Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Coming to Vodafone UK, Three


Two new carriers have revealed their intentions to host the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc alongside O2 when it launches this April. Vodafone UK and Three will both offer the handset as part of their Android lineup. Vodafone has launched a sign-up page to register for updates and news regarding the Arc’s trek to the carrier, while Three has posted a nice little video preview of the device.

The phone really is a beauty in terms of design, and from our hands-on time it is a big improvement over the last lineup of Xperia Androids. Those in the UK loyal to a carrier receiving the Arc should be quite lucky.

[via EuroDroid, YouTube]

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  1. Wonder how the battery life would be. Is it wise to exchange the Xperia Arc with Desire HD? hmm..

  2. @Jon

    From a lot of angles it does look more compelling than the DHD:

    Slightly higher screen res
    Quite a lot slimmer / lighter
    Same processor etc
    Battery’s >20% bigger

    However… All depends how you feel about Sony and their track record with O/S updates…

  3. Better wait until the Mobile World Congress, no point in buying anything until then.

  4. Ah! Dont touch the vodafone branded handset! From my experience they are very slow and uninformative about firmware updates

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