Jan 20th, 2011

One great capability you’ll get from rooting your phone is a longer life span. Phones like the T-Mobile G1 are not only alive and kicking, but working pretty darn well thanks to Rooting and ROMing which allow for old phones to run quicker and more efficient versions of the operating system. Cyanogenmod is by far the most popular person and team contributing to these efforts and today the team grew.

the Crystal Clear ROMs team (CCroms) announced today that they would be halting production to join Cyanogenmod and provide support for the Original Droid 1:

The above was tweeted by cvpcs who also let us know he’ll hope to bring some of his own work to new Cyanogenmod work for the Droid X, Droid 2, and I imagine beyond.

If you’ve got the original Motorola Droid and are debating rooting, this may be something to take a look at. Anyone here have pleasant or not so pleasant experiences with CCroms? Let’s hear them!

[Thanks OMJ!]

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