New Every Two is Officially Dead for Verizon Customers January 16


Don’t look now, Big Red fans, but your beloved “New Every Two” clauses – which credits you anywhere up to $100 on a new phone after you’ve been locked into your contract for 20+ months – will soon be ending. Those who are current customers can get one more credit before they’re cut off, while any new customer won’t be given the option – ever. It’s worthy to note that existing customers can get two more New Every Two credits if they use one before January 16th – the date that Verizon will officially ax it on – but I don’t foresee many people doing that considering all the goods don’t come out until late January or early February. (And it’s also subject to eligibility, of course.) So there you have it – if you want to upgrade with a new two-year contract every two years, you’re going to have to pay the full subsidized price. Welcome to the rest of the wireless industry, folks. [via WSJ]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That sucks!

  2. That’s why i love sprint, they’re down a new upgrade every 12 months!

  3. Thank you Verizon for securing my employment.

  4. Yup, looking forward to me Evo 2 on launch day, a year after I had the Evo. Gotta love Sprint…

  5. TMo still lets you upgrade at a discount after 24 months and gives you a partial if you upgrade before then. One more reason to stick with my TMo!

  6. hahahaha Sprint is the only carrier who takes care of their customers. no data caps on 3G and 4G internet, upgrade credit every 12 months, free mobile to mobile calling regardless of carrier, top android phones, videochat without needing wifi, phone still insured if you root it, unlimited text and night and weekend minutes, man Sprint, keep up the good work!

  7. So.. no upgrade at all? If I sign a new two year contract with them after this one expires, I have to pay full price for a phone?

  8. So Sprint now has two pluses over vzw: 1) Any Mobile any time any [US] carrier and 2) two year renewal discount every 12 months for the primary line on family accounts and 24 months for the extra lines.

  9. @Paul T new every two gets you a credit of anywhere between $30 and $100 on a phone’s subsidized price: some people have gotten their DROID Xs or Droid 2s for less than $200 directly from Verizon this way. You’ll still be able to upgrade after 20-24 months, but you’ll have to pay the full subsidized price – normally $200 for a high-end smartphone.

  10. Sounds good, just proves that I made the right decision in my next phone being a Nexus model.

  11. Ummm that really sucks! VZW will lose a lot of customers because of that. People don’t want to spend $200 on a Droid right now, so what’s gonna happen when they have to pay $500+ every time they want to upgrade their phone? This doesn’t make any sense…

    Wouldn’t it be just easier to cancel the contract with VZW and start a new one after 2 years?

  12. Just love how this site is full of Sprint schills. Whether their plans are good, or their phones are good, or whatever, they have been losing more customers most quarters in the past year and a half than they gain. And even those gains are a big part due to Virgin.

  13. Wait! So if I’ve been waiting to use an upgrade to get the thunderbolt but now since it will come out after the 16th I won’t be able to get it with the discount?

  14. yet another reason sprint remains my trusted carrier, i know its not for everyone but if sprint has good reception wherever you are/visit, why would you pass them up? and @pashka, they don’t have to pay full price, it just means they pay a normal discounted price every two years, not a double discounted price… but still they are headed in the wrong direction, especially during these times, people want MORE savings, not less

  15. @Aaron
    From what I understand, you’ll be able to use your discount, since you’ve already got the New Every Two in your contract. But once you use it, you’ll never see a discount again.

  16. @bob you havn’t paid much attention to sprint records since the EVO have you? they have turned their ship around good sir

  17. I’d like to blame everyone in this thread for completely misunderstanding the implications of the article, but it seems more likely that it’s the writer’s fault.

    Edit for clarity, Quentyn?

  18. It should be clear….Verizon still offers the same discount to existing subscribers as they do to new contracts….so you still get a big discount every 20 months. What is ending is the EXTRA $100 they give you after you have a contract with them for 24 months. Still sucks, but it only puts them the same as eveyone else, not lower(except those sprint customers that can renew their contract after 12 months.)

