Sep 21st, 2010

This quote completely came out of left field and smacked me in the face this morning. Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki – speaking with Financial Times – states that they aren’t going the Android route because it’s more like being a Finnish boy that pees in his pants to stay warm throughout the winter. It’s easy to just extract that quote and call it a day, but what he means is that using Android as a short-term boost isn’t the best course of action as it won’t sustain over a longer period of time.


His thoughts came as a response to the now-age-old question regarding why Nokia hasn’t adopted Android with his argument essentially being that the market is over-saturated as it is and that manufacturers would be stinting growth in the long run since it’ll be hard for consumers to find meaningful differences from one piece of hardware to another. That would be a sensible conclusion, but I’m guessing HTC’s, Motorola’s, and Samsung’s amazing performance since going all out with Android isn’t being counted here.

It’s quite easy as a company man behind Nokia to downplay a model that you don’t wish to adopt considering your own model has worked for so many years to keep you on top, but to ignore the effect Android has on a lot of these manufacturers is like ignoring a pony standing inside of an Apple store. Moral of the story: it’s foolish to deny reality, and I hope you wake up from this dream world you’ve been living inside of before too long, Anssi.


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