HTC’s Latest Slate Caught in the Wild, Expected to be at MWC


Remember all of those renders of unreleased, unannounced HTC devices that popped up in HTC Sync not too long ago? One of those phones – the one that looks like a Nexus One without a trackball and with a front-facing camera – has been caught in he wild.

It’s expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress. Engadget is calling this HTC’s new flagship device, making me wonder if they’re finally ready to step into this dual-core age that a majority of their competitors are embracing. Can’t tell much about it from these shots, but it looks like another 4.3-inch touchscreen is in order for those of us who enjoy that size.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I spy Gingerbread

  2. Why can’t they just take the HD2 and update the internals. I swear to god, that is the best phone chassis ever made.

    I love my Droid X, but I’d drop it in a heartbeat for a HD2 with updated guts.

    HTC, why do you keep trying to reinvent the wheel? You’ve already created the greatest 4.3″ phone ever!

  3. Maybe this is a phone Sprint may be announcing on February 7th?


  4. Man these look like some REAL spy shots. Sneaky type.

  5. sprint is probably announcing the lg 3d phone.

  6. Lets hope that the battery is bigger than the current DesireHD even if it does come with more efficient multiple cores!

  7. Could this be “The Facebook Phone”??

  8. @ImSpartacus – all there is to say brother…

  9. Looks an awful lot like it may be the Hero 2…Sprint, the first to release a device with Dual Core?

  10. @Marco

    Several devices have already been announced with dual core so they are late for that. And for it to be the first one in public for consumers, sprint wouldn’t hype up an event just to say that. It would be a big let down.


    Definitely not an Evo 2. I see that coming out in the summer like the original one did.

    The design doesn’t look any different from something they had before. I wonder what it can do.

  11. I hope this is an AT&T LTE device

  12. Agreed, it has a Hero look to it. Gunmetal gray thing. Thin like the Hero too.

    The Sprint Hero II?

  13. It DOES look like the Hero and the Nexus as well… I’ve always loved the look of both of those devices!

  14. Isn’t that the HTC Thunderbolt?

  15. lol @ thunderbolt… Hero II sounds about right. hopefully it’ll be ported (like the Eris, which i currently am sporting) to Verizon… dual core would be sweet ^^

  16. Actually, it looks strikingly familiar lol… Oh yeah, that’s right… it looks just like my HERO, sans the trackball.

    Now wouldn’t that be SWEET!

    Please, oh please… let it be so!
    Hero II


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