Sony Ericsson Remains in the Black for 2010, Shipped 9 Million Xperia Handsets


Say what you want about Sony and their Xperia line of products – for which they’ve gotten a bad reputation due to delayed or a lack of updates – but they’re moving units just as well as you’d expect any healthy company to: they’re reporting over 9 million Xperia phones have been shipped since the Android-based brand kicked off early 2010. (This includes all phones, ranging from the smallish X10 Mini to the latest X8.)

Their profit margin? Not so impressive, or at least not as impressive as they were projected to do (79.7m) – 35 million euros in Q4 2010. They couldn’t care less, though, because they’re not losing money anyway – they made 8 million euros and remained in the black. I can’t wait to see what type of performance Sony Ericsson pulls out in 2011 as they try and penetrate the US market more and as they provide new, exciting devices to continue the Xperia line – including the Xperia Play which we’re hoping will be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. [via Sony]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is really great to hear, with all the android OEMs now in black, they can invest more in R&D, make better cameras, UIs and so on and also better marketing strategies.

    The new line of Xperias look just amazing, 2011 will make SE a major android player for sure.

  2. Thats 9 million potential less people that will buy SE Android handsets next time around. After their dismal shortcomings regarding handset updates ect.

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