Samsung GT-I9003 to Be Galaxy S with Super LCD, Replacing GT-I9000 Model?


Way back at the beginning of January we heard of a new Samsung device going around with the GT-I9003 model number. Back then the speculation was it could be a Nexus S with Super LCD display, but a new rumor says it’s a modified Galaxy S. Given the fact that the Nexus S runs under the GT-I9020 line, it seems more likely that that the Galaxy S rumor would be true. Oh yeah, the source who gave up all this information to German site BestBoyz still states the presence of a Super LCD display versus a Super AMOLED will be the main difference.

It is also being rumored that the I9003 Super LCD model will replace the original Galaxy S entirely as AMOLED production is shifted towards the Galaxy S2. Take is as speculation for now, but it seems likely to us.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Can’t they produce more of these screens? I’m just glad I have one with SAMOLED…

  2. Probally because the samoled screens are terrible on battery life and any bit of sunlite cant see anything on the screen.

  3. One of my phones is an iPhone 4, it has a much, much better display than my nexus one and vibrant. It may just be the way better resolution but I think the LCD looks great. And frankly all androids should have resolution comparable to the i4 anyway, at the very least

  4. @rags

    I had a Galaxy S and the screen was beautiful and far more readable in ‘sunlite’ (sic) than any other I have used.

    I was glad to get rid of my Galaxy S for various reasons but still miss the screen.

  5. Don’t you get it?
    SAMOLED does not support glasses free 3D!

    99% sure that is the reason!

  6. Amoled is beautiful for color that are “vibrant” (quoted that for a reason…lol)and they have nice viewing angles
    But for sharpness, I will take LCD anyday.

  7. I much prefer these new super amoled plus displays. After seeing the difference between my droid x and nexus, I don’t ever want to buy another LCD screen.

  8. Amoled seems a bit better but if the pixel density is much higher on other types of screens then its harder to appreciate.

  9. The new SuperAMOLED Plus uses the 1*1*1 RGB pattern instead PenTile in the actual Galaxy series.
    Although keep the same 800×480 resolution, the total photodiode in the Galaxy S are about 770K with PenTile pattern and the new SuperAMOLED Plus has 1.15M, at least Samsung increase the actual resolution in the Galaxy 2.
    Clearly this would offer a sharper and brighter image.

  10. ^Ok….thats good to hear. Cuz th Pentile is one thing I hated about Amoled screens.

  11. I don’t ever want to buy another LCD screen.

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