Rumor: New Android Market, Google Music Announced Tomorrow


Rumor mill time! Taylor at Android & Me has been informed by a trusted source that Google will not only show off Android 3.0 in full bloom tomorrow at their press event, but will also announce details regarding the web-based Android market shown off at last year’s I/O conference.

If you don’t remember, the new market enabled users to search for applications on a fully-featured front-end accessible from your desktop browser and allowed those on Android 2.2 and higher to install applications remotely and without ever touching their phones. A video of Vic Gundotra showcasing the new features sits below.

The rumor also suggests Google Music – an online streaming music service that will eventually tie in with Android – will be revealed. We’d already seen some of Google’s new music application at that same event last year, but hadn’t heard a peep about the web-based front-end that would sit alongside the Android market.

We’re less than 24 hours away from the shindig at Google’s home in Mountain View and we’ll have our eyes peeled for any and everything to come out of it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Looks nice can’t wait to see what’s up

  2. Finally! This will be great.

    I’m sure it will tie in with a tablet only apps section like HD apps are for Apple iPad. Nice!

  3. That new market website would be a sweet sight indeed, if it finally comes to pass. Probably increase sales for a lot of devs when people can browse with their PC.


  4. To be announced…

  5. HOLY POOP! i am so amazed and happy :)

  6. @Simon
    How would it not tie in? You can select what device you are using, surely it will just sort apps based on what device you pick…

    Also, looks cool. Assuming you can ignore the use of the Apple word “magically”.

  7. If the rumors that Google Music does cloud storage for the music you already own are true then this will be a game changer.

  8. Yes, but only if this comes with a spotify like feature ! I do not have any music files on my pc now, only spotify, wich is great :)!

  9. The cloud based music would be awesome, but what about when you don’t have a connection, or in airplane mode. I would much rather be able to do what they did at first and download straight to my phone without connecting any cords and then be able to play it without a connection required.

  10. What time is the press event tomorrow? And is there a place that it is being streamed?

  11. @Anthony you can watch it on

  12. What ever happened to BlindType that Google bought a while ago? Isn’t it time they release that out to Android users? I want more toys to try.

  13. @9 – Jr.

    In the new Google Music app leaked (see XDA somewhere) there is an option to cache streamed music. That solves the problem in that you can choose some to cache on your device.


  15. Will there be any live streaming of the event (If so what time does it start, whats the link)

  16. Interesting observation which gives this rumor even more creedence: gets redirected back to gives a 404


  17. @qwerty100 please see #11

  18. Um, Richard… I just clicked that link you posted and I landed on Google Music!!! O.O

  19. I had given up on Chrome to phone in terms of sending numbers to my phone and hadnt used it in awhile.
    Today I used it all day long because it was friggin on fire and super fast at sending phone numbers to my phone.
    I dont know if they updated the speed but I was pretty damn impressed.

  20. Just in case it gets taken down:

  21. Indeed if you go to it does indeed take to a music area of some sort that I haven’t seen

  22. Funny how they use a Mac to do the presentation.

  23. That is one of the things I like the most about mp Ipod touch. About time. Now maybe I can get rid of the touch.

  24. @chimphappyhour Wow, it wasn’t working when I tried. Thanks.

  25. I’m really loking forward to Google Music and nomore itune.

  26. I think $7 for a high quality game like Modern Combat 2 is very reasonable, but $10 for just one album on iTunes is way too much for music.

    I currently use Frostwire because of how much music costs. However, if Google prices the music reasonably, I will pay for my music.

  27. Mark my words, google music WILL be announced tommarow.

    Proof? The honeycomb music player that was leaked that also ties into google music has a new golden speaker icon just like the music icon seen on the Motorola XOOM

  28. About fucking time.

  29. If this is the reason the Market is down right now… nice going, Google.

  30. How come whatever you enter in you get results for Lady Gaga? I bet she’s at the event! With her frikkin Polaroid sunglasses on and a dress made of shavings from a donna kebab shop.

  31. @mark slavin

    Its a google music page…..

  32. I can access Android Market on web and it looks slightly different in terms of look and feel but I did not see any new great features yet.

  33. Oh nvm. it was just what they announced about a year ago

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