2.1… IT’S OUT!

  44. Did you get OTA update or download from Samsung with update tool? I used Update tool from Samsung and I lost all apps and all contacts and all email settings. Unless there was an option to backup and restore. Is ther a backup tool that can be used. Kies does not work for me. Is there any other PC app that can help with Data on the phone?

  45. ever since i got the update…app killer doesnt kill my apps…so battery life is shorter bekuz apps still run in tha background…also gmail…tha internet and android market keep force closing on their own and unable to report problems…

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