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Our Atrix 4G Forums are heating up in anticipation of a February 14th launch date, with many members eager to find sweet Android Love on Valentine’s Day. While the Atrix is awesome indeed, there will be plenty of other AT&T Androids to choose from in 2011, if the following internal document is accurate.

See those last two bullet points?

  • 20 4G devices in 2011
  • 12 Android devices in 2011

Yum. We’re also hearing that the Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G will both be available starting on February 14th and that employee training for the devices begins Wednesday, February 2nd.

Also notice the “Simultaneous” bullet point that suggest Verizon and Sprint can’t do simultaneous voice and data. For the most part, they’re correct, but we’ve uncovered internal documents showing Verizon WILL be offering simultaneous voice and data although they’re not yet confident enough to push it as a selling point.

Right now AT&T is selling 7 Android Phones:

  • Motorola Backflip
  • Motorola Bravo
  • Motorola Flipside
  • Motorola Flipout
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • HTC Aria
  • Samsung Captivate

With 12 Androids in 2011, AT&T will be more than doubling their lineup. That being said, we’ll probably see some of these reach end-of-life when newer versions are stocked, but still- sounds like AT&T will have a strong Android showing in the coming year. This is great news for AT&T customers and Android enthusiasts.

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