Sprint and David Blaine Showing that “the Impossible is Possible” on February 7th – What’ll They Announce?


I think we can all agree on one thing: Sprint had a rather quiet outing at CES this past week. They showed off their newly-launched HTC EVO Shift 4G, but had nothing else mouthwatering to provide. That’s because they were saving all their REAL marbles for February 7th where they’ll be announcing something – and from the way it’s described on this invitation, we shouldn’t be disappointed at all. While the irresistible culinary creations and cocktails won me over, and while David Blaine’s “wizardry” is going to be a blast, we’re just as enticed by this mystery announcement. Will it be a device? A change of “plans”? Was that last line as lame as it sounded in my head? Whatever it is, we’ll be there to provide full coverage. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully it will be more than just one device and on the level of XOOM or Thunderbolt.

  2. Time travel I guess if the event was on the 7th.

  3. The headline has the date wrong. January 7th has long past us this year, or are you referencing 1/7/2012?

    “Sprint and David Blaine Showing that “the Impossible is Possible” on January 7th – What’ll They Announce?”

  4. The Date for the article title needs to be corrected. January 7th was last week.

  5. Sprint will be announcing their iPhone as well…it’s a rumor and all, but Verizon did say they got the FIRST CDMA iPhone, and Apple did say the deal was NON-exclusive…i bet verizon paid for extra to get it a month before Sprint…

  6. The title of this article says 7th January, not February…

  7. edit – a WiMax iPhone!

  8. HTC Evo2 or bust.

  9. Fixed, Fixed, Fixed. I keep getting my “uary”s mixed up.

  10. Well, these companies have about 25 days to wow me because I’ll be a free agent soon so hopefully its something good. TMO has all but lost me as a customer.

  11. Being the only company at CES not announcing a dual core phone, sprint better have something up it’s sleeve. EVO DUO?

  12. Guess # 1 = iphone
    Guess # 2 = dual core android phone
    Guess # 3 = dual core android tablet
    Guess # 4 = David Blaine’s act gone horribly wrong.

    I’m really hoping for #4

  13. evo 2 !! hopefully nothing from samsung!

  14. I want something like EVO 2, hope it’s made by Samsung though.

  15. 2.2 for the Epic 4G!!!!!

    Or a blowjob button….

    either would be amazing….

  16. “Industry first” seems to rule out a CDMA iPhone. I’m guessing an unlimited 4g (ahem) plan.

  17. It better be a Dual Core Android phone or I will find David Lame and kick him square in the balls.

  18. Crap… I just bought an evo… This could potentially make me very mad.

  19. Could this be the mega-announcement of Sprint’s 5G network? Or as some analyst believe, the arrival of Apple’s Iphone 5G expected to arrive by mid July of 2011? Walt Mossberg has commented ‘if this happens, which I doubt will happen but if it does would be a phenomenal move by Steve.’
    What no one is able to explain however, is how using David Blaine contributes to the announcement.
    It could be Sprint is pulling our legs just like I’m pulling yours.

  20. I’m guessing
    2.3 for Evo
    iPhone (sure hope its not this one)
    A new dual core phone with the new snapdragon processor

  21. Maybe a 2.3 phone? Only a guess. Let the predictions begin!

  22. They will be showing my D…

  23. But, he’s not wearing any sleeves.

  24. All jokes aside, all I can figure, with Sprint including David Blaine in the mix is perhaps Sprint is eliminating the additional 10 bucks they charge for access to their 4G networks. Wishful thinking but would make Sprint phones a better deal for me.


  26. it probably won’t be
    1. iphone
    2. tegra

    because they are saying another “first” so it can’t be something that someone else already announced

  27. I have to say I think that it is going to be 2.3 OTA maybe the new HTC tablet??? Humm I hopw Sprint stays away from Iphone or the (Iphone Fail)as I call it. Maybe the launch of their new 4G technologies? I hope its 2.3 for Evo and launch of HTC tablet! Oh boy would that be awesome…..

