HTC Inspire 4G on Pre-Order Tomorrow at RadioShack for $99.99


The HTC Inspire 4G is all set to launch on AT&T’s airwaves this February 13th, but you can get yours reserved starting tomorrow, February 4th, at RadioShack. The Shack is offering the phone for $99.99 on a two-year contract with a minimum $25/month data plan. As a bonus for pre-ordering they are throwing in a $30 credit for the purchase of some shiny new accessories for your shiny new 4G phone. Not a bad deal. I suppose the Inspire and AT&T’s other upcoming 4G phones might be looking a bit more appealing now after the reveal of the Motorola Atrix pricing model…

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  1. first… I wonder if i can trade in my captivate?

  2. Is the minimum required data plan set at $25/month? Is this the new standard for “4g” phones, or is radio shack just requiring this data plan for the launch sale? Can you still opt to go with the limited $15 plan?

  3. Yea the minimum $25/2GB data plan is a bit suspicious. But I guess they’d want the 4G users at the minimum to have access to more data out the gate. Is someone really going to get a 4G phone and use 100MB’s a month?

  4. I walked into a Radioshack yesterday and asked them this exact same thing. First, they didn’t even know AT&T was releasing 3 new phones and secondly, they claimed they don’t do preorders

  5. I’d love to have this :)

  6. Still nice price waiting for the Atrix 4G.

  7. Can I trade in my Epic? Samsung/Sprint you suck!

  8. Idk if it was required or not for 4g

    But when i ordered my captivate from Radio shack, they automatically charged me for the higher data package since it was their policy since “i got the phone discounted” aka even less than Att’s price

  9. You can pre order at Radio Shack, The data plan is an AT&T requirement.

  10. PS You can activate it with the 15.00 data and trade ins are welcome.

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