  19. Seriously, the article needs a rewrite to make it more clear, and Phandroid needs more educated readers who can understand basic English.

    I’m not even on Verizon and this makes perfect sense to me.

  20. I assume it is no coincidence that Verizon is pulling this, right before they start selling their newly acquired iPhone, so new customers will have to sign into these new contracts.

  21. Agree with Biged, Kirk and Terrence gotta love the Sprint peeps except for few Customer Service hick up, its the best to you ask for.

  22. It’s amazing the schills here who defend not being on Sprint. Boggles my mind.

  23. I don’t think we get this in the UK… just tends to be cheaper

  24. Can someone explain this to me? They aren’t seriously gonna make people start paying $500 for smartphones are they. From what I understand, after your contract is up, you can get a phone for the “upgrade” price which is typically $200 for a smartphone. So what did new every two do? Did it give you an additional $100 off? So that you could get a phone that had a $500 retail and $200 upgrade price, for just $100?

  25. New every two is when you get a phone at a smaller price when you’re two year contract renews. Verizon can’t be serious! I already pay 30 bucks for their unlimited internet on top of my monthly bill, here’s Verizon’s motto “we have the best network with the most coverage, so you owe us all you’re money!”

  26. I doubt they will lose customers…With the iphone 4 coming and all the android phones the have. I think it screws customers but Verizon will still come out on top regardless I believe

  27. If my Sprint phone could get a connection at my home OR at work I might have been able to overlook the fact that I couldn’t carry a conversation while traveling between the two without losing the call.

    I don’t miss them one bit.

  28. One wonders how LTE-less iPhone users are going to feel about this 18 months (i.e. Apple upgrade cycles) from now.

  29. I sell VZW and 90% of my customers have no clue what a New Every 2 even is, it’s not going to have much of an impact if you ask me.

    Too many people on this website are carrier fans, and not Android fans. I see so many posts about this and that. Obviously a carrier isn’t going to be the right one for everybody..or US Cellular wouldn’t be the number one ranked “National” carrier in consumer reports.

  30. why is so many people blind or not able to read proper english? It says the New every Two CREDITS program is gone, not upgrades… meaning that you dont get CREDITS for waiting 24 months like you use too…..

    “New Every Two” clauses – which credits you anywhere up to $100 on a new phone after you’ve been locked into your contract for 20+ months – will soon be ending.

    read it, meaning CREDITS will not exist anymore. its an apple thing

  31. This article is misleading. You CAN STILL upgrade every two years at the two year price, but you lose the additional $30/$50 dollar discount that you got with the NE2 plans. You are not going to have to pay full price for a phone forever, verizon would be stupid to do that because everyone would just leave to another carrier. They just discountinued the NE2 discount. which was only 30/50 dollars anyway.

  32. T-mobile still the company for me they getting good phones now

  33. so let me get this right, if i signed up with vzw i get a discount for a new phone and service but after that i wouldnt be able to get an upgrade at all?

  34. @sprint subscribers…. the reason for why sprint lets you upgrade early is so that they will not risk losing any more subscribers to tmo or verizon

    now that vzn has the iphone and almost every other “iphone killer” than why should they worry? They have the best 3g, likely to have best 4g
    i switched from vzn to tmo because they are so much cheaper… but im loving their new droid lineup

  35. @pashka
    what are you talking about all this says is you get the upgrade at 20 months instead of 12 what are you talking about paying $500+? this doesnt say you wont get any upgrades

  36. I hate how no matter what kind of article it is some fag that owns an evo talks about how awesome their phone is and how they can’t wait for evo 2. Stfu and stop trollin evo owning douche bags.

  37. Wouldn’t Verizon make more money by selling you a new phone every year vs making you wait until the 20th month?

  38. @Aaron-I’ve been holding onto my NE2 as well. Just called customer service. When I asked if I would lose my NE2 on the 16th all that she would say was to keep checking my invoice and that it will give a time frame within in which I would have to use my upgrade.