  28. I don’t know about you guys but im tired of getting a new phone every other month. I wish they would announce a “slow down” so I wont run out of money or upgrades so soon.

  29. “Tricks?” “Illusionist?” My guess is a 3D display phone.

  30. industry first….could be iphone 5, doubt it because steve jobs loves to hear his own voice and he would make this announcement….i feel it may be the long rumored HTC Sabor (EVO 2) announcement along with an elimination of the 10 buck fee(dave blaine is going to make it disappear and never to be found again!)

  31. @craig
    I really like the term iJoke

  32. Whatever it is, it will be a huge letdown. Seriously though, every time one of these carriers or manufacturers promotes something like this, it ends up being just another stupid 1GHz phone with a 5 MP camera and no flash. I’m just about done with Android and all it’s hype. All I know for sure is, my Vibrant sucks ass.

  33. i’m going to guess that if it’s a phone, it will be the galaxy s2. but i have been disappointed by sprint enough in the past that it’s probably like some new sprint software or something lame

  34. Probably Palm WebOS phones/tablets.

    HP has a press event on Feb 7th.

  35. EVO Shift aint even worth all the hoooplah. Probly a nice phone though but drop it on the shelf and keep it movin.

  36. Maybe David Blaine will make the 4G fee magically disappear!

    Guffaw! Yeah, I know, sorry.

  37. My guess is a Dual 4G Phone: WiMax/LTE. This would really be an amazing first and would be a nice surprise.

  38. @Contraus
    is your vibrant rooted and has a custom rom? if not then that’s why it “sucks ass”

  39. fingers crossed for HTC Sabor with the Qualcomm technology inside

  40. Probably a 4G iPhone 4. An industry first, ugh.

  41. 1st 4g tablet?


  43. Its obvious, david blane=magic, so they are going to release something magical. and there only one thing that could happen truly magical for sprint, and that is that they will be upgrading the moment to 2.3!

    it could also be a wimax/cdma iphone, which would be an industry first.

    hopefully its neither of those and is actually something nice though

  44. It has to be 4G iPhone 5!

  45. If its a 4G iPhone I will seriously stab someone.

  46. Wimax iPhone?

  47. I personally think it’s going to be the EVO 2 (probably dual core, didn’t Qualcomm just announce their new chipsets?) or upgrading Evo and Epic to Gingerbread…
    Hopefully not an iFail, or an iTampon.
    It would be nice if it was the HTC Scribe…

  48. I bet its going to be 2.3 AND a dual core. Hopefully its a evo 2 cause ive needed a new phone for 3 months now.

  49. I really wish its a dual core successor to EVO with may be a 4.5 inch screen and gingerbread, Not that would be awesome

  50. “the Impossible is Possible”… Hmmmm…. Sprint was really quiet at CES and the Evo Shift is really not that big of a deal, less powerful than the Evo. Im thinking something really crazy might be announced, like a quad core processor or something lol

  51. 4G tablet

  52. I really hope its a phone and not a tablet. Seriously, why bother with a tablet if the Evo 4g is almost as big as a tablet?

  53. +1 for the 4G tablet.

    Nothing else that anyone has said would qualify as a “first”

  54. this may be what their referring to.


  55. Either a whole line up of EVO phones like an EVO 2 and/or the rumored HTC Slate that was spotted at the patent office last month. Could be some serious android goodies coming to us.

    There is a possibility of a Sprint iPhone too. I think they would be smart though to wait til the iPhone 5 comes out though to jump in there.

  56. At first I was thinking it was a CDMA windows phone 7 but now that I see Phandroid was invited it would be logical to assume that it is an android based product they are revealing. Phandroid wouldn’t have received an invite if it was an Apple or Windows product, right?

  57. one thing is unlimited everything for 70 look at post 44

  58. Hello! It has to be a new Android phone or tablet announcement since an invite was sent out to Android bloggers also!

    HTC Scribe – first 4G tablet maybe?

  59. @ kstagg’s first comment

    On the level of the Thunderbolt? What? Like the Evo, that’s been out for 6 months now? Stupid Verizon.

