Rumor: Dual-Core HTC Pyramid Going to T-Mobile Late in Q2


Time to wake up to yet another rumor. This time, several outlets have heard from trusted tipsters that T-Mobile and HTC are gearing up to release a phone called the HTC Pyramid – it’s poised to be the high-end beast many of you were looking for. (Including one critical commenter whose name I won’t mention.)

What will make up the innards of this thing? It’ll have a 4.3-inch qHD display (960 x 540), Qualcomm’s dual-core MSM8260 Snapdragon processor which will house the Adreno 220 GPU (it rivals NVIDIA’s current offering), will be 4G-capable, and should be out on store shelves by the end of the second quarter.

Although T-Mobile has the Samsung Vibrant, the T-Mobile G2, the MyTouch HD, and more, folks have claimed they don’t have as many high-end phones as their competitors. I beg to differ, but there shouldn’t be any doubt about T-Mobile’s lineup should this phone make it out as A&M and TmoNews says it will.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. About damn time Tmo!

    dont you eff this up. (~_~)

    It better not have good stats and end up ugly. Or thats it im dumping you Tmo.
    This isnt “love the way you lie”.

  2. Btw…Vibrant isnt all its cracked up to be. and it lacks alot of things that Sammy will keep releasing to make up for it with new phones. Crap! If the Vibrant woulda came out like the Vibrant 1.5 or whatever. I woulda had it and been fine.

    Sammy sucks buddy.

    and The g2 simply aint good enough for me!

    That part about critical poster isnt me is it? lol

  3. i think hes talking about that asshat Keller. He trolled for months about the HTC Glacier and when it turned out to be the mytouch 4g he shut up overnight cuz it was a bucket of ass.

  4. Finally! A beast of a phone for T Mobile. Quentyn’s lovefest for all things Samsung notwithstanding…..

  5. And once again I wonder where Sprint is with their next HTC phone… :/

  6. The Vibrant lacks things? Like what? Let’s break it down:
    -1Ghz Processor (Equal to Evo)
    -Better GPU than any phone CURRENTLY available (Better than a PS2)
    -16GB Internal Storage
    -Super Amoled screen (Totally beautiful, and although isn’t quite as sharp as retina, definitely displays movies and animations WAY better than the iPhoney)
    -Video Out (RCA & HDMI if you get the MicroSD-to-HDMI dongle)
    -A Camera that takes better pictures than my friend’s Evo even though it’s slightly smaller

    OK, so it doesn’t have a rear flash or an FFC. I installed an FFC, no sweat, and modded a kickstand battery cover to take an LED flashlight. So, I have everything the Evo has, and several things that NO OTHER PHONE has, at the expense of about 2 hours of my life and a little ingenuity.

    My Vibrant is going to be the hottest phone in the world for at least another year…

  7. Too bad Sprint will more than Likely Big brother this device come the 7th along with the Middlechild known as the Thunderbolt. Sad….Tmobile get around to 1.2 Ghz on the Back End…By the time it releases…it will most likey come when 1.5 & 2Ghz phones are sticker priced. Like i always say…Tmobile is Cursed for having Nexus and G1/G2 exclusivity. Darn.

    And i shall name him HTC Mubarak.

  8. Why can’t this be the Inspire

  9. The MyTouch 4G is very powerful. More powerful than my Vibrant, though the screen is slightly smaller. It has the most RAM, and that really comes across in the performance. I would say the MT4G is the most powerful phone out there, with very nice features.

    My wife has the MT4G and I have the Vibrant.

  10. honestly. i think t- mobile has the best lineup in the US.
    the vibrant is nearly idetical to the rest of the galaxy line.

    qwerty superphone
    the g2 > evo shift > droid 2 > backflip

    nexus S > evo 4G > drid X > captivate

    optimus line is all the same

    atrix > optimus 2x > bionic >

    evo 4G > mt4g = incredible > aria

    im sure this is all disputable but its my 2 cents

  11. backflip isnt a superphone imo btw :P just had to fill it in

  12. Vibrant plays movies “way better than iphoney”? I am an android fan for life, but movies look just as good if not better on my wife’s iPhone than my vibrant. May e a judgement call which is better but neither is “way better” at movies. I prefer androids features but iPhones UI/retina display is way better than my vibrant. I4 is like a 32 inch Samsung 240gz LCD and my vibrant is a 15 year old 65 inch Mitsubishi backlit big screen. Its damn blurry. I like android more, I always will, but 800×480 looks awful next to 960×640 within the os ; apps/browser/ui

  13. Ok when this launches I will officially the phone I WILL buy when it launches FINNALLY a phone on Tmo that is worthy of my precious dollar bills!

