HTC Inspire 4G: Mobile Minute & Quick Impressions


We’ve heard all about the HTC Inspire 4G release date and potential pricing so not a whole lot remains uncovered except for the retail packaging many of you want to ever so powerfully rip apart on February 13th. To ease the pain of an almost 2-week wait, check out this 1-minute video from AT&T themselves and a few quick impressions supplied by PC World who apparently have the device in-house:

And the relevant PC World pointers:

Well, the Inspire doesn’t have a front-facing camera, an HDMI slot or a kickstand. On the other hand, it does have Dolby Mobile HD sound, which is great for watching full-length movies on your phone.

This is a bit finicky, but I’m not a huge fan of the way HTC has designed the SIM card and battery slots. Rather making the battery cover one removable piece, you have to remove two different panels to get to these slots. The battery slot was especially hard to remove and put back together. I felt like I had to use some force to get the piece to snap in-which is never a good feeling.

The Inspire’s unibody design is otherwise very attractive and it feels nice and solid in hand. It is slightly thinner than the EVO and a touch lighter as well. The 4.3-inch display looks gorgeous and nicely showcases HTC Sense.

We weren’t getting a very strong HSPA+ signal over at the PCWorld offices in the South Park neighborhood of San Francisco. Then again, we don’t really get a strong 3G signal over here either. Powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the Inspire is perfectly speedy and handled multiple open apps just fine.

Nothing ground-breaking, but hopefully that’ll hold you over. We’ve got a full course of honeycomb tomorrow so sit tight!

[Via AndroidForums – Thanks AndreaCristiano!]

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  1. Your Welcome glad I can help :)

  2. This is good phone,but by removing different panels its like your diasembling it

  3. AT&T should not produce their own videos. All that fakie hipster did was grow a beard and read the spec sheet.

  4. that is what we call the HTC Desire HD in the UK. Its a good phone but only let down by a small battery… but most smartphone users know about that and are prepared to charge at home, work and on the move.

  5. no front camera.! what.?

  6. Is it actually identical to the DHD?

  7. Per Richard – you can find out a lot more by reading all those HDH reviews out there. What you are getting is essentially the same.

  8. The desire HD is also known as the ACE in other markets too.

  9. It is a Desire HD with 4GB of internal storage instead of 1.5GB

  10. all you haters can just seriously shut your phucking mouths. thanks

  11. Hi guys, yeah it is the htc desire hd. I’m using it to type this messahe right now. The Only difference is the internal storage. In the UK we get an 8gb card boxed with too. The phone is amazing. Thehtc sense is flawless the screen is amazingly big (seriously couldnt go back to anything smaller now. Webpages are so easy to view without having to zoom for the most part. The battery isn’t the best. If I heavily use it sll to day it needs a half hour boost around 6pm for light to medium it easily lasts the day. All my iphone 4 friends openly admit that they wish they had this phone instead if there own, which is a testament to the overall premium feel and sheet intelligence of the way in whichtc build their phones and marry the android and htc sense technologies so seamlessly. Buy it you wont regret it .

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