  60. HTC Illusion 4G *ducks*

  61. 4G dual core dual boot (Android & Win 7) 11″ tablet by HTC running Honeycomb on their newly converted LTE everything unlimited network (EVO Tab)
    – or –
    A 4G GSM-like device

  62. Please, please, please don’t let this be a tablet. I can’t think of the last time I found a new consumer electronic so uninteresting.

    8 HOURS or 4g iphone

  64. I mean 8 hours not 88 oops

  65. I suspect it to be the iPhone 4G

  66. The RIM Playbook is a 4G tablet…thats not a first..i think a FIRST would be free 4G’s for everyone and possibly new Sense dropping for the EVO with 2.3 baked in….also, just stating that they will get the iPhone 5 this summer could be in the mix (they could always do a pre-announcement that they will carry it, but give Steve his chance to tell us about it this summer)

    ps – please oh please do NOT let it be a 4G webOS device!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. HTC just came out with the 4G shift, they wouldn’t announce another phone right away unless they are business morons. Since iphones are not new, Im going to jump on the bandwagon of 4G tablet or 4G windows phone. Although, I would love to see a network allow one plan for multiple devices so I can use my phone or tablet as a hotspot for home internet. 4G is fast enough!

  68. For sure if its gunna be more than one announcement the Evo will be getting 2.3 is gonna be one of them…

  69. Please let it be the removal and disappearance of Sprint ID……

  70. I hope it is not:

    A 4g Tablet, who cares?
    A Windows Phone 7, again, who cares?
    A webOS device, the f*ck is webOS anyway?

    Basically, I think what we are all hoping for is a new kick-ass android phone running 2.3, dual-core processor, GPU etc. Problem is, that would not fit the “industry first” theme.

  71. They mention industry first. For this reason it isn’t going to be an iPhone 4, unless maybe it has wimax included, which I highly doubt, seeing as how Verizon didnt include LTE (and IMO they aren’t that stupid to let Sprint get the heads up here). If it is an EVO 2 (what I am hoping), I would guess that it’s going to have a feature not currently available in cell phones.

  72. Keep in mind this event starts at 6pm in the evening, not the best time to have the press go crazy with a new announcement.

  73. It’s gonna be the 4G Galaxy Tab, that’s why they just cut the price of the original one.

  74. From sources I heard, its gonna be the world’s first teleport. Plans starting at 69k/month, unlimited usage. But really though, they need more phones like the Evo in their lineup.

  75. Good point about the 6 pm time slot, but I can’t help buthope that it might be the new playstation phone, as Sony is announcing the psp2 only a week before.

  76. This must be the 5G phone I am waiting for.

  77. Guys, its not a iphone, so chill out. Its about android and it has to do with android. That’s all I’m gonna say for now… don’t believe me but I been to the future and I seen this already.

  78. Something “impossible” becoming “possible”. Meaning that what you think can’t happen right now, will happen after the announcement.

    My mind went straight to the #1 complaint about CDMA when compared to GSM. Not being able to have a voice call and data connection at the same time.

    Well back in August, CDMA announced the possibility of that with their new “SVDO” (an upgrade to EVDO)

    Sooooo. I can’t seem to figure out whether this new SVDO can be enabled with a requirement of new hardware, or (what would be really cool) if Sprint could flip a switch and turn it on, or possibly enable it through a software update.

    There’s still time between now and Feb 7th for leaks, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Not because I want to tether and talk at the same time, just to see if my prediction is correct!!

  79. What about a 4G Blackberry? That would be a first. But I am definitely hoping for an EVO 2

  80. iPhone 3GS 4G

  81. Come on lets see a shiney new toy for me to get in the summer. oh, is it just me or does their announcement look kinda cheap, like a school kid with photoshop had fun?

  82. its the PSPhone

  83. I can see the announcement trailer…
    *Dramatic Music*
    We were the first to 4G
    *swoosh transition*
    and now sprint is launching the worlds first…
    *another swoosh transition*
    8G wireless network! available in 2 small towns in Arkansas! and preparing to expand to Kentucky!
    The worlds first 8G network!

