New HTC Thunderbolt RUU (1.05.605.0) Leaks


Just last week the HTC Thunderbolt was officially announced. Just last week the HTC Thunderbolt’s RUU was unofficially leaked. Now an even newer leak of the RUU has reached the ‘nets. Hashed out as version 1.05.605.0, it will take some digging to find out what exactly (if anything other than bug fixes and tweaks) has changed. Good news is if you hit up the source link below you an grab the RUU and join in on the fun.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Blahhh!! I want a release date darn it!! This will likely be my next phone.

  2. Hopefully we can get the Skype app so we can video chat on our evos!

  3. Is this the US version of the Desire HD?

  4. According to Black_Man_X. This phone will be released St. Patrick’s Day

  5. I want that netflix apk!

  6. Agree The One

  7. @Sean

    I have been told from a very reliable source, that the Thunderbolt, Droid Bionic, LG Revolution, and Samsung’s SCH i520 are slated to be released in March.

  8. I am on this site a lot and I’ve started to post a lot more recently and I don’t know where to post this for somebody who runs the site to see so if somebody could point me in the right direction that would be great…

    I have to ask I see that almost every device has been updated on specs and taken out of the “rumored” devices section for a few days now at least. Why is it that the Thunderbolt is still listed as “rumored” and has no specs or updated information?… To me the Thunderbolt should have been updated before the other phones coming to Verizon because it is suppose to be the first released. I’m not trying to knock how you guys run things, I love this site, I was just curious about this as I am very interested in the Thunderbolt and hearing everything about it as it happens.

  9. really st patricks day that would fail. Because the bionic will launch begining of april might as well wait

  10. @Tag
    My dear man, eh, or woman….in any case, might we inquire as to which source you are citing? *fingertips gently tapping, as he peers out over the rim of his glasses* I certainly hope this is not true, no matter, if I must wait, I shall indeed do that very thing. I suppose I shall continue to avail myself of the assortment of cooked ROMs that are at our disposal.

  11. too long cuz iphones launching 2-5-11 around there.. everyones ganna get that

  12. Yes, many will get the iPhone. And come summer, won’t it be a sight to see how pissed they all are when a new LTE equipped iPhone is released?

  13. @tomnewtn, I read on a site somehwere (don’t recall where) that the iPhone will never be put on LTE. Don’t remember the reason, just remember seeing it. I could be wrong, but just wanted to let you know.

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