Motorola Atrix 4G HD Multimedia Dock to Cost $60?


Arguably the most interesting thing about the Atrix 4G are the accessories it’ll ship with. We’ve seen how your phone could soon double as your laptop, and that dock was priced at $15o a couple weeks ago.

Accessory outlet has listed the much more familiar HD multimedia dock for the Motorola Atrix 4G at $59.95. It’ll afford you three standard USB ports, a standard HDMI port, and what looks to be an audio-out jack alongside the power plug.

Sitting the Atrix 4G inside the dock will launch Motorola’s custom WebTop application that’ll bring up whatever environment you choose. There’s also a wireless remote to control the media center app.

So we have a phone, we have a laptop, and we essentially have a multimedia set-top box. “What can’t this thing do,” is the question. We only have one more day until February, and the Atrix will be out by the end of that month. [via A&M]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Wow! That’s an amazing deal,all of that capability for $60.
    I think if they make a tablet with this feature they will strike gold :-)

  2. I am really tempted to spend my tax return on the phone and accessories since I’m not up for renewal until the end of the year.

  3. I am American, but have to ask, why do Americans lock themselves into contracts just to spend more money on phones they could afford if they list knew how to save the difference in lower rates? I laugh at all of the idiots! I pay 80% less with a no-contract T-Mobile plan and buy the phones I want, when I want.

  4. because tmo is the only carrier that has a lower price. silly wabbit.

    tmobile does not have good enough coverage for lots of us.

  5. Planning to buy the Atrix 4G unlocked. I have a 4G Clear hotspot (with good coverage in my area already) that costs me $40/mth. I also have an iPod Touch 2ndG that I use with it too, works great.

  6. Tru dat t mobile just ain’t right! Att fo me nigga!

  7. Believe me, lots of us would love to just pay for the phone normally and get a lower contract rate. US mobile companies suck.

  8. hey u betches complaining? in facking canada its like were a year behind on phone technology -.-” THERe hasn’t eve been mention of 4g nor all the great phones u got, we dont even got the htc desire hd for cripes sake >_>

  9. o, did i also mention 3 year contracts -.-” AND we pay the same as our us counterpart for the phones price which they get on 2 years and we wait longer for the phone AND no 4g -.- canadian carriers can suck my eggroll

  10. TMO doesn’t seem to get it. I keep waiting patiently for something worth upgrading to from a Nexus One, but alas, other networks get those. I don’t know if I’d like ATT in the Seattle area, but the upside is, I can use my Nexus One as a backup on 2g if needed since it’s GSM. I really don’t like the limitations of a CDMA network. I like popping sim cards into other phones as needed. This device, with all the docks, it huge ram and processor make switching to ATT very tempting. I don’t know why I would need the laptop thing. I have spare keyboards and a spare hdmi monitor. The versatility is pretty attractive.

  11. i could care less bout the dock right now I can always get it. I JUST WANT THE FREAKING DATE FOR MY ATRIX!

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