  84. Maybe they will be coming out with a Samsung phone without bugs and with

  85. perhaps its the phone i have in my dreams? dual-core,stock 2.3, 4.3 to 4.5 inch screen (qHD or AMOLED+), 8mp camera; 1.3mp to 3mp front facing camera, 32GB memory pre-installed; expandable to 64GB, built-in kickstand, capacitive touch buttons (home,menu,back,search),a battery that can make it through the day, sprint 4G, at least as thin as the EVO, minimal bloatware, durable (but not rugged), and made by a company with a good reputation of quality and timely updates (htc, motorola). I will ditch my 2 month old EVO and pay the full retail price on day 1 for this phone.

  86. HTC Will release their first 3D Phone on Sprint..and it will be called…THE EVO 2!

  87. First WiMax2 phone would be downright impossible… possible?

  88. I’d guess the Playstation phone. It if were some fruity phone they wouldn’t have invited phandroid.

  89. @66. soundman1024

    if it was fruity, they would invite Tom’s Hardware.

  90. I agree with Chang3D, wimax 2 would be sexy…especially on a dual core,1.5ghz processor, 16mp rear and 8mp front cameras….Evo 4G 2. I’d piss my pants.

  91. It’s not a Sprint iPhone, you can tell because Gizmodo got an invite.

  92. Come on guys…no one has taken a stab that it may be The Worlds first glasses-free 3D Android phone?!?!?!


  93. Just kidding…I missed 6 posts up haha

  94. Maybe an agreement with Lightsquared?

  95. 2.4 on a samsung device. lmao

  96. Can he make the NASCAR app disappear from my EVO?

  97. ability to talk and use data at the same time on a CDMA network. Verizon has talked about doing this, so Sprint must beat them to the punch. Think about it “the impossible is now possible”

  98. I’m extremely confident that this is the first 3D phone.

    They wouldn’t invite the Android bloggers for an iPhone event and releasing the first dual-core snapdragon isn’t worth this big of a hype.

    But, releasing the first 3D phone is a very big thing, and they already have glasses-free 3D laptops, which were shown at CES.

    Plus, a 3D phone would make sense as to why they are using David Blaine, since a 3D phone is a huge step forward in technogoly.

  99. 3D phone would be extremely disappointing. I wouldn’t want the first of that on my network… there isn’t going to be much development for it.

  100. I really really hope is not a Rim nor Web Fuc*ing Os product….Come oooonnn hp…what are u thinking with Webos ? It sucks BIG TIME just likr RIM…

    I hope is a Motorola dual core device, a New Evo dual core and least of them all but nice Xoom Tablet….

  101. @Gabe Piñeyro lol how do you figure Webos sucks big time?? without mentioning the hardware (which yes could use some improvement). But WebOs is the best! & easiest platform. Have you ever even experienced it??

  102. I doubt this is going an iPhone announcement, but I do find this interesting. Its a preview of Sprint’s new shopping page. The phone in the picture sure looks like an iPhone in a case that says Sprint on it.


  103. Don’t clown me if I’m not up to speed on all the carriers networks, but I think they will announce the completion of thier Nationwide 4G Network. Because, I just had a feeling when I saw this, so I hit the 4G on my EVO, and I have a 4G signal loud and clear in Tulsa as i type. If I’m wrong, lets hear it.

  104. Well, I did, but know it says disconnected…..wha wha whaaaaaa.

  105. Okay so they are bringing in a master illusionist and 3D is an illusion. Plus it will indeed be an industry first also Nintendo has been able to make 3D illusion without 3D glasses so HTC won’t be the firs one doing all of the research they will have other research to go on. If you don’t believe me on the Nintendo 3D device go google Nintendo 3DS.

