HTC “Saga” Appears in Another Photo


Remember that phone by HTC leaked sometime last week? The one that looked like an oversized Nexus One without a trackball and with a front-facing camera? It’s been spotted in the wild again. It’s a lot clearer than the shots Engadget leaked, but it doesn’t reveal much more than we’ve already seen. Gizmodo’s tipster did slip them a name, though: the HTC Saga. Whether or not this is a code name wasn’t mentioned, but we expect to learn all of that and more at Mobile World Congress in another couple of weeks.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. T-Mobile finally???? We need a fuckin 4.3″ Android already.

  2. Watch a whole bunch of dirt and grime get in between the frame and the bezel.

  3. It looks nice. Would be nicer to have different colors. I love the look of my nexus one.

  4. i love HTC!^^

  5. Come on Sprint! Deal me a solid Evo replacement already with a BEAUTIFUL Pure Google Experience phone like this one and don’t skimp on the “Dual Core” please.

  6. If this has a 4.3 inch screen… it needs to go to tmobile…that is only fair.

  7. @Kai… When sprint recieves there next replacement of our beloved htc evo 4g it will be in June of 2011 where the new HTC EVO 2 4G will make it’s appearance.. But first the introduction has to be made and that will take place as usual at CTIA IN MARCH 2011… So all true evo owners HOLD TIGHT cause the best Smartphone device of 2010 on the best carrier in the industry the granddaddy of 4g the device that started it all and everyone is copying today from a form factor standpoint is about TO GET THAT MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER FOR 2011

  8. hope it goes to verizon. (if it is dual core)

  9. Tmobile isnt gonna get shit…thats the price you guys will pay for Nexus exclusivity.

    I hope this is the EVO 2…however..what they announce on the 7th shouldnt be a sleeper either. BUT I CANT WAIT TILL CTIA!LOL.


  11. I do wish it had a trackball. Sort of become attached to mine.

  12. This better go to T-Mobile… AT&T has the HTC Inspire… Sprint has the HTC Evo and Verizon has the HTC Thunderbolt… its only fair that T-Mobile gets this phone…

  13. I will hope for T-Mobile also, but I doubt it. T-Mobile doesn’t really pursue the highend tech and if so it goes to windows(lame). I’m sick of TMO HTC’s with keyboards also, this would be a sweet step in the right direction. I would ditch my Vibrant for this phone.

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