Samsung Fascinate DL09 Update for Manual Installation


Samsung just hit Verizon’s Fascinate with an OTA maintenance update, and while we should be thankful for a Samsung update at all, it might still take some time for your individual handset to receive the upgrade. To solve that problem, the Samsung Fascinate DL09 release is out there for those wanting to avoid the wait for the OTA update. You will need to go through a manual install process, so proceed with caution (though given this is the official release, risks should be low).

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. I’ll wait for OTA, but thanks Phandroid.

  2. Why does it feel like everyone is hating on Samsung…oh yeah! Because they are (and for good reason) Come on Samsung I am pulling for ya. Give us 2.3 to boast about….

  3. Samsung has let me down again. First with the Moment, now with the Fascinate.

  4. Omg it’s not samsung’s fault it’s verizon’s fault, in fact I feel bad for samsung for all there complaints, anyways I hope that this “maintenance update” gets rid of “bing” nobody likes it.. GIVE US GOOGLE SEARCH, SHIT man im sick of looking at the stupid icon on my phone

  5. It’s partly their fault and the carriers.

  6. If you don’t know how to remove Bing from your Galaxy S by now, you should probably just get an iphone. Replacing Bing with Google (without rooting) was available 2 weeks after the phone was released.

  7. Wow Marc, are you a super noob or what? Or were just joking about still having Bing on your screen? Or should I just tell you how to do it?

  8. Just root your fascinate and be done with it. I have.been debinged for months.
    Rooting truely shows the power of the fascinate. Great phone and i love it. Look at the dx when its 2.2 was released to quick. Totally screwed that phone.

  9. How do we get it manual?

  10. Multiple verizon reps have told me they already have the 2.2 update but verizon is tweaking it to conform to their standards

  11. Verizon does not know anything about the update, transferred me to Samsung and they are unaware of it as well. Did anyone actually do an update yet?

  12. I’ve tried to force the update since this was announced and still get “No New Software Update Available”. So, apparently, Verizon hasn’t really posted this update yet.

  13. Update came for me just now. No noticeable difference in the phone so far. Still no option to get SMS Delivery Confirmation receipts as far as I can tell…

  14. The DL09 OTA update is now available. Go into SETTINGS>About phone>System updates>Check New. The update should then be available.

  15. About 6am in South KY on Jan 13, 2011 and just got this OTA DL09 update after forcing check in settings.

  16. I just OTA update this morning!

  17. I haven’t even seen the update yet mine is still on the same update what’s going on no maintenance yet

  18. I got mine this morning took about 10 mins to download and install. In VA area.

  19. mine keeps failing, wonder why. then it tries to download again but yets keeps failing at some /data/…. verification in boot mode. any help please.

  20. Got the update this morning. GPS is perfect now!! Buttons stay lit while the screen is on too. Much better than no upgrade

  21. I am very disappointed with Samsung and this phone. Before I purchased I checked their website and in their description of the Fascinate it clearly stated “CAN BE UPDATED TO ANDROID 2.2” AND “IS PRE-INSTALLED WITH SAMSUNG MEDIA HUB”. Bought in Nov. and still have neither!!
    I don’t thing we will ever see either for the Fascinate.

  22. Got the update OTA today!

  23. Nothing in South Dakota Yet

  24. USB does not work after this update. Anyone else have this problem? I do not get a mount option anymore and my pc is showing the phone as a “Verizon Mobile CD Drive”

    So now my GPS works great but I have to take the phone apart just to get a song onto it.

  25. Josh, to address your music… go look up AudioGalaxy. It will change your life.

  26. @Josh

    Even I have the same issue. The USB wont mount after the update !! I am on a Mac.

    I tried Factory reset also… but its not working !!

    Somebody please help !!


  27. *WARNING* This update is shit. It has caused so much trouble on my phone. USB mounting is changed (as already noted by some comments) – also problems with media scanning, slows down the phone. My screen has frozen, which never happened before. My advice: DON”T UPDATE!!

  28. how do i update with my rooted phone i just want the gps to do better

  29. I have the same problem. Can’t mount the phone anymore plus slow down the media scanning, too.

  30. Ditto to Jesse’s comment … DON’T UPGRADE! Totally screwed up my ability to mount my Fascinate. Verizon.com tech support was helpful but after talking to 2 reps in brick n mortar store i figured out the tech was really unknowledged.

  31. Ditching Samsung Fascinate for the new HTC Thunderbolt – Feb 14

  32. But let me say “Thanks for the DL09 update”! I haven’t been able to get it OTA. But the manual update was pretty easy.

  33. I’m having the same problem with the USB mounting

  34. I used the following solution to solve the usb mounting problem from the update. It was posted on the xdadevelopers website (14th January 2011, 07:05 PM thread- Samsung Fascinate General/ samsung fascinate/ dlo9 root).
    usb debugging is under system/applications/development

    Originally Posted by fubar1982
    I see what the OP is saying. Verizon’s handy work imitates a cd drive when plugged into PC. So putting in commands through cmd doesn’t work –…
    Put your phone on USB debugging, plug your USB cable and reboot your phone. You will have the access to your SD instead of the CD and you PC will detect your phone.

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