  106. I REALLY hope its another Blackberry…PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

  107. Guess: Sim card for CDMA

  108. partridge in a pear tree

  109. Perhaps David is going to make all of those Sprint dead spots disappear.

  110. Whatever it is, I’ll bet they call it the Illusion.

  111. I like the idea of the new CDMA network….maybe they will annouce two devices….iPhone 4GS and new HTC Sabor (EVO 2)… clicky here http://www.sprint.com/landings/whatsnew/index.html?INTNAV=ATG:HE:NewStoreComingSoon#

  112. Maybe it will be the Playstation Phone!
    That would be awesome!

  113. The Evo3D

    I’m calling it right now. FACE!

  114. @Creighton / Yes I’ve had the opportunity to experience it and I still stand strong it sucks BIG TIME. It’s no were near iOS nor Android….And I’m no fan-boy, I recently defected from iFail to Evo and been enjoying ever since…Out of all my friend, just 1 have a WebOS phone and he got it cause they gave it to him 4 free…Yea !! He IS Cheap…

  115. @Dan / Nice find….Makes me wonder why in Hell is there an iPhone on there New Store Announcement….

    Here da’ link again : http://www.sprint.com/landings/whatsnew/index.html?INTNAV=ATG:HE:NewStoreComingSoon#

  116. That is an iPod Touch that is shown on the New Store page. It is in a ZTE Peel that Sprint currently sells. That provides 3G services for the Touch to work via a mobile WiFi hotspot.

  117. @Gabe – i came from the original Palm Pre and i love WebOS…sure there isn’t many devs behind it and the apps are lacking, but the OS itself is something of an amazement…true multitasking unlike all other phones out today, easy card swiping, and true gestures speak wonders about the little OS…sure it’s mobile life is about to expire, but WebOS will almost change tablet life completely…that is what i want, a WebOS slate, wifi only, NOT on a carrier!

  118. @Steve / Thanks for the knowledge…sure got a lil’ bit MAD there…lol / Hi hopes again

  119. @Derek / If it works for u…but like u said, there aren’t many devs behing this OS, why would u want this OS on a Tablet ? You’ll feel left behind before u know it if the Xoom really captivate the masses and not to mention other great Android/Tegra 2 tablets. And remember there’s a New Ipad on the way….

  120. Please people stop suggesting that this is anything other than an Android event. Only Android blogs appear to have been invited to this event so why would Sprint invite Android blogs to an event to unveil something from Blackberry, Apple, HP or a Windows Phone 7 device? Makes no sense whatsoever.

  121. thats not an Iphone its a ipod touch using their ZTE Peel



  123. Well… seeing as the CES is now history and with no MAJOR announcements, it’s only fitting that Sprint announce something, ANYTHING at all to keep interest in the network! Otherwise, it will be hard to stem the flow of customers jumping to other carriers… Still the best plans, but you gotta couple that with equipment!


  124. the first iden or eden iphone for nextel..

  125. ok ok seriously.i think the very first phone the can transport you anywhere around the world.

  126. “Good things come to those who wait” (unless it’s Samsung)

  127. Culinary leads me to believe Gingerbread

  128. We’ll probably have to wait a bit before WiMax2 gets implement here first.

  129. iPhones Suck! So pathetically slow and 90% of the apps are for morons. Of course on Sprints network an iPhone might not be such a waste, but I think its the 4G tablet. So ridiculous that Verizon and T-Mobile “pretend” to have 4G. What BS. And AT&T? OMG really slow. Hard to believe so many spend so much for droids and iPhones on out dated networks. Duh!

  130. @Gabe – WebOS is fun and clean, i won’t buy one initially, but if they do drop something with solid hardware, maybe the Dev community behind it will grow. This is an Android event, so I don’t plan on seeing anything related to HP, RIM, or Apple….BUT, i like the WiMax2 idea people are talking about, it IS making the impossible possible….also the new CDMA network would be fantastic! Especially if Sprint got it first…once again, we will have to wait and see…also, I know WiMax2 is backwards compatible for all current WiMax phones, so a dual core android handset with 4G should be announced…

  131. I hope I’m wrong, but I think its gonna be the faggy psp phone

  132. Thinking about it all, the Industry First would seem to HAVE TO BE a Dual Core HTC EVO Tab with first in the industry 4G Wireless built in.

