Verizon Roadmap Says Droid Incredible 2 and Samsung 4G LTE in Q1, LG Revolution and Droid Bionic Q2


A newly leaked Verizon roadmap dug is confirming the release schedule of a few devices and shedding some light on a few new ones. If this turns out to be true, the unannounced HTC Droid Incredible 2 might be dropping onto shelves before anyone expected before the end of Q1. The phone is said to be the buttonless device we first leaked out and later was spied in the wild. Joining the Incredible 2 (and HTC Thunderbolt) in Q1 would be the unnamed Samsung phone they have simply been calling their “4G LTE Smartphone.”

Moving into Q2 we get confirmation on plans to launch the Motorola Droid Bionic, which will also be joined by the LG Revolution. Not sure what the hold up on the Revolution is (is there any hope it could still be updated to the dual-core innards of its Optimus 2X counterpart?), but in a landscape crowded with new phone releases I guess every device needs some breathing room.

Sure looks like an exciting first half of the year for Big Red.

[PhoneArena via Electronista]

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  2. Any chance your souce has the Inc2 confused with the TB? BMX is saying Sept for Inc2.

  3. Hopefully there is an Android running Touch Pro2 somewhere on a roadmap later this year.

  4. the usb on the left looks bent really bad O.O

  5. Meh. I’m liking tmo’s lineup much more.

  6. The Samsung phone is going to be called the stealth.

  7. I want Qwerty or I won’t buy

  8. Same here. Why not a 4.3 with qwerty?

  9. @5 i agree completley

    @7 that would be fucking huge O.O

  10. they bent it when they ripped out the samsung phone in frustration.

  11. Agree with post 7 and 9. I’m still sitting tight with my Droid 1 until something 4G capable, well specced, with a QWERTY keyboard comes along.

  12. Agree with post 7 and 9. I’m still sitting tight with my Droid 1 until something 4G capable, well specced, with a QWERTY keyboard comes along.

  13. nice bent usb cable

  14. Just a word of advice from me. DO NOT BUY A Samsung phone!!! They do not care about there customers or even making them happy. They never updated there phones and almost refused to do so. They never fix there problems and always act like it is your fault it broke and not a manufactures problem. stay far away from them. I will buy a TV,blue ray players, Computer screen, but I will never buy a phone from them ever again!!!! Biggest joke of a Cell phone company I have ever meet!!!!

  15. Also I want to know the DAM LTE PRICING!!! IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK ALREADY???????

  16. Atrix… come to me…come to daddy!! I would love to get my fingers all over your true multitasking keyboard!!

  17. I love my Fascinate. I hope the Verizon 4G is as awesome. If I can wait that long! The Thunderbolt is looking good.

  18. Go ahead and dial up those digits–no matter which wireless network you’re calling.  AT&T* today announced customers can enjoy unlimited mobile calling to any mobile number in America.  Unlimited Mobile to Any Mobile is available to AT&T customers with an unlimited messaging plan and a qualifying voice plan**. 

  19. The Thunderbolt would be SOO much better if the screen wasn’t going to absolutely suck. Seriously HTC? WVGA resolution on a 4.3″ screen?!?

  20. I heard the Bionic and TB will be released into the wild on 24-26 Feb. only reason they were not out already is VZW needed to give iphone breathing room

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