Feb 2nd, 2011

Manufacturers and carriers have become obsessed with the process of announcement, crafting it into an art form that apparently now features trailers for your press conferences. LG joins the likes of Samsung and others to tease use with a bit of what they will be showing off at Mobile World Congress, and we’d be damned if the phone being show off in the below video doesn’t look like the spitting image of the Optimus 3D spy shot we got a hold of previously.

Oddly enough, the 3D capabilities aren’t the focal point of the promo, rather the “world’s first dual-core multi-channel” smartphone. That also lines up with our tipster’s information about the phone getting a dual-core processor coupled to some multi-channel RAM, making it a sure thing this phone will be a beast in that department.

It’s a good thing the phone will perform on levels beyond glasses-free 3D, as last time I checked 3D content for smartphones was rather limited.

[via MobileCrunch]

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