Jan 12th, 2011

Hey there, oval-shaped Samsung phone with nary a name or image to go along with your sexy model number and T-Mobile radios. It’s the Samsung GT-i9023 hitting the FCC this time, and some folks are saying its outlines match up almost exactly with the Nexus S’s. Alternate color? Possible, but it’s unlikely that’d be the only change here.

Other theories include this being a Nexus S with 4G radios, but that’s more wishful thinking right now. There is the Vibrant 4G, of course, but those with good eyes are saying this FCC outline looks too rounded at the corners to be that phone. I’m stumped.

Don’t forget we have yet to get to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress where Samsung will be announcing some exciting new products. I love the guessing game, but I’d rather much wait until then. (Or until some tasty spy shots of this thing land into our inbox.) [via Engadget]

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