  39. I see there’s some confusion about what “New every two” actually was. From its name, you’d probably assume NE2 refers to the privilege of upgrading every 2 years. In reality, your upgrade date is always at the end of your 2-year contract**. NE2 was just an EXTRA discount of between $30 and $100.

    For example, let’s say your contract is about to expire. Rather than pay month-to-month, you’re willing to sign a new contract so you can get that $599 Droid for the subsidized price of $299. Subtract the $100 mail-in rebate and your phone costs $199. Had you been enrolled in NE2, you’d get an extra discount off that price. The details of the promotion are here:

    With the plan ending, it just means that when your contract is coming due, the best price you can get on a new phone is the promo price (eg, $299) minus the rebate (usually $100), for most smartphones that’s $199.

    ** Exception is if you’re enrolled in “My Verizon” online, you actually qualify for upgrades at the 1-year mark in your contract.

  40. @johnny chill out bro, have some love for fellow android owners, i love my EVO, but i won’t decide my next one till that time comes around, if it’s an “evo” so what if its a moto droid whats the difference, stop hating an android owner

  41. @Chris
    I honestly did not understand this article correctly. I sell phones at Sam’s Club Kiosk and we do instant rebates, so I wanted to know how it’s gonna effect our business and our prices.

  42. Not the end if the world but it still sucks!

  43. @johnny maybe bc the EVO is possibly one of the best phones out at this point and has been for about a half year, which in terms of phones is pretty outstanding. Not to.mention the dirst 4g HTC’s flagship phone and Sprint’s industry game changer. it might be different if the Epic/Droid had support (2.2 Epic??) Like HTC

  44. NE2 is additional credit on top of the 1yr/2yr contract price. Full retail price is 500-600, 2yr contract is 200-300, & 1yr is 250-400.

    If article is true, then after jan 16th, you always pay the contracted price when you renew your contract. With NE2 & renewing your contract, contract price – NE2 credit = what you pay for phone. Now .. its just contract price is what you pay when upgrading/renewing your contract.

  45. @pashka, with Verizon, every 2 years you resign a contract, you get the discounted price for resigning (subsidized) and then you get the NE2 discount (another 30-100$ off of the subsidized price). they are getting rid of this so that NOW when you re-sign with them every two years all you get is the normal subsidized price, same as a new customer signing a new 2 year contract… basically they treat you like brand new every two years now instead of getting a “loyalty” discount on top of the “new contract” price which is what the NE2 was.


  47. @Bob
    People could care less if Sprint is losing or gaining customers, as long as what they got works for them, who cares?

  48. Many of you need to read this short article again. Most of you will be losing only $30 on the New Every Two credit. You will still get the two-year contract price of $200 for most Droids, but not receive the additional $30 (maybe $50) credit. That’s it. No need to panic! New every two is in addition to the two year contract price. The full “subsidized” price is usually $200 or less compared to the $600+ for very high end phones. Don’t be surprised if Verizon offers specials and other credits in place of the New Every Two. There are at least rumors about it from leaked Verizon training material. New Every Two was confusing and many people upgraded early anyway, so no loss at all. Kudos to Verizon for simplifying things. Although this article was confusing to some. Not Verizon’s fault…

  49. Sprint FTW indeed. I switched to Sprint from Verizon because Sprint was cheaper and had exceptional service in my area. If you get good coverage in your area on Sprint, then Sprint is a no brainer. Just because you drop a call in your area on carrier X doesn’t mean carrier X completely sucks. It may suck for you in your area, but for someone else it may be the best for them in their area. Pick a carrier based on how well the coverage is FOR YOU, not how it performs for someone else or what some douchebag says online.

  50. @bob and @dan

    Agree, Sprint has been losing customers, but in all honesty that works in your favor. Fewer customers equals better service, just ask ATT.