  133. @Derek
    Yes, EVDO would be a free upgrade to SVDO for Talk and Data, that on an iPhone for Sprint would be nice, not to mention every other phone.
    I’ll still go with my HTC Evo Tab 4G. I’d like to win this one, lol.

  134. It’s gonna be the first 4g tablet I bet.

  135. svdo does not require sprint to do anything. svdo is a phone hardware solution to hammer in simultaneous voice and data. evdv would be a carrier solution – which was on the sprint rolando years ago but had now disappeared.

    I don’t know why it’s taking chip makers 2 years to do svdo for cdma phones. maybe cdma carriers like sprint and verizon just aren’t demanding for it. all I know is all new qualcomm chips will be svdo, which means the iphone5 will have it.

    on feb 7, I sure hope it’s a htc 3d phone with a new qualcomm svdo dual core chip…

  136. Sprint is getting the iPhone(5?). go to sprint.com and on the top of the page click “coming soon: a new online store” and the picture that pops up is a new galaxy tab with 2.3 an iphone and a dell netbook. their hints are out there!!!

  137. It won’t be the PsP phone, that is not a first, Nokia had a game phone years ago.

  138. 3d phone all the way.

  139. unlimited free hotspot for capable devices since no one is paying due to roots n e ways…

  140. can any of you guys and girls read it clearly says a industry first. “industry” more then likely meaning the cell phone industry therefor more then likly no iphone/pad and no new evo.

  141. @ALS it’s not an iphone it’s an ipod touch with the ZTE Peel, a mobile hotspot case for the ipod touch. And sprint already has the galaxy tab and several dell notebooks on their notebook, so none of that would be new.

  142. *network*

  143. Looks like they will be unveiling the impossible is possible. You thought it’s impossible for a company to raise their 3G pricing plan, because it sounds suicidal, but apparently anything is possible for Sprint.

  144. @Eddie Not a fanboy by any means, but seriously how can bitch about the increase when they are still 25% cheaper than anyone else? Besides, wont effect anyone unless they make a plan change

  145. considering sprints revamping of the premier customer program, removing the 12 month upgrades for 69.99 customers im assuming that david blaine will officially make everyones upgrades disappear lol

  146. In reference to posts 112 and 116, that sure is an iPhone in the picture, surely that can’t be a mistake and I’d be plenty satisfied if that were the Feb 7th announcement. Here’s the link again http://www.sprint.com/landings/whatsnew/index.html?INTNAV=ATG:HE:NewStoreComingSoon

  147. That’s not an iphone in the picture that’s an ipod touch with the ZTE peel

  148. wondering if network related. The last six weeks practically every call I’m on is dropped. Been with sprint nine years and very few issues. Have the samsung moment and figured it was the phone, had it replaced after only three months and now here six months later….. thought it needed replacing again. Lots of data connecting trouble and at least every 4 out of 5 calls made daily ( some days every call incoming or out) there dropped. anyway, talked with a sprint rep, ready to throw in the towel even though I never said that. Figured I would have to pay big for a new phone but he said he would go ahead and change my plan where I’m eligible for an upgrade. Jumped right on it, I didn’t have to ask, last time to get the phone replaced because of issues it was like moving mountains. He did advise to upgrade before the 30th because of the new 10 dollar add to plans.

    OK so if all this time Sprints been pushing this plan and gaining ground, forcing other carriers to lower there price, for six weeks at least been hell using phone because of dropped calls, seems like there doing technical upgrades and therefor going up on the price of the plan. And most likely coming out with a bad-ass phone to boot. Now all of this is just thinking from someone not technical as many of you seem, so please……. don’t be to rough on me for my idea

  149. so poss evo 2 with 3d screen.
    SVDO for sim voice data. beet verizon with htc thunderbolt. so basically thunderbolt with 3d screen wimax and the svdo chip.

  150. the sony xperia play aka playstation phone….fuck the iphone!

  151. Make a “national” 4G network “magically appear” by lighting up several new cities at once.

    3D phone

    Just guesses.

  152. so, did they announce anything?

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