Android Becomes Top Smartphone Platform Worldwide as Google Beats Symbian


Research firm Canalys did a fair amount of number crunching it would appear, and they came up with two very big important pieces of data that we hope is consistent throughout 2011: A total of 32.9 million Anrdoid smartphones were shipped in Q4 2010 opposed to 31 million smartphones which come installed with Symbian.

It’s a significant step in Android’s history where analysts predicted it would be the number two operating system before 2011, and that it’d own market share of nearly 60% by 2014. With today’s news that it’s beaten out Symbian for the first time ever, I see no reason to doubt those numbers.

I think it’s safe to assume that this is the exact reason Nokia doubled back on their lack of desire to use Android on their phones – at least for the time being. And no, I won’t pull out the pee joke again. That’s immature, guys. [via Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. still love good ole solid Nokia tech and hardware, time to embrace android Nokia, Symbian touch screen tech is last gen

  2. I’m confused – aren’t the quarterly numbers usually financial quarters, rather than calendar quarters? Because 4Q2010 hasn’t finished yet, in financial quarters.

  3. Dan – Q4 goes from October 1 through December 31. Most companies fiscal years are the same as calendar years

  4. @Dan what Rick said. Most companies recognize the calendar year as their fiscal year. Results from most of the world’s major manufacturers and carriers have already been publicized.

  5. Time for Nokia to jump to Android before they lose everything.

  6. The US government uses a different financial quarter than the civilian side, unless somethings changed since I was in the Marines. Other than that, this is exciting news. Even though it’s only one quarter, it’s still quite an achievement, and 2011 is looking even better.

  7. If Nokia is smart and fiscally responsible it will join Android. Keep in my folks the statistics coming out are on smartphones. Nokia is still leading the pack when it comes to overall handsets but the future is quickly trending toward smartphones and smart devices and sooner than later Android will be the leader in terms of overall devices. With the advent of Android Honeycomb and Android Ice Cream Sandwich the Android growth will be nothing short of spectacular.

  8. The pee joke should be repeated until Nokia gets on board with Android. Seems fair to me. They said it quite publicly.

  9. Nokia needs to switch to Android. Symbian OS is so old looking. Its like grown up sidekick software on a touch screen.

  10. Amazing, simply amazing…..

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