  14. Christ here we go again, God damn this is typical T-Mobile; apparently great specs but glaringly disappointing in an important area, this time its resolution. (Vibrant-no GPS/FCC, nexus one-480 video recording, nexus s- 7.2 mbps, i know they wont offer a phone with no weaknesses, then what would we buy next? It still makes me mad. So now when this dual core is available, over a year after the retina display sets a new standard in screen resolution, T-Mobile will be pushing its cutting edge phone with substandard resolution. Just imagine what the iPhone 5 will be rocking by then. I hate apple and ios! Why can’t android, HTC, Samsung, Verizon, ANYONE or ANYTHING gain any steps on the damn iPhone? Its utterly embarrassing to show off an android next to an iPhone 4; the first thing you see is the gargantuan difference in display sharpness, the games over before you even get under the hood. I’m tempted to turn to the iPhone like I’m tempted to drive my car through the front wall of a T-Mobile store (hint:VERY tempted)

  15. @Rich, you have to know that the only phone that can stand toe to toe will be the samsung S2. Which will rock the super amoled plus, orion processor and improved features. Just watch.

  16. Now that my Vibrant has transformed into beast mode it’s going to be hard to give it up. Who doesn’t like shiny new things though… lol

  17. Glad for tmobile… If this actually takes place then they too deserve a true flagship device… BUT EVEN THIS WILL NOT BE AN HTC EVO 2 4G… THE HTC EVO 2 4G WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT CTIA IN MARCH 2011 AND WILL BE BROUGHT TO SPRINT BY JUNE 2011 SAME AS LAST YEAR.. SPRINT RULES OVER ALL CARRIERS AND WILL HAVE THE BEST SMARTPHONE DEVICE ON THE MARKET JUST LIKE THEY DID LAST YEAR… Today the granddaddy of 4g devices the current htc evo 4g BITCH SLAPS all android devices and the htc evo 2 4g on sprint WILL BE KING OF ANDROID


  19. These qualcomm chips are reliable, the tegras dont have much of a track record but seem more powerful. Glad to be keeping on track.
    Too many of them took their time but now it has caught up.

  20. sprint is boo boo we all know it i didnt know people still typed in their sleep

  21. Sold!

  22. If any of you want a true android power phone. wait until Android 2.4 hits towards the end of this year, by that time dual core processors will be common on high-end android phones, and we may even have a much more improved Nexus 3 (hopefully not made by samsung)

  23. I think i found my nexus one replacement! About time T-Mobile!!!! Please have HTC sense and not that mytouch sense crap!!!

  24. I want a device just like this on VZW. CAKE!

  25. Oh sh**… this could be a WM7 phone not android… Please be Honeycomb or Gingerbread!

  26. Watch sense be all over this, cant wait to the RC’s of CM7 come out

  27. It simply needs LED flash and a good front & rear camera with hd video recording

  28. @jpurdue…. Your boo boo we all know that now don’t we… DWEEB HEAD

  29. @Aeok18109 Booo you whore! Someone is clearly on my Johnson. Anyways regarding this phone, if true, then final-fuckinly. I hate to do this but I’m going to sell myTouch 4g the second this is official

  30. I am this close to jumping on the Atrix, and now HTC and T Mobile come up with this.. Now I think I’ll just ignore the frenzy and wait for more details.. pricing on Atrix and accessories will probably drop anyway by the time I can make an informed decision.. those specs sound great, hope they have some decent ram and battery as well.

  31. this better be true if not tmobile wont see $1020 a year from me..might spend more on verizon but its worth the money they get the best phones

  32. @keller
    how much?

  33. I was considering the MT4G when I’m upgrade-ready later this year, but this may be what I’ve really been waiting for!!

  34. @rich
    It does say that is has the Qhd dispay, like the Atrix.. So HTC is improving their screens.. wouldn’t put that down to T Mobile not wanting a better screen, but rather this is what HTC could offer.. and, I’ll take an HTC with an improved screen.. you bet.

  35. Andulas you looking to buy? I’m not sure, I don’t know if I should unroot my phone and put stock back on cause I’m running 2.3 right now, lol.How much were you thinking?

  36. im trying not to get my hope up too high, this is tmo we’re talking about here. (keeping fingers cross)

  37. @Richard
    I’m sure the EVO has more features than most Android devices and such, but it will NOT bitch slap my G2. Yeah I don’t have a kickstand and a FFC, but I do have a keyboard (which is a MUST for ME), faster 4G speeds, and overall, a faster phone. You’ll have to overclock your EVO a bit for it to even compete with my G2 clocked in at 800 MHz.Overclock my phone to 1.5 and this second gen snapdragon will run circles on your EVO.
    The EVO is a GREAT device, but calm down. I’m not saying the G2 is better than an EVO, but it sure won’t get “bitch slapped” by it.

    At least HTC makes both devices though.

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