Cvpcs Joins Cyanogenmod: Droid1, Droid 2, & Droid X To Enjoy Longer Lives


One great capability you’ll get from rooting your phone is a longer life span. Phones like the T-Mobile G1 are not only alive and kicking, but working pretty darn well thanks to Rooting and ROMing which allow for old phones to run quicker and more efficient versions of the operating system. Cyanogenmod is by far the most popular person and team contributing to these efforts and today the team grew.

the Crystal Clear ROMs team (CCroms) announced today that they would be halting production to join Cyanogenmod and provide support for the Original Droid 1:

The above was tweeted by cvpcs who also let us know he’ll hope to bring some of his own work to new Cyanogenmod work for the Droid X, Droid 2, and I imagine beyond.

If you’ve got the original Motorola Droid and are debating rooting, this may be something to take a look at. Anyone here have pleasant or not so pleasant experiences with CCroms? Let’s hear them!

[Thanks OMJ!]

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  1. This is great news. Cyanogen is definitely the rom to have now. It was already great but now it will be even better.

  2. NOOO! I was looking forward to a Ruby rom with Gingerbread. I liked his ROMs much more the CM, as they has less changes and were faster as a result.

  3. I like CM but I love Sapphire for my D1. While I think this will be a great thing for the ROM community it just stinks because it takes away another option. Oh Well, now that the two powerhouses are together I expect some awesome stuff for my D1.

  4. Whats the easiest and safest way to root the Droid X nowadays? I would love to get rid of VZW’s bloat!!! I had Easyroot before 2.2 dropped. If theres was a way to root strait from the phone I’d be all over it.

  5. I’ve consistently come back to Sapphire after trying all the other major roms. I’d be happier if this was worded with cvpcs having taken control of a major part of cyanogenmod. If it means cyanogenmod becomes more “clean” and easy, then I suppose it could be good.

  6. I am a little upset about this. I have been running sapphire ever since I rooted for the first time. I am a little disappointed. I am with the other commenter that if he can simplify and take the minimalistic approach to cryogen I would certainly be glad if not we just got screwed!

    We appreciate the Gem series!

  7. I am on the cm7 nightly build on my d1 and its solid aside from an overclocked kernal availability and faulty battery gauge Very Nice like the new look always thought stock was blagh

  8. Best thing to do with a droid x is toss it out a window and go get a better phone. LOL Sorry, but Moto sucks with their locked bootloader policies.

  9. I certainly stinks to see the Gem roms go but I can understand why Cvpcs made the decision. Maintaining a rom for 5 phones mostly on his own was a tremendous project that surely consumed most of his free time.

  10. This kind of sucks to see a good rom die (sapphire) but I’m glad to see that CM will still be actively developed by a great coder!

  11. easiest way to root the droid x is z4root. It’s a one click solution, just download it (google it cause it’s no longer on the market), run it and you’re rooted. Easiest thing ever: if it takes longer than about 2 min then it’s probably crapping. Just pull the battery and then try again.

  12. Sweet! These have been my favorite 2 developers since day 1 with my OG Droid. I will eventually replace my D1 but its been hard to justify the cost when these 2 devs keep my phone current and capable!

  13. z4root successfully rooted my X as well, but only ‘permanently’. The ‘temporary’ root did not work. dwnload and run z4root – it will make sense then.

  14. I get so confused when everyone says the Droid x and moto phones suck. I’ve been on android since day 1 and had a rooted g1 then rootrd mytouch 3g. Both ran CM roms. Granted it took alot longer to get root on my DX but it is rooted. I switched to Verizon when the DX released. Phone is blazing fast. 2465 quadrant score no overclock just removed bloatware. Easiest way to root is with Z4 root and by purchasing DX bootloader app from market. Google search z4 root and search for clockworkmod in market. To find roms go to there’s plenty of roms out there. I run darkslide ver 4.2 blureless

  15. Z4root worked well for me. Make sure to remove any task killers first.

  16. I’ve been using Saphire ROM since 1.0 and now on 2.0. I was looking forward to some of the enhancements that were on his unofficial 2.2 rom. It’s a sad day to see the end of the GEM series. But, like others have said if he brings improvements to Cyanogenmod then we may all benefit. Only time will tell, but I’m hoping that’s how it works out.

  17. I just picked up a DX (just because I was due for an upgrade and wanted to get in before Verizon dropped the NE2. So, I went in on the 15th, bought a D2 for my bro for his b-day (which is actually the 15th), and got a DX free for myself. Plus, used the NE2 discount that we had, and in 2 years, we’ll have another one. So, Verizon can suck it.. all $50…. don’t judge.

    Anyway, I had been running a D1 for about a year and a half before that. I’m wondering what I can do with it now that it’s not active. I mean, it’d be nice to have it as a fall back phone, but I don’t know if I can activate it if it’s rooted, etc., etc. (I haven’t really played around with rooting – the most “unofficial” thing I’ve done is update my phone with early updates that have been leaked)

    Anyway, for my D1, looking for reasons to root, other ideas for the phone, preferably something that would leave it available to be activated, should something happen to my DX.

    Thanks guys!
    – Dave

  18. Read this article and decided to take the jump. I installed SuperOneClick on a WinXP machine and got my orginal Droid rooted. I’m now installing CM7 off the nightly build.

    So my question is what else? Is there anything that I should look into with a rooted phone?

  19. CyanogenMod on the D2? Am I dreaming? I used cm on my Eris, it was amazing. I want Cyanogen on the 2

  20. when i heard this i jumped for joy. cpvcs is the best. he will be a great asset to cm and moto in general. we appreciate his work and look forward to some good stuff. his roms kick ass.

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