    Not to mention you can’t beat Sprint’s prices or new phone every 12 months offer. Plus the customer service is finally on par with Verizon. Not to mention that it is already a 4G network, while TMO and ATT try and figure out how to call their old technology 4G.

    Sure Verizon may be bigger, but I am not sure how that makes them necessarily better for the average consumer. Particularly since so many of us are price conscience these days.

  51. Way to stab your loyal longtime customers in the back verizon.

  52. I’m sorry, but doesn’t the last part of the article say this? “if you want to upgrade with a new two-year contract every two years, you’re going to have to pay the full subsidized price”?

  53. There used to be a time when I was proud to call myself a Verizon customer. Lately, not so much.

  54. No carrier cheering from me. But CDMA has always sucked.

  55. Verizon customers, say thank you to Apple and Verizon.

  56. First of all Sprint is Horrible,, Every Damn Facet of it.
    If you get a 1 year contract through VZ you will pay the same for a phone [AT UPGRADE TIME } as you would through Sprint and there every year upgrade. And you wouldnt have to deal with Sprints crappy ass Tech and Phone support.
    With so much Tech going into these Superphones 1 year contracts are becoming the Norm!

  57. Logic says the cost of the phones should decrease.

  58. @watson
    You sound angry sir, might I interest you in a peanut butter and toe jam sandwich with a side of moonshine?

  59. As a former employee of VZW, they wanted to remove this for years but for some reason kept it lingering. They finally have come to making the move. For those that you don’t think you can live without the NE2 credit, just take a look at or and check those deals out! You will never miss that NE2 credit! Trust me!

  60. PHANDROID – please make the article a little more clear, clearly half the responders above did not understand what you were saying.

    People still get the $200 phones, we just wont get an EXTRA $100 off anymore. So, instead of getting my Bionic for $100, it will be $200 (and that’s just an example, i have no idea if the Bionic will be that cheap)

  61. I thought it was the subsidizing discount. I was ready to jump ship before I realized it was just the $50-$100 additional off. While that was nice, it sure beats having to pay $500+ for a new phone, even after 5 years.

    *files into the Big Deal folder*

  62. First off, in my area, Sprint is horrible. You have to sprint to an area to get a signal. Second, I have unlimited data on AT&T since I have had it since ’08. For me, AT&T works without any issues.

    Now this kind of sucks as I want to upgrade from my original iPhone. I’m either going to pick up one of the new Android phones from AT&T or I’m going to swith to VZW and get one of theirs. My contract is up with AT&T so I have the ball in my court!

  63. Note: I’m ready for a change from Apple. My experince has been a good one with them, I can’t complain. I just really want a newer, faster, and larger screened phone.

  64. Who cares! Verizon sucks donkey balls and why does anyone even have a stupid contract? Switch to T-Mobile and go no contract. They have cheaper monthly prices for no contract (they don’t show them on their website, you need to go to a store or maybe call them to get no contract pricing). Every option is $5-$10 cheaper per month, which adds up when you have multiple lines, texting, data, etc. I save $30 per month for no contract. Also, I can get an Android phone and I don’t need to get data if I don’t want to. Not to mention I can switch to another carrier at any time without paying $800 early termination fees.

  65. You still get your upgrade at the price of a new subsciber, but you don’t get it free anymore. That’s all so chill out people. Vzw has the best phones and the best service out there. Especialy over sprint and tmobile.

  66. Quentyn you sir are the worse writer ever. do you or anyone at phandroid proof read what you write? This article requires clarity so you don’t misrepresent verizons policies and confuse all the moron sprint customers.

  67. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Keyword – subsidized. The subsidized price is usually 200 bucks. Thank the heavens above!!!!! I was actually thinking about switching to Sprint, then my brain started working, jab at Sprint! So we won’t have to pay $500 for a phone, but the regular full $200. I’m cool with that. And I rock, and I’m dashingly handsome!!!!!

  68. Teckel, T-Mobile sucks anus juice. Verizon rocks!!!!!

  69. bad article. NOT a verizon fan, but they were not clear you still get the phone at subsidized price, and the $100 was an extra EXTRA discount. Still not a Verizon fan, though.

  70. I think i learned more from all the comments than i did the article. Definitely needs to be re-written, very very misleading and fuel for the Sprint fanbois to gloat how much better thare network is over the only network with “actual” Droid phones, which it seems nearly 80% of people call an Android phone even if its not on VERIZON a Droid phone when it clearly is not.

    I’m glad the commenters cleared up the subsidized pricing vs the NE2 discount, one of the main reasons i always go with a 1 year so i can upgrade every year. Thanks to all the commenters for clarification on this.

  71. Reading > 95% of commentors in here. Quentyn wrote the article just fine. He clearly states that from now on you have to pay the full SUBSIDIZED price. Not the full retail price. We are only losing the extra discount that only Verizon gives. It is now the same upgrade policy as every other carrier.

  72. What happens to my one year contract? I already payed more to get that? Do not get a subsidized price after that ends?

  73. Way to stab your loyal customers in the back verizon

  74. I didn’t even know such a thing existed..
    wow, living in canada sucks some times

  75. Seriously? I can’t believe no one really understands what is being said. VZW has allowed customers to get an ADDITIONAL discount up to $100 on TOP of already discounted devices. They have been doing this since day one (10+yrs) Tell me who else does/have been doing this? Last year it was changed to $30-$50 depending on your plan. As smartphones are getting more expensive and more popular, it costs more to “give away” that kind of money. They are eliminating the “blanketed” version so they can send specific deals to customers instead. Just like last year…if you are avail for an upgrade by the end of the year, but not now (Summer ’10) you can upgrade early anyways. VZW already lets you upgrade early (20mos for 2 year contracts and 10mos for 1yr contracts). You STILL get the discounted pricing for upgrades AND you can still get additional discounts when they do special promos for customers. Anyone who hasn’t used their discount yet can whenever they want. It wont go away for customers who have it until they use it. This is the problem with letting the info out before the official info is released…people seem to believe whatever is on the net still.

  76. Cheaper plans on other carriers does not make them better. They may be good for people who don’t leave home, but any one who travels a lot knows that once you get outside of the cities, reception tends to dwindle. I had Sprint for 4 years but when I bought some acreage in the country to build a house, had to find a more reliable network; Verizon. There are good and bad things about them (as with most carriers) but the good far out-weighs the bad in my opinion. Their plans are definitely expensive compared to other carriers, but like I said, they are more reliable across for those who transition between urban and rural areas quite often. Losing the extra discount is no big deal to me because I get 25% off from equipment anyway (Gov’t employee) and signing a 2 year contract to get a cheap phone is no big deal because if I don’t like my phone in a year, I can pay the $20 Annual Upgrade Fee and sign another 2 year contract for a discounted phone. NCX should look into this as well. You should qualify if you have been in good standing with them for the required amount of time (aka-don’t be a dead-beat).

  77. @ teckel what the shit are you gonna do with an android phone with no data? Useless comments are useless

  78. @teckel

    stop smoking those.

  79. Teckel yeah man …you really hurt yourself there buddysir…unless you can clear your self and ijust don’t see how you can do that

  80. Gee thanks iPhone users!

    Just because you’re dumb enough to pay full retail for a phone every year doesn’t mean we all want to.

  81. Now I want to see the faces of those ppl that stayed with vzn because of the iPhone and now they have to pay in full.
    Good luck Charlie!!!
    Got to love Sprint.

  82. Further proof of why I, a longtime Verizon customer, switched to Sprint in December ’10 and do not regret it! Verizon has definately worked to lose its customer service.

  83. Come on folks… I know we all want the phones for cheap, but consider this – if VZW (and other US carriers) stop with all the subsidy stuff then MAYBE we can get into a model where they just focus on pipe and we get the benefit of whatever phone we want… ala Europe… You pay more for the phone (but get the phone you want) and get a good price on service… (recent data capping debates notwithstanding)

    I’d rather have VZW competing on service capability and quality than on device stuff… cause it mashes things together and makes prices and costs less transparent to the consumer… Just my thoughts…

  84. This isn’t directly related to the “new every two” discount disappearing, but the annual upgrade- So, Verizon has decided to get rid of the annual upgrade, allowing you to upgrade your device once a year, at 2 year pricing and signing a new 2 year contract. I would imagine that there will be a revolt 1 year from now, when the next iPhone comes out on Verizon’s network- current iPhone subscribers (people that jump on it in Feb and March) will be upset because a new device just launched, and they are not allowed to upgrade to it.

    I would be willing to bet that we see some sort of “special upgrade” allowed with Verizon for all iPhone subscribers, similar to what AT&T did- if you were eliglble for an upgrade during that calendar year, AT&T would let you upgrade to the newest, latest & greatest iPhone when it released. Verizon would hate to upset their newly acquired bunch of iPhone users… lol

    I’ll be watching from the sidelines with my Bionic, which will be on a 1 year contract. With that being said, I wonder if Verizon will allow users to put the iPhone on a 1 year contract??

  85. New Every 2 has always been worthless to anyone who buys highend phones anyway. NewEvery2 has been beneficial to anyone who wanted the latest $50 phone for free every 2 years. It kept low-end phones up to par. Otherwise if you wanted the latest highend phone you end up paying the subsidized 2-year contract price ($200) and never ever use the $50 NE2 discount anyway. Cancellation of NE2 effects those who want a free basic phone every cycle. It has no effect on smart phone users unless you liked paying $600 minus $50 discount every 2 years. This should only trouble those who are cheap and have no desire for a smartphone.

  86. I think this is misleading.

    Verizon said it is canceling the New Every 2 and Annual Upgrade promotions. So you will lose your $50 or $100 bucks when you upgrade on your next 2 year contract and if you decide to upgrade again and renew your 2 year contract then you will not be able to upgrade at the 1 year mark anymore.

    That is NOT saying that you have to pay the full price of the phone. It says you pay the full SUBSIDIZED price. So your 2 years is up and you sign on for another 2 years you’ll pay the subsidized price of $199 not $149 with NE2 and not the $500+ of the full retail price. If you paid the full retail then it would be contract free!

    It’s no different than paying the full subsidized price at the 1 year mark when you do an annual upgrade….only now you can’t do an annual upgrade when under a 2 year agreement.

    So ladies and gentlemen, just pay $70 more and get a 1 year contract…..which is still something that none of the other carriers offer.

  87. I for one will mis NE2. I have never paid more that 150 for any Smartphone I ever owned because of it. I got my Droid X for $99 thanks to my NE2 discount. It was a nice perk to get that extra $100 off on top of the subsidy price every two years.

  88. This article is in dire need of a rewrite…

  89. Taken from a random Examiner article:

    “We wrote earlier that Verizon was planning to “simplify” its device upgrade policy, and it looks like it’s going to happen. Not surprisingly, the change, which includes ending the “New Every Two” program will take place prior to the launch of the Verizon iPhone, on Jan. 16, as predicted.

    “New Every Two” offers Verizon subscribers a credit of $30 to $100 toward a new phone every two years. New subscribers will no longer be offered a credit if they sign up for Verizon after Jan. 16 (like new-to-Verizon iPhone buyers will), but current subscribers will still get a “New Every Two” credit after that date. That, however, will be the end of it for current subscribers.

    Also as predicted, the carrier will be ending its early upgrade program. Customers who were previously eligible for discounted pricing as early as 13 months into a two-year contract will now have to wait 20 months to get a new phone at the subsidized price instead of full retail.

    There’s no question why these changes are being made well ahead of the iPhone 4 launch on Verizon’s network: profits. So Verizon customers win, with the iPhone, but lose with these changes. Hello, iPhone, so long “New Every Two.”

  90. Most of the responders to this thread clearly don’t understand what this entails. Verizon was doing a deal where you would get a discount on TOP OF the subsizdized price of the phone. For example, the Droid X is currently $200 with a two year contrsct. With the “new every two” plan, you would get up to $100 off that subsidized price (the phone would cost $100 to you total). That is whatthey are getting rid of. They aren’t getting rid of upgrades alltogether…

  91. Yea…lets see how long this lasts. Pay full price = change carriers

  92. This was a great program when it was alive.
    It went from $50-$100 discount on top of any 2yr price then they changed it last year to $30-$50. This was almost garbage but still a nice perk. Sad to see Big Red take the money and ruin the program.

    By their own accounts it was a great retention tool, thus goodbye.

  93. Sprint sucks. You all need to face it. Dan hesse is a fag, and your service is top notch in the world of suck. Verizon will own when it gets the iPhone. Their 3g is in more places than sprints 3&4g. Again, quit hating cause ur on a second rate carrier. I get what I pay for. The best. And service everywhere I go

  94. Yeah this does suck. Sprint sounds great but if you live where I do in Grand Forks, ND Sprint doesn’t have any coverage and ATT&T isn’t worth anything either. Verizon is our best choice!If there was something better up here I would switch!!

  95. Our family has two Android phones without a data plan. We also had a third (a G1) that is now retired. You can easily use an Android phone without a data plan. Maybe you never heard of WiFi? Anyway, it’s perfect for the kids. They can still do all the texting and voice they want anywhere they are, and when in a WiFi zone (which is 90% of the time) they can download a new app or whatever. To say that an Android phone without a data plan is useless is to say that an iTouch is useless as well, and you should check the sales numbers on those. It’s like having a phone and an iTouch all in one. And, it saves our family $40 per month for two phones without data (or $60-$80 if you’re a sucker on a suck-ass network like Verizon). Really, why do kids really need data while at school or in the car? What kid needs live gmail push? None that I know of. They use texting! There’s WiFi at home, most friend’s homes, and they WiFi tether when I’m with them. Is it really worth $30-$40 per month per phone for 24 months? Congratulations! You’re an idiot. You saved $200 on a phone but are paying $720-$960 over 2 years for a data plan that really isn’t needed. My two kids cost me exactly $0 per month for their phones (normal non-contract price is $5 per line, but I got them for free with a promotion). Even better, I got two G2 phones for $200 each with no contract. Who’s the idiot now? Enjoy your $199 phone that you’re really paying $1,159 for, while I pay $200 and pay FAR less per month.

  96. First of all Sprint rules! You know why? because if I do travel guess what over charged VZW customers my roaming is FREE and it is on YOUR network LOL. So why would I need to pay more?

  97. This is bullshit

  98. i work for verizon. people have to understand that verizon does not charge a customer to upgrade. the company is eating $400 of the phones retail price for a new or existing customer. if a customer has a $100 NE2 credit, it will take more than the duration of a 2 year agreement for the company to make $500 back. the revert back to a 14 day return policy is just in case at&t offers some crazy incentive for its iphone customers to stay or comeback.

  99. and no i haven’t drunk the kool aid

  100. This is why American carriers suck…

  101. sprint sucks. I had sprint when I first got a cell phone and the service was great. but after having them for 5 or 6 years the service got worse. I could no longer get service in the mountains of west virginia where my mom’s family is from. so i switched to verizon. according to people I talk to that have other services they have no service in the mountains. verizon is the only service they can get down there.

  102. Why would Verizon get rid of new every two? I look forward to getting a new cell phone every two years and now I guess I’ll be stuck with my same old phone forever.

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