MiniSquadron Special Edition Out Now


MiniSquadron Special Edition has landed in the Android Market at a special discounted price, bringing along new gameplay with it. New levels and new planes and helicopters should breath some life into the gaming experience if the original has grown stale. Through january 17th you can grab it for just $0.99.

[AC via TalkAndroid]

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  1. WTF is mini squadron (FIRST!)

  2. One of the best games on the Android Market. It was ported over from the Apple Market.

    Sniper plane FTW!!!

  3. Yeah…you might want to talk a little bit more about the game. Never heard of the game before, guess I’ll have to go see if there is a free version to determine why this is news.

  4. Yeah, no in game photos…not even a QR code? Is the Phandroid crew on vacation?

  5. Agreed. More info is needed. The screen they have makes it look like gingerbread houses are revolting in candyland.

  6. It’s the same any time they post info on a new app/game.. they might talk about a new feature or price or version, but still leave me wondering wtf the app/game does.

  7. You fly a plane around and shoot at other planes basically. It’s fun and for a buck go get it. I paid three bucks I think when it originally came out. I hardly play it though. I’ve gotten bored of the games in the market.

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