Words With Friends Coming to Android Later this Month, Honeycomb Version Too


Hey guys, be prepared for a significant drop-off in articles from me on Phandroid at the end of this month. Why? Because Zynga is releasing Words With Friends for Android. The addicting word game (a big hit on iOS) is a Scrabble clone that does the original one better by providing a great gaming experience that lets you pit your dictionary knowledge against any friend over an internet connection.

We’ve been hearing word that this was coming, but Zynga showed it off yesterday at Google’s Honeycomb event on both phone and tablet. The Honeycomb version is looking pretty great (check out the Androinica video below), and the game will be available as a free download. A paid version comes later removing ads, adding cross-platform gaming, in-game chat, and push notifications. Anyone out there think they have what it takes to challenge me?

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. I will totally kick your butt! Play me on WordFeud to find out. :)

  2. Will it be cross-platform? In other words, can we play against iphone users?

  3. Nice! Cross-platform. More games need to implement that. @David they mention it at around 1:20

  4. Are they gonna bring Chess with Friends to Android too? I have 6 games going on it right now!

  5. When I had an iphone, Words with Friends was a buggy piece of crap. Word Feud is MUCH better IMO.

  6. “A paid version comes later removing ads, adding cross-platform gaming, in-game chat, and push notifications.”

  7. Does anybody know what version the os will have to be?

  8. WordFeud is a great gaming experience. No need for words with friends.

  9. Fuck yes!

  10. Cross platform playing??

  11. If you’re looking for a Chess With Friends alternative (a better one!) for android. Try Chesspresso.

  12. when?????????????????????????????

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