A (literally) Flexible Android Device? [CONCEPTS]


There can never be too many concept devices, it seems. This morning, our attention was pointed to a tablet device that could flex and bend in any direction. Whacky? Yes. Impossible? Nope. And imagine if something like this were running Android.

Imagine turning a 10-inch slate into a netbook by bending the top portion of it upward and using the bottom portion of the display as a keyboard. Now bend it the other way and use the sides of its own body to keep it upright – visualizing a clock or a self-formed dock?

And flexible displays aren’t the least bit out of the ordinary – folks have been working on that for a long time, now. Start here for an idea of just how many firms are turning that once-conceptualized idea into reality.

In this design, hardware components would likely be placed within the bezel surrounding the display, which – for “bendability” purposes – would need to be a soft mesh or fabric material as you see in the picture below.

Nothing I expect to come out within the next few years, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that several research and development firms are trying to shop ideas to OEMs as I type. [via Design Blog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Very cool.

  2. Very cool, indeed. I wish it was so thin and flexible you could make it phone-sized.

  3. Seen this concept before applied to I*ad… Bah

  4. Very cool, indeed. I wish it was so thin and flexible you could wipe your ass with it

  5. Woah pretty sci-fi actually. xD

  6. nifty. we can finally get a real tricorder. or better yet the power rangers communicator

  7. Imagine being able to swap between phone, tablet, multimedia dock, and car navigation form factors just by folding the device. The Android software could reconfigure itself accordingly, preventing the need to have the user buy magnetic docs or manually swap between various modes. Furthermore, tablets become even more mobile while smartphones become even more functional.

    There is great potential for this technology.

  8. this idea seems cool, and ive seen flexible screens and stuff. but things like this are more like a dream device. stuff like this cant be made right now. a device like this would require a battery, capacitive glass, as well as other equipment. those things arent flexible right now.

  9. wow this might be more flexible than my wife.

  10. Still limited by size of the hardware, namely the battery pack. Still cool though, but my concern would be how far can you bend it before a permanent crease forms?

  11. Cool it would be easy to carry just fold it up and put it in your pocket lol

  12. logicalbud,
    Hell this concept came out along ass time ago for e-readers and windows mobile. Long before even the iPhone or iPad came out. Whats your point? Does this concept being used as a mock-up for an Apple product aswell automatically make the idea any less interesting?

  13. Concept was also shown off decades ago for watches.
    Remember those old snap on wrist bands? Just saying.
    Still a kool concept.

  14. Very cool…but practical? Not at all. It seems too flexible. Kind of like trying to use or read a big floppy book. Odd, but cool

  15. @Jeff No it’s not!

    I’m just kidding man. Sorry I just could not resist :)

  16. I would so buy this in a heart beat if it were available.

  17. Now that is more like it… the future of tablets is here…that is bad ass….

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