PSA: Watch the Honeycomb Event Live Today at 1pm Eastern


TGI Friday? No, TGI Wednesday! Today is the day Google will be showing off Honeycomb and giving full hands-on demos of the operating system for the first time. We’ve already seen a lot from them at CES, but there’s nothing like an up-close and personal look for ourselves.

Fortunately – at least for the press briefing and announcements portion – you folks won’t be left out. They’ll be streaming the event on YouTube (www.youtube.com/android) today at 1pm eastern, if you haven’t heard, but stay tuned into Phandroid after that as we’ll have our own hands-on demo of whatever is to come out of it. (We hear the new Market and Music services will be shown alongside the confirmed outing of Honeycomb.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. DAM, my work blocks youtube :( hopefully they have the recorded version on youtube when i get home tonight!

  2. @shifter That sucks. I shall be watching it while at work. Nothing is block. The perks of working in the art field :D

  3. yea work block utube. but in snow storm hopefully will be sent home earlie or ill just watch it on my phone!!! I cant wait!!!

  4. Appointments at 11 and 3, which should give me just enough time to watch it in the middle.

  5. @jr earlie? seriously? “work block utube”? the utube thing is kinda understandable, but for Gods sake man…. grammar, you hazn’t gots it… idiot..

  6. @SnoopDugg U mad bro?

  7. @snoopdugg earlie? grammar ok dugg?? why you hating dugg? dont worry about me…. funny how they talk madd b.s online but not to someone face!!!

  8. @JR yeah thats called the Internet where anybody can be a bully

  9. The link to YouTube gives a 404. Would you please update with the correct link?

  10. Yes, work blocks YouTube but when you have a smart phone that runs Android, phone blocks work.

  11. you got to watch it now! the live wallpaper-kind waiting animation is so wonderfull!! i love it!

  12. Boring presentation..I am not impressed with the monsters game or the history game, at all..Graphics look early 1990’s for Gawds sake

  13. “Where’s Lady Killer?” is the new “can we switch to the other box?”

  14. @bill Yes, i think everyone think the same, sometime i really wonder what are they thinking…

    but overall honeycomb looks pretty nice.

  15. I missed the live presentation, is there a replay available somewhere? I don’t see it on the YouTube channel.

  16. Appointments at 11 and 3, which should give me just enough time to watch it in the middle.

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