Dell Venue Now Available for Pre-Order for $500 Unlocked (AT&T or T-Mobile 3G), Coming February 18th


The Dell Venue hasn’t been the most exciting device to follow, but it’s actually a nice-looking device that could attract a few eyes sitting on store shelves. Dell’s just put the thing up for order for $500 unlocked.

Dell’s letting customers choose between versions with AT&T or T-Mobile’s 3G bands, so even if you live in Canada no fuss should be made about being able to use this. Europeans also have another option import, of course.

It’s a 4.1-inch WVGA AMOLED device with Android 2.2 that has sprinklings of Dell’s custom Stage UI throughout, an 8 megapixel camera, a sleek design. (Almost Windows Phone-ish, it hurts me to say.)

For performance, it has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor (QSD 8250, we hear), 512 MB of RAM, and 1GB of ROM. (But also has 16GB of internal memory for you to use however you wish.)

If you decide to get it, you can rest easy knowing it’s already rooted and should be easily hackable, but a large community has yet to surround the device.

Be sure to check out the Dell Venue section at AndroidForums.com to get started in conversation about the device that many should soon own. The device should be shipping around February 18th, according to Dell. [via Dell|Buy]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sorry but it’s not the Pro – the Pro IS the Windows version.

    Anyway I like the look of this. Anyone want to send me one to the UK?

  2. Yea, that was an accident. As you can see, I got it right in the title and in the rest of the article. Updated.

  3. QSD8250? FAIL! Great idea, put a 2009 processor in your $500 2011 phone. Somebody needs to tell Dell, THIS ISN’T CRAPPY WINDOWS PHONE, THIS IS ANDROID. I can find a brand new Desire in the low $400s.

  4. Too bad Dell took its sweet time releasing this so I went with the Nexus S and thanks to @Ace Curry I seem to have made a wise choice :)

  5. @Ace,

    Yeah it is outdated hardware for the money, BUT!! It’s unlocked, and pre-rooted, that in itself may be worth the cash, especially for devs like me. Although now that I think about again it does seem kind of pricy at $500

  6. Considering that it’s unlocked, and it’s specs are pretty impressive. I would say that this is a good deal. Although I wish some of these were more popular here.

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