Creative ZiiO 7 Inch Tablet and Zen Touch 2 Make an Appearance at CES [VIDEO]


Creative had their own nicely-sized booth on the show floor at CES and had their latest Android-based products on hand to show. The Ziio is a 7-inch tablet powered by Creative’s own custom chipset that allows them to handle high definition video and high quality audio of all sorts. I got a quick hands on with the thing, and I wasn’t the most impressed set of eyes there.

Things felt a bit sluggish when navigating the UI, and I’m not sure if it’s because the tablet wasn’t at its full brightness capacity, but picture quality while navigating the OS or watching a video couldn’t compare to other tablet offerings on display. Creative also showed off their easy-to-use headset management tool which allows you to easily switch between different bluetooth headsets – nothing that can’t be handled in Android natively without a few more presses of the screen. Other cool bits include a front-facing camera, and the ability to upgrade it to Android 2.2 down the line.

They also had the Zen Touch 2, a smaller PMP device which I likened to my old 30GB Creative Zen Vision: M. Creative left this one untouched, for the most part: the only customization I could see were in the icons for various standard Android apps and their music control widget. Check out the videos above (ZiiO) and below (Zen Touch 2) for a closer look. PS: I was able to later confirm that the Zen Touch 2 comes in at anywhere between $180-$199, depending on where you ship.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. No Honeycomb, no interest.

  2. This demo started off bad, talking about Android 2.1 upgradeable to 2.2; You Kidding Me…2.2….Hello…Hello…what happened to 2.3…Fuggettabattit

  3. creative sucks and do not stand behind their products they could give me one and I would send it back

  4. The zen touch 2 is overpriced with 8-16gb capacity. Archos already has an 8gb tablet with similar spec for $149. Creative will have to be very aggressive with price reductions when the rest of the competition finally begins shipping product in volume. Archos is finally shipping the 43 in volume after dropping the ball on meeting demand for the 43, and 70 tablets. Just a word to the mfg.’s of BRAND NAME tablets.. the chinese no-name tablets are going to release later generation tablets (1ghz+ A8 & 8-32gb of onboard memory) which will give you a run for your money. Don’t think you can afford a dysfunctional relationship with your customers or potential customers!!

  5. Their too slugish,have outdated OS and are to expensive for what hey are capable of.

  6. I saw this on UK Amazon during the week. Resistive screen, Android 2.1 and only 800×480 resolution. Only good thing was the price at £200, but still not worth that.

  7. haha…upgradeable